M1 iPad Pro Buyer's Guide - DON'T Make these 7 Mistakes!

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Looking to order Apple's NEW M1 iPad Pro but have no idea which model or upgrades to buy? This video will guide you through mistakes to avoid and upgrades worth paying for! Let me explain..
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Choosing the right model and upgrade options for the new M1 iPad Pro can be very difficult, especially if you're not really sure which ones are worth it.
In this video, I break down 7 common purchasing mistakes that you need to be aware of, and then I break down exactly which model you should be buying for each different use case!
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Timestamps ⬇️
M1 iPad Pro Buyer's Guide - 00:00
Mistake #1 - 00:39
Mistake #2 - 01:40
Mistake #3 - 02:26
Mistake #4 - 03:49
Mistake #5 - 04:25
Mistake #6 - 05:40
Mistake #7 - 06:32
Best model for Casual Use - 07:03
Best model for Artists/Note-takers - 7:34
Best model as a Laptop Replacement - 7:49
Best model for Professional Work - 8:28
Best model for HDR / Color Grading - 8:52
Use Links in Description to order! - 9:23

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    Max TechMax Tech16 天 前
    • That extra ram will come in handy if they add FCP to the ipad :).

      Jason RaeJason Rae12 天 前
    • @Wither Thank you

      YouTube ProYouTube Pro14 天 前
    • @CNfrom Pro RIP your wallet

      WitherWither14 天 前
    • luv ur lumiy lightblade

      raminu christyraminu christy15 天 前
    • 16GB option is somehow magically useful on iPadOS where it was of almost no discernible value in iOS and even slower in some cases (probably due to silicon lottery variance)? Try to at least be consistent boys.

      British BroDogBritish BroDog16 天 前
  • Am A Bit Crazy So Am Maxing It All Out Even Though I’ll Be Playing Candy Crush On It

    darkness Playerdarkness Player3 小时 前
  • 4:5 which game can you write name for me please thank you

    Marcel PatrikMarcel Patrik17 小时 前
  • Great video. Thanks👍🏽

    ShoggyPlayShoggyPlay2 天 前
  • I am looking for a couple of answers. I teach students in flight school. I would like to attach to a monitor, tv, or projector to run my powerpoints, videos, and lessons. Currently, I use a flash drive or a laptop. I have an IPad mini/cellular (but turned off) for gps and flight operations (foreflight). Im considering the 2021 IPAD pro cellular (11 or 12 not sure) and 512 gb storage. 1. Do the hubs you speak of charge the ipad while also providing hdmi out? 2. I am not video editing or photoshopping anything to a professional degree therefore I understand that the 12 in may not be necessary correct? 3. Is this a better consideration (with like a logitech case keyboard) for portability of teaching then say a Macbook pro 13".?

    Christopher CodyChristopher Cody2 天 前
  • Me a photographer: i dont need HDR right? (cries inside casue photographers have no money)

    Jason VoJason Vo2 天 前
  • I wonder if my OtterBox Defender case I had for my Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (2018) could be used with the new M1 12.9 iPad Pro (2021) to at least prop it up on a counter top?

    JTBJTB2 天 前
  • Great video! I'm upgrading from a mid-2015 15inch Quad-core 16GB Ram 500GB Flash Storage MacBook Pro. I'm a photographer who edits a lot of photos in photoshop, lightroom and at times Capture One. I may be getting into video and I travel a bit and find this laptop too heavy on trips. I am thinking of switching to the iMac for editing at home and either an iPad Pro or MacBook Air to travel with but wondered what specifications you would suggest for both the iMac and the 2nd device, and which secondary device I should go for. Thanks!

    Marc BrigdenMarc Brigden2 天 前
  • I want to buy the iPad Pro now but I contacted Apple and their Apple Care covers the pen and keyboard only if bought at the same time and I want to wait for the new Apple Pencil 3 supposedly coming out in maybe November.. I want the iPad before school starts!

    Minhan NguyenMinhan Nguyen2 天 前
  • I’m getting the 12.9 M1 IPad Pro 1TB version because I make beats and plus I’m trying to start a CNfrom channel.

    Silvester GardnerSilvester Gardner3 天 前
  • I just got a Macbook Pro 13" M1 with 16gb of RAM and 1TB storage. I'm gonna get an iPad Pro to use mainly for sidecar to act as a 2nd display. Would the baseline 11" model be sufficient? I use Logic Pro and Affinity Suite on my Macbook. Cheers 🤠

    ChristopherChristopher3 天 前
  • Great information as always and thank you!

    Crazy LifeCrazy Life3 天 前
  • Does any app support HDR? What can even you watch on the iPad in HDR?

    Luis CongdonLuis Congdon3 天 前
  • As an android user and an artist, I do a lot of art on my smasung tablet and would like to have access to procreate. Questions I have are A) is it worth it to get the iPad pro over the air and B) is it worth it to get an iPad even though I am firmly in the android space and don't foresee myself changing over to apples eco system any time soon.

    RainingkittysRainingkittys3 天 前
  • I just ordered both 12.9 and 11 inch 2021 iPad pro’s…. 12.9 inch for HDR content and editing …. 11 inch for intense gaming

  • I’m going to school next year. I think I need the 128 Gigs but the iPad airs 64 is too little. The base iPad is too basic imo. I think this is the best future proofed device the 11 inch pro. What do you think? I’ll mainly be using it for notes with iPad pencil and will get that expensive keyboard down the line.

    Shahid AhmedShahid Ahmed4 天 前
  • Can You Make A Video On Why Apple Charges Extra For Wifi + Cellular

    Blood Reaper GamingBlood Reaper Gaming4 天 前
  • Man Vainglory was so amazing at its peak, really wish they would be back in business and bring the game back from the grave T_T.

    Dryden_nDryden_n4 天 前
  • Which ipad should i buy if i can also transform it into an external monitor?

    Sean RosendoSean Rosendo4 天 前
  • Buy the 329 dollar Ipad, That is the best value. I got my 6th gen 9.7 for 229. Best for youtube, movies, emails, and everything basic. For anything stronger I just use my laptop or my desktop .

    Diwash1Diwash14 天 前
  • I purchased the 11 128gb for general use and digital planning. Later I will buy the 12.9 512 gb to replace my laptop for school purposes.

    tiffanie westtiffanie west4 天 前
  • I want an iPad to last my 4 years of undergrad as a student, mainly for notetaking and occasionally for entertainment. Should I get the Pro or the Air 4?

    Chadwick JettiChadwick Jetti5 天 前
    • Definitely go with an Air 4. It does all of the things you need an iPad for and costs way less.

      Bhavesh AggarwalBhavesh Aggarwal2 天 前
  • Thanks for your video i was going to buy a 10.5 ipad cause its cheap mostly going to use it to review, note taking and watch netflix. If im getting it through my carrier should i just wait for the pro m1 than getting the air now? Also if the difference of my monthly payments is 10 dollars would you go for the 11 or 12.9? Thanks

    renz caballerorenz caballero5 天 前
  • For the first time I won't be getting the new iPad pro. The 2021 iPad pro line up is literally a gimmick. There's absolutely nothing new! Ok it's got the new M1 chip. Which is literally a gimmick for the A14 plus or whatever. Let's call it M1 and all the CNfromrs are going nuts. The additional power is literally going to be wasted. I have the 2020 pro. Nothing software wise touches it. Seriously what is the point of more power that will just go to waste. I wish apple would develop useful software. It's a complete and utter gimmick this year. Not even a proper amoled screen. Mini oled is good but still no match to amoled

    Rich CowanRich Cowan5 天 前
  • But, you can get at least $150 to $200 back if you sign up with AT&T, Sprint/T-Mobile or Verizon. You get it in a gift card. But at least you get most of it or all of the $200 back, and it would be nice to have the Cellular function when you can't get Internet. Some of us want to have the Cellular and the 5G is the cherry on top. T-Mobile has already been working on their 5G. I chose to have at least 1TB of storage and the 16GB is the cherry on top for that as well. As far as the keyboard, as long as you have it opened, it should work, just closing it around the I-pad, then it would be an issue.

    Susan PrattSusan Pratt5 天 前
  • I am a photographer that do lots of editing of raw files, currently using the IPad Pro 2018 12.9, which is really fast, I wonder if I should get this new iPad

    Juan MmJuan Mm5 天 前
  • I would argue people that plan so simply browse the web, use the iPad for note taking etc are still absolutely fine with 128GB... but moreover, the 2020 model might be an overall better deal considering current discounts ...

    Dennis_TMDennis_TM5 天 前
  • Great content as always, thanks for this!

    Ed BradburnEd Bradburn5 天 前
  • I use mine as a non-professional use laptop replacement. In other words…..a laptop for use at home to browse the web, play music through earphones on a Sunday morning, watch content on Apple TV / Netflix, etc…..so the display is VERY important…..I also like the ease of having the cellular connection when I’m out-and-about. For that, the 12.9”, 256gb IPad with cellular is perfect. I have absolutely no need for massive storage or crazy amounts of RAM - I’ll never use them. With the Magic Keyboard.

    Dominic LodgeDominic Lodge6 天 前
  • I have a doubt, can we watch 4k video on new iPad pro

    Medicos lifeMedicos life6 天 前
  • What i want to cennect the iPad with a monitor… is that posible, that i have the picture of the iPad ok the monitor?

    JoshuaJoshua6 天 前
  • I have the 2020 iPad Pro and most of the time, it's great however I find myself wanting something better. It's a big media device mostly education uses but if they bring xcode to iPad than that will provide more reason to upgrade. I have always gone with the smaller "Pros" but I've been thinking about getting the bigger one. I could use it as a 2nd screen while watching udemy videos, youtube, youtube tv, etc. If I went the bigger route than it could be a 2nd screen just about along with my M1 MBP. These two could be really all I need. I've been wanting an iMac but I being able to take my MBP everywhere. I can just get a great monitor for it and I might just be set.

    Eric DravenEric Draven6 天 前
  • i’m a incoming freshman and want my ipad to last all 4 years for note taking, papers, and other school related things. what specs do you feel are necessary/optimal? i will be studying engineering. i will be getting the magic keyboard and apple pencil to go with it as well

    Mykhai HarrisMykhai Harris6 天 前
    • @Mykhai Harris 1tb is alot and costs a lot aswell. I have the 2018 ipad pro, i decided to take 256 gb and never ran out of storage. Depends on ur specific work tho.

      Christian JChristian J6 天 前
    • @Christian J yea i was thinking abt 1 or 2 tb

      Mykhai HarrisMykhai Harris6 天 前
    • The base model will be fine. But u need to consider how many gb"s you will need for files etc.

      Christian JChristian J6 天 前
  • Totally appreciate this vid, but some of us just have the means to get the best. Which I always do - the last one was with me for 3 years, so expecting the same from the 2021 12.9” 1TB

    William WheelerWilliam Wheeler6 天 前
  • I ordered the Apple Pencil & 256 GB 12.9. This is my first iPad ever I’m excited. 😊

    Erica RamirezErica Ramirez6 天 前
  • Most people only need a budget iPad or iPad Air.

    Ennis WEnnis W7 天 前
  • The main feature is in ipad we cannot download torrent files or any movies but in s7 we can do what ever we can i this ipads are advanced ssds And we can't open some websites as it is on ios format,😂😂😂😂puny ipad What is the use of m100 chip in it?

    Vinay GattappagariVinay Gattappagari7 天 前
  • I Just want to play the heavy games on a ipad idk which one i want it to last 4 years. I was thinking about the 2020 pro 11 inch

    Artis SNArtis SN7 天 前
  • 11" 512gb is the obvious choice.

    infedelininfedelin8 天 前
  • Can you watch 4K content on any iDevice?

    rcinematicrcinematic9 天 前
  • You forgot that only the 5G version has a built-in GPS, for those that need built-in geolocation capability.

    Guy FisherGuy Fisher9 天 前
  • Let me summarize: Buy ipad 11' with 256 Gb and WiFi only. ( this config would meet all needs of 99% of the ipad users)

    AndroBoy17AndroBoy179 天 前
  • I want it.... I don't like my old Ipad it's so slow 💔

    Francheska LeneFrancheska Lene9 天 前
  • Hi, im still confused of which size to buy. I'm thinking the 12.3 because of the display. I'm a civil engineer who will be using autodesk movile apps, show renders and videos to my clients, using some VR to show the building process so that's why I want the best quality to show. I use a drone to take photos and videos so I will edit them on the iPad. I'm I making the right choice?

    Carlos MarinCarlos Marin9 天 前
  • Hey did you guys checked out the new logitech combo touch keyboard for the 2021 ipad pro? It's on Apple website, I'm curious about how this is going to compare to the magic keyboard.

    Yoandy MederosYoandy Mederos9 天 前
  • I'm starting to wonder if people aren't thinking for themselves anymore or youtubers just assume people are kind of stupid and they have to make videos to help those poor people out who can't think for themselves anymore. Might be a side-effect of youtuber and google, people stop thinking, but start googling right away.

    Benjamin ABenjamin A9 天 前
  • And Pro Tools?

    Alberto FernándezAlberto Fernández9 天 前
  • I like to play games on ipad, but even 64GB 2017 model iPad pro is enough for me.

    lob opslob ops9 天 前
  • I just bought the 11 inch model

    gavin leslygavin lesly10 天 前
  • Anyone use Procreate here? I just want to know if 128 is enough or not. Purely for Procreate/drawings only. TY

    T HarriesT Harries10 天 前
  • I''m buying the Microsoft Surface Go 2 Edit: It is the best tablet I had. I have an Ipad now i'm selling it. This thing is blazing fast, kickstand amazing, Windows tablet mode with Apps is the best.

    Christiano ScaliChristiano Scali10 天 前
    • A ipad 1st gen?

      AgwaliAgwali9 天 前
  • Great vid mate, this went a long way to help me decide. I reckon I'll get the 16gb RAM if only for future proofing.

    Gav 67Gav 6710 天 前
  • As a casual computer user, I've sold my 2018 Intel MacBook Air and have pre-ordered a 256GB iPad Pro 12.9". Couldn't justify the extra storage with all my OneDrive, Google Drive and iCloud subscriptions lol.

    UsmanUsman10 天 前
  • When it comes to the upgrading to get cellular model, Apple is currently having a promotion to the point where they give you the $200 back for getting that model. And tablet data plans aren’t too much if interested.

    Jeffrey EhimuhJeffrey Ehimuh10 天 前
  • This is isn't 2010 when the iPad first launched, iPhone OS is NOT going to cut it anymore without serious substantial systemic upgrades to iPadOS. Homescreen changes, widgets, select MacOS apps? That's not enough. Apple is holding the iPad back - a gimped Operating system is not going to attract Surface users and established iPad power users are increasingly getting frustrated by the limitations and compromise.

    Duane LocsinDuane Locsin10 天 前
  • what game is that 7:18 ?

    Caleb BernalCaleb Bernal10 天 前
  • According to the video, just get the cheapest amazon tablet, that way you can save thousands!

    Jose H VelezJose H Velez10 天 前
  • I edit using a MacBook Pro 2016 and iMovie. What EXACT model?

    Gavin's iOS World GIWGavin's iOS World GIW10 天 前
  • Wait!? You're telling me that unless i do pro content, ACR content (whatever that means), I won't see any advantage by getting the 12.9" iPad that has up to 1000 nits max full screen brightness? I will only still get 600 nits? Are you sure? Won't I get it when watching movies or videos?

    ClydeClyde10 天 前
  • the only issue is the resolution of the iPad Pro is not 4k

    JayJay10 天 前
  • Hi, I am confused, can the ipad pro replace the new imac? I was thinking of buying one but not sure which, my uses are art, education, pro editing and gaming..

    key rushkey rush10 天 前
  • If someone just wanna use the iPad Pro for few games, watching CNfrom, and browsing, this is a whole f mistake to buy it! The normal iPad or mostly the Air 4 will do the job more than perfectly needed.

    HLM EPHLM EP11 天 前
  • Why couldn’t one just buy base storage and then add storage as needed by attaching external ssd drive accessed by thunderbolt? Much cheaper than apples rip off storage prices?

    Sophie GlenavonSophie Glenavon11 天 前
  • If you’re just gonna browse the web, why get iPad Pro?

    Blake BentleyBlake Bentley11 天 前
  • Which model will be best for 3d designing

    Jeffrey _37Jeffrey _3711 天 前
  • Hi, just curios and for the sake of the GEEKNESS...can you demo how to run macOS Big Sur on the 12.9 x 16GB x 1TB ipad Pro since it uses the M1 chip anyway? Would it beat MacBook Air for performance, battery life and also best mobility...

    Matthew OngMatthew Ong11 天 前
  • Typical apple, wish they’d put the same display in the smaller one. I’m not after the cpu, the current ones are fast enough

    Cons2911Cons291111 天 前
  • Is the iPad screen size large enough to use Final Cut Pro? I would think most video editors would want to connect a larger display to it, right?

    Anthony NguyenAnthony Nguyen11 天 前
  • 12.9 256gb is good enough for me

    Chris SullinsChris Sullins11 天 前
  • I was thinking to get a new ipad pro with m1 chip, And also thinking about the 12,9 one but this video changed my mind. I think im gonna get the 11inch model. Thanks man, nice vid :)

    Asim Can BerksanAsim Can Berksan11 天 前
  • I thought it was a 4 by 3 aspect ratio?

    Joal BloJoal Blo11 天 前
  • I'm upgrading to last years model which is on sale. And waiting for mini led to come to the 11 inch. Then do a trade in.

    NatashaCineNatashaCine11 天 前
  • There is no program can't run with 3GB of RAM like the base iPad... so seek for the 16GB is only beneficial with very big images or videos, but not programs.

    Carlos Le MareCarlos Le Mare11 天 前
  • Purchased 12.9" 2 TB and Wi-Fi Cellular iPad Pro - might not come until July but with how my company is moving toward work from anywhere this is going to keep me mobile

    Kyle GolikKyle Golik11 天 前
  • Which iPad should I get? I got an Apple TV at home and need an ipad to act like a computer when I need to but can change to entertainment? I’m really unsure because the Air look cool for my wallet but oh man the 12.9 display looking good you know

    RaxomRaxom11 天 前
  • Im getting mine to play games, and draw, so ima just get the 11inc

    VirxtyVirxty11 天 前
  • If anyone is going to spend that crazy money with the 1TB IPad Pro, might as well wait for the MacPro M2 and xdr in the falls.

    Waynes World StudioWaynes World Studio12 天 前
  • RIP Vainglory 4:01

    tvs8150tvs815012 天 前
  • OMG how don't you know that extra 8 gigs of ram is reserved for ssd, apps still locked at 3gig space

    Vladislav WorkVladislav Work12 天 前
  • Sir I am student but i have CNfrom channel of gaming which iPad pro 11inch or 12.9 inch is better for CNfrom editing and for study also

    Raghavedra NaikRaghavedra Naik12 天 前
  • Should I consider the 12.9 inch iPad Pro because I would use it for taking notes, typing assignments and watching Netflix or prime. I won’t be doing any professional work.

    Venkata Satya Prasad YellapantulaVenkata Satya Prasad Yellapantula12 天 前
  • 🤔 Anyone know when the new Bluetooth magic keyboards, with touchID, will be available? Apple’s website still only has the older models.

    Head n Heart SpaceHead n Heart Space12 天 前
  • I have a question. I currently use the 2018 11” iPad Pro. I was hoping the 2021 11” iPad Pro came with the mini LED screen, but that was not the case. I know the current iPhone 12 Pro shoots HDR Dolby video that cannot be fully seen or edited on some devices. Will this be the case with the new 11” vs 12.9” iPad Pros? Will you only be able to see the full dolby vision HDR on the new 12.9” and not the 11” ipad pro? 🤔

    Regan DarcyRegan Darcy12 天 前
  • I have the 2nd generation 10.5” iPad Pro w/ 256GB and it works fine for my current uses. BUT, if they do come out with Final Cut for iPad, I definitely consider upgrading to a a new silicon powered iPad Pro. Also, we don’t know how general iPad apps are going to run on the M1.

    UltraKryptonianUltraKryptonian12 天 前
  • Hol up a minute. You recommend 11in for illustrations but 12in for photo editing?

    i Watch Videosi Watch Videos12 天 前
  • I think 8GB and 128GB of storage is more than enough for drawing even if the RAM does limit the number of layers. You can make a lot of layers with 8GB.

    Undead WizardUndead Wizard12 天 前
  • What’s the game at 4:05?

    JW KelJW Kel12 天 前
  • if i want to use final cut pro should i be fine with 8gb of ram?

    mirandda medinamirandda medina12 天 前
  • Disagree about the RAM. The SSD is soldered on in an iPad and the OS will use the SSD as RAM once you exceed your maximum RAM. Most apps are optimized for 6GB but if you do go to your RAM cap you'll start running your SSD into a very early grave. This is also true of the M1 Macbooks and likely of the iMac as well and is the reason you should go for more RAM on all of them. Paying a little more for RAM now will save you from replacing your motherboard within as little as a year.

    Juliett SierraJuliett Sierra12 天 前
  • Great video! Trying to decide between the 11" & 12.9" iPad Pro. I'm an Architect who will use the iPad for sketching (Procreate) and project site visits - bringing up drawings and marking them up in the field, shooting photos & also marking them up, taking meeting minutes and notes, etc. I don't need the Magic keyboard w/ track pad - I think the Smart keyboard is fine for quick typing. I still have a MacBook Pro for heavy work. Bottom line - 11" vs 12.9". Thank you.

    max Sturmanmax Sturman13 天 前
  • I have one major problem, I don't have that much money lol

    winwinwin282828winwinwin28282813 天 前
  • When do you think the Gen 3 Apple Pencil will be released? And for someone who will by the iPad Pro 2021 as their 1st tablet, do you think they should buy the Gen 2 Pencil or wait for Gen 3?

    Lora StanevaLora Staneva13 天 前
  • Getting the 12.9 inch for “professional use” creating start up businesses for clients and graphic design. Only got 128gb and not worried. If I need more storage I can buy a 500gb ssd for less than $100 I don’t mind at all cause it’s small too and it keeps me more organized. I say save your money.

    BoybacintownBoybacintown13 天 前
  • i think 5g on a protable 11 inch ipad pro is good because if you tether your 5g from your iphone, youll be draining the battery of your 2 devices. And also, do you still need more storage if you can use thunderbolt port to hook your compatible ssd on your ipad pro?

    Andrew ArellanoAndrew Arellano13 天 前
  • Sabrent Rocket XTRM-Q 500GB USB 3.2 / Thunderbolt 3 External SSD (SB-XTMQ-500) got bad reviews. Your video is mostly Ad.

    Srinivasan RSrinivasan R13 天 前
  • Hmm, I’m not sure if I should even worry about upgrading. Okay I have the original iPad Pro the 9.7 inch version. So I will have to look at the size of my iPad, before I buy a new iPad… though I’m thinking I want to go with the 13.2 inch version, since that one will have better hdr for movies, which will be one of its main uses. I have an iPhone and I can use that to do almost anything that I would need to use on the go. But who knows if the hdr will be coming to the iPhone this year, which I will probably be buying, later this year as well. But all I plan on using the iPad Pro, will be for watching movies, and playing games, would you still recommend I buy the iPad Pro with the hdr display, or do you think it won’t be worth its added cost?

    Ryand0523Ryand052313 天 前
  • Decent video. For student I would argue regular iPad and a MacBook Air is a better overall value than iPad Pro for bang for buck. Definitely get 11” or below if you are not planing to use side by side feature. Professionals. You know what you need so you don’t need someone like me to tell you what to get. iPad 11” or below is great for on the go type situations or if you are using it on sofa. 12.9 is great screen size but very wielding to use that I mostly use on desk. Don’t bother getting the Apple magic keyboard because the when bundled with iPad Pro weighs a lot. If you type a lot get MacBook. If you write a lot get iPad. If you still need to type a little get a Bluetooth keyboard over the Apple iPad Pro magic keyboard. It cheaper and lighter and you can use the keyboard for other things unlike iPad Pro magic keyboard.

    luckviiiluckviii13 天 前
  • Does it mean going forward, the iPad and Macbook lines will merge into one, with devices work in either the laptop mode or the tablet mode, just like Microsoft Surface?

    Binge BingeBinge Binge13 天 前
  • I preordered the 12.9 256GB iPad Pro M1 model which was $100USD more than the base 128GB, which ticks all of the new feature set boxes, like the mini LED screen, the M1 processor and the thunderbolt and full external display support and seems like the best value vs feature “bang for the buck”. The 512GB model was tempting, but I also needed to make financial accommodations and concessions for the Magic Keyboard $350, and the 512GB model is $300 over the base 128 model. The 1TB model seems like overkill for my use case, costing about as much as a separate iPad Pro more, $700USD over the base 128GB model. Although I’m personally excited, my wallet is definitely tired of Apple making all these “must have” products! 🤔😅 #firstworldproblems

    liquidmojoliquidmojo13 天 前
  • No battery improvements?

    eflo82eflo8213 天 前