Car Mechanic Tries To SCAM A WOMAN, Instantly Regrets It | Dhar Mann

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00:00 Car Mechanic Tries To SCAM A WOMAN
12:16 Recommended Video To Watch Next

Idea By: Kayla Skipper and Dhar Mann
Written By: Dhar Mann
Director: Rushikesh Bhadane
Editor: Joel Ray
Casting Associate: Daniel Carrera, Lauren Parsons
Project Managers: Nix Villarubin, Hope Mueller, Jacq Balmeo, Sherri Salazar
Production Assistant: Barry Bryant, Vaibhav Arora
Sound: Noel Palacios
Shop manager (Oscar) - Armando Rey
Leroy - Charles Laughlin
Devon - Carlos Chavez
Secretary - Jasmine Tompkins
Owner - Colin Borden
Customer (Juan) - William Guirola
Christina - Alicia Underwood
Muscular Man - Jonathon Wesley Booker

#LiveYourBestLife #Inspirational

  • Hello #DharMannFam, did you know you can text me at 213-212-4550 or click this link and I’ll add you to my texting fam for daily inspirational messages! Also, for exclusive giveaways & more inspirational content follow me on Instagram here:

    Dhar MannDhar Mann9 天 前
    • hi

      Sunil ParoliaSunil Parolia3 天 前
    • Can i ask what happened to that guy ?

      Antonia WolfyAntonia Wolfy5 天 前
    • I love you so much you are a amazing person and the actress are good

      Lilly LopezLilly Lopez8 天 前
    • You should make a movie

    • Hi

      waiwai looiwaiwai looi8 天 前

    Ralph SakerRalph Saker5 小时 前
  • I wanna applause person who starred the bad character.

    S BrosS Bros5 小时 前
  • No one needs to know how many times I punched the screen

    ShawtyNotFoundShawtyNotFound5 小时 前
    • @S Bros because the actors are way to good to be true and I have the audacity to punch their face

      ShawtyNotFoundShawtyNotFound5 小时 前
    • Why. 10sec skip?

      S BrosS Bros5 小时 前
  • God bless you more Dhar Mann, I have been following you up, I am very happy for you, God is good! I am looking to grow my 7 MONTHS old Christian faith-based channel. I am a Christian faith based Success Coach. I love working with human beings and God's creation in general to help them rank in value so that they can impart and impact others, live for the purpose God created them on earth and become successful in life. I am going to be providing you with success in life tips such as ways to be spirit-filled, gain more control over your life, and be the head and the lender that God says you are in the book of Deuteronomy 28:13 so that you can live a fulfilled life here on earth.

    Margaret KONG AKWOMargaret KONG AKWO5 小时 前
  • 🥰👍😱omg

    Clod Jimwell CustodioClod Jimwell Custodio5 小时 前
  • Every video on this channel is about not judging by looks😂

    S BrosS Bros5 小时 前
  • You know when their acting is good you want to punch them in the face

  • My name is oscar

    Oscar GamingOscar Gaming5 小时 前
  • I don't like his attitude

    Usha ManojUsha Manoj6 小时 前
  • Wow funny ending

    Lol32 OrcineLol32 Orcine6 小时 前
  • Best one yet

    Simonghost RileySimonghost Riley6 小时 前
  • 4:58 the nice guy should've said "Only thing I'm taking from you is the promotion"

    Wes Bradley-TaubnerWes Bradley-Taubner6 小时 前
  • POV: you have a crush on the girl. her name is Isabella Delucci

    Rocky069Rocky0696 小时 前
  • full of crap. waste of time..... dhar mann does not know squat about cars, script sucks rotten eggs.

    Mark GMark G6 小时 前
  • Girl power

    Anita FernandesAnita Fernandes7 小时 前

    Not KittyNot Kitty7 小时 前
  • The end-

    Eshaal HamidEshaal Hamid7 小时 前
  • "Our videos only got 3,000 likes in it" Me who got 10 likes : HEY LOOK I GOT 10 LIKE MAN IM PRO IM RICH I HAVE 10 GRAND NOW WOOOHOOOOO

    CA9LCA9L7 小时 前
  • bro he really needs to take that selfishness out.

    Eva Ellery SiaosiEva Ellery Siaosi7 小时 前
  • Dhorr monn

    almen dolomalmen dolom7 小时 前
  • I love your actors but learoy is a drag

    pollymorespollymores7 小时 前
  • Pls dhar man make him good for once

    quinquin8 小时 前
  • At the end just made me laugh 😂

    Rebekah HeidiRebekah Heidi8 小时 前
  • Why dont you make yourself useful?!?! Ooooh roasted

    Sarmad MalikSarmad Malik8 小时 前
  • The cake he throwed it away noo I would eat it

    Jai MunnaJai Munna8 小时 前
  • Actually it's more of a glow plug than a spark plug since that's diesel.

    The Singer Feature ChannelThe Singer Feature Channel8 小时 前
  • She's like ' told ya' 😎

    TXT MOATXT MOA8 小时 前
  • DONE

    varevare8 小时 前
  • Boom! Goes his stupid brain

    frog moefrog moe8 小时 前
  • this is call watch and learn

    samer qazisamer qazi8 小时 前

    Fouzia AhmedFouzia Ahmed8 小时 前
  • I wanna learn all I can about cars so scams like this dont happen to me and I can surprise people with my knowledge.

    Carly HillenCarly Hillen9 小时 前
  • christina was like.. christina: my husband is strong and big Mean Mechanic worker: uhh sorry sir for calling your wife sweetheart.

    OlivaPlaysRobloxOlivaPlaysRoblox9 小时 前
  • Good

    Icy Girl cubenIcy Girl cuben9 小时 前
  • Bro why do you go into a car repair shop if you can do it yourself

    Child of ShrekChild of Shrek9 小时 前
  • Damn this guy is annoying

    Child of ShrekChild of Shrek9 小时 前
  • this so nice

    Leelu ArizmendiLeelu Arizmendi9 小时 前
  • 3.3 billion views

    Caleb WestdykCaleb Westdyk9 小时 前
  • car mechanic: *calls lady sweetheart* the husband: *not today satan*

    Leah GebrehiwotLeah Gebrehiwot10 小时 前
  • My mom's with women so she can fix any car

    Jeryn ClyJeryn Cly10 小时 前
  • The end is kinda funny tbh🤣🤣🤣

    Danilo STR1Danilo STR110 小时 前
  • Hey

    Jimena ZamoraJimena Zamora10 小时 前
  • I hate the girl from the bank and the same one from when they took the dog away

    Zainabu JallohZainabu Jalloh10 小时 前

    Denim_devil {YT}Denim_devil {YT}10 小时 前
  • Just to clear things up. Men expect women to not know about cars because it doesn’t seem like something women would be interested it

    L MationsL Mations10 小时 前
  • stop whistling at people there not dogs

    Rachel LopezRachel Lopez10 小时 前
  • 11:58 wow this guy is showing off his lips- 👁️👄👁️

    ꧁༺sleepy gacha༻꧂꧁༺sleepy gacha༻꧂10 小时 前
  • he's not a dog

    Rachel LopezRachel Lopez10 小时 前
  • Leroy: "thanks alot sweetheart u just got me fired" *Turns around* Christinas husband:"what did u just call her" Leroy: "sweetheart, why who are you?" Christinas husband:"her husband" Christinas husband mind: I'm about to f*CK his *ss up

    david elliottdavid elliott10 小时 前
  • Do I recognize Every Dhar Mann actor's voice? Yep. I guess that happens when you watch 100 Dhar Mann videos each day!

    10 小时 前

    CharmanqrCharmanqr10 小时 前
  • 11:56 is it me or is this man radiating chad energy

    person spacebarperson spacebar10 小时 前
  • 12:05 OH no you dead

    purple_flickerpurple_flicker10 小时 前
  • Christina’s husband LiTeRaLy Da RoCk JhOnSoN. Uvcivgey

    gusherfn_ytgusherfn_yt11 小时 前
  • is so annoying when you always tell the other car mechanic hey and wistle snap his finger.

    the green clansthe green clans11 小时 前
  • I normally don't add criticism to the comment section but this premise is so false. No one is that bad, sure there are shades of this type of person everywhere, but all rolled into one man? No. Also the writer of this tale of fiction doesn't realize that Auto shops fix cars not sell parts as in Spark plugs. And due to insurance policies, no customer would be allowed "working " in the service bay area. Now if you think I am being too technical... know I did not mention other flaws (numerous ones) which bespeaks to lazy writing thus pulling from the stories point . A point which smacks of "fairy tale" meant for a children's audience.

    Reason1717Reason171711 小时 前
  • why is the guy with the glasses always playing the sad or helpless one

    HJD HooliganHJD Hooligan11 小时 前
  • We’re just kids watching this to know what to do in the future

    하인 생활하인 생활11 小时 前
  • Done

    Coricia BakerCoricia Baker11 小时 前
  • The music when the girl fixed and prove the car was fine sounded like the music in marvels spider man game when you had to fix the hexagons😆

    The Bee ClubThe Bee Club11 小时 前
  • The Car mechanic: Never Judge A book By It Cover *angry FatMemeGod noises*

    AxelAxel11 小时 前
  • It's been a incredible 15 years ma(n is silently)

    kittytoyterkittytoyter11 小时 前
  • His whistling just makes me 🤛🏼🤛🏼🤛🏼🤛🏼🤛🏼

    Cielo playsCielo plays11 小时 前
  • Me: OK ITS JUST ACTING BUT... I just WNna 🧔🏽🤛🏼

    Cielo playsCielo plays11 小时 前
  • The worst part is he threw away not finished cake

    magikarpmagikarp11 小时 前
  • Okay but it’s doesn’t take like 3 seconds to change a spark plug dude 💀

    coemiencoemien11 小时 前
    • not hating thought it was funny

      coemiencoemien11 小时 前
  • In Malaysia we said “Cekik Darah”

    Hambali RafhiHambali Rafhi11 小时 前

    KuramaGaming JinKuramaGaming Jin11 小时 前
  • can you do one with your kid and your girlfrend

    Tiyana MackTiyana Mack12 小时 前
  • Leroy after:👊👊👊👊👊👊🤛🤛🤛🤜🤜🤜🤜😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵💪

    Lqd_Blitzy lolLqd_Blitzy lol12 小时 前
  • Car guys when they see this be like:🤔

    Matt SchrockMatt Schrock12 小时 前

    Jake LactctorJake Lactctor12 小时 前
  • Is ANYONE going to talk about his racism and sexism

    Quiara_OfficialQuiara_Official12 小时 前
  • I like how the rock just randomly appears

    AafiaAafia12 小时 前
  • : the

    ;-; Paige Manship :-:;-; Paige Manship :-:12 小时 前
  • Do more vid with the pretty girl

    danielle saffolddanielle saffold12 小时 前
  • done

    Izayah BennettIzayah Bennett12 小时 前
  • What just happened 0:27

    Dev VerkDev Verk13 小时 前
  • This guy horrible and horrible human being

    Carlos VonstoffenbergCarlos Vonstoffenberg13 小时 前
  • Love ur vids! ❤️❤️❤️

    Hope IsRisingHope IsRising13 小时 前
  • Oof say EE to hope he gets out (ofc many people might not bc he deserves that hah)

    Minna YangMinna Yang13 小时 前
  • Ooooo he’s definitely dead ouch-

    Minna YangMinna Yang13 小时 前
  • The paper said 5,000,000 but they said 5,000

    Liang JaniceLiang Janice13 小时 前
  • beutiful

    rlk kusrlk kus14 小时 前
  • 2:40 *snif snif* ya smell that? Now that's the smell of stereotyping!

    Meara GibeaultMeara Gibeault14 小时 前
  • Reminds me of that one at Ashleys..

    Don't ask who or wat I amDon't ask who or wat I am14 小时 前
  • Hi

    Tony’s LEGO Toy WorldTony’s LEGO Toy World14 小时 前

    Kawaii BonnetKawaii Bonnet14 小时 前
  • You are not theCEO of Tesla

    m tribbittm tribbitt14 小时 前
  • Some of the acting is out of place but the ending is hilarious

    Just Go.Just Go.14 小时 前
  • I as a tech find this story very unbelievable. I have never seen anything that happened in this clip happen in real life. I have never seen someone retire and get a envelope of cash. I have never seen someone poor oil on the floor and told the car owner they need a new engine. I have never seen someone put air in a tire and return for $10,000 worth of work because of it. Never seen anyone get promoted in a contest. I guess it makes for a good video but it is not at all how things work as i have seen it.

    DodgecartechDodgecartech14 小时 前
  • I love the ending xD

    SonarBRSonarBR15 小时 前
  • The guy with the glasses is never the mean one. Lol

    Mystery GirlMystery Girl15 小时 前
  • The best channel ever

    Amoy BaileyAmoy Bailey15 小时 前
  • This music sounds like it would be in an episode of Mako Mermaids lol

    Cosmic CowzCosmic Cowz15 小时 前
  • sure he ain't the Rock lol

    Dark Shadow1711Dark Shadow171115 小时 前
  • the only thing that isn't correct is that she should've used spark plug boot puller pliers and from what it looks like a 1/2 drive clicker type with a 1/2 Dr extension (I'm a freshman and taking an automotive class)

    A personA person15 小时 前
  • God loves you 💕

    Theresa GordonTheresa Gordon15 小时 前
  • the amount of times this guy said take it from me or whistled:

    Isaiah AiyegboIsaiah Aiyegbo15 小时 前