Pulling Power from the Sky: The Story of Makani [Feature Film]

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"Pulling Power From the Sky: The Story of Makani" chronicles the thirteen-year quest of an eclectic band of scientists, artists, sailors, pilots, and engineers as they team up to design and build kites that can efficiently harness energy from the wind. Created by members of the Makani team, and featuring beautiful footage from test sites in Hawai’i, California, and Norway, this film provides an intimate portrait of the team and spirit.
For more information about Makani, please see The Energy Kite, available at x.company/projects/makani

  • Just plain awesome! Inspiring!

    Sa.PrattSa.Pratt22 分钟 前
  • The energy sector has habitually funded start-up experiments only to yank the cord at a point where no breakthrough would be allowed. I was part of the solar movement in 1978 when oil companies encouraged the government to fund people to explore. They yanked the projects within 2 years as well as stole patents and people's ideas, removing them from the landscape. Oil will reign until capitalism is gone.

    2uneak2uneak48 分钟 前
  • All I can say is, "OMG." Does anyone on this team have the common sense of a mule? The DOE funded this to what, 15 million in wasted resources would be my guess. Nice life jackets and hard hats that are brand new. So stupid it disgusts me.

    The DegenerateThe Degenerate49 分钟 前
  • Longest video I have ever watched on CNfrom and honestly enjoyed every second of it....

    TCC TechTCC Tech小时 前
  • Did any of you dingdongs who are in awe of this garbage notice that they cannot fly their little kite in Norway unless it's summer?

    kevin churchkevin church3 小时 前
  • Useless eaters

    kevin churchkevin church3 小时 前
  • Nowhere do they discuss how much power is being generated from this toy, How many houses or cars can it power? But never mind it's not their money that's being burned.

    kevin churchkevin church3 小时 前
  • 1:33:33 "we'll be crunching data from this flight for a year at least" Yeah on who's dime? Why the taxpayer of course, on the backs of people who work real jobs solving real problems.

    kevin churchkevin church3 小时 前
  • your tax dollars hard at work,,, this is the most ridiculous thing i've ever seen,,, this just in,,, your power taken out by another flock of geese... dams are much better...

    Lonnie OLonnie O3 小时 前
  • 26:00 the definition of insanity

    kevin churchkevin church3 小时 前
  • Imagine to amount of taxpayer dollars burned on this impracticable waste of time.

    kevin churchkevin church4 小时 前
  • A docudrama targeting an audience with heads full of mush.

    kevin churchkevin church4 小时 前
  • The dramatics reveals what a farce 'Global Warming' is. Serious science doesn't have a drama queen nature to it. There's nothing wrong with trying to derive energy from kites, but saving the world from doom??

    kevin churchkevin church4 小时 前
  • Climate change lol

    kevin churchkevin church4 小时 前
  • Thanks CNfrom for the recommendation. Excellent work. I had no idea this was a thing.

    Tony BligheTony Blighe5 小时 前
  • Not once do you mention how much power it produces..... Wonder what your carbon footprint is from 13 years of self indulgence?

    No NeckNo Neck6 小时 前
  • Great stuff...indeed!

    Manolo XinesManolo Xines6 小时 前
  • Very encouraging. I hope you do sequels of your continuing progress in other endeavors!

    Ted ApeltTed Apelt7 小时 前
  • Soft kite expand, lift. Deflate, drop. Expand again, lift. Deflate, drop.... up, down, up, down....free work?

    seanmcardleseanmcardle11 小时 前
  • That's a lot of effort to fix the lie of Anthropogenic Climate Change (‾◡◝)

    Dark HelmetDark Helmet13 小时 前
  • how does it behave in storms and how long do they last? because if the ware is manageable this is truely worth a look esspecially if you get larger and higher with integrated telecomunication wich would be a powerdrain but all the better if you can use the power effectively on the spot, the problem will be reliability i suppose, only prolonged continuous operation will show if this is a workable system this system also has to be crash proof........

    Fabian SeewaldFabian Seewald15 小时 前
  • Sorry, You will need an airport for this, you can put 300 wind turbinds in it! Dump idea first place.

    wayneyang1wayneyang117 小时 前
  • Sad they are spending their talents, skills, & time on this unlikely narrative of global warming! The data shows we will soon be entering a solar cooling period! Makes you only dream of what they could achieve on data back pushing issues! I’m all for clean energy but solar panels are not not huge wind turbines! The mining of the toxic elements necessary for solar panels will harm the environment! Not to mention the oven solar farms create! Turbines takes heavy machinery & the lifespan is rarely worth the energy put into it! I truly believe we should be focused on THORIUM! I could list all the benefits & solutions of using this element for endless energy! That or tapping into the Earths electromagnetic field as Tesla proposed! Our bigggest problem is existing technologies that are shelved by large corporations, stakeholders, or governments! The only reason solar & wind are on the table is the view of it as the next mega wealth creator that can be carefully controlled!

    Richard GilleyRichard Gilley18 小时 前
  • I tweeted an idea to ray kurzweil on Twitter but he did not reply but funny thing his handle became transcendent man

    linuxxxunillinuxxxunil18 小时 前
  • 1000years ago the humans all ready knew it ! Dummy 🤥🤥🤥

    Uan TranUan Tran19 小时 前
  • Win anergee

    Uan TranUan Tran19 小时 前
  • 13 years for a dud. Who paid for this. And this is totally unstable form of power. Their are way to many variable to not have a crew watching this dam thing at all times. Just put up a balloon with a turbine in the center. It will challenge and always face the wind.

    Christopher J. HowardChristopher J. Howard20 小时 前
  • how about lightning effect as it iis possible ? will this not happen and damage the whole project

    Prc HPrc H22 小时 前
  • Or use the power of water with a tidal kite cnfrom.info/ex/3puCfopriKKqa6g/sh-p-n.html

    philipApartphilipApart天 前
  • Nice to follow this journey, thank you. Feeling sorry it stopped. Maybe later it will fly again. In the Netherlands there was a test with a winch. Large kite pulling out the cable, generating power. Slightly folded kite towed back in with less power then it had generated

    philipApartphilipApart天 前
  • I watched it as if it was a full feature film. Beautifully done. Big shoutout to Makani to have come such a long way.

    Bora SahinBora Sahin天 前
  • Americans are great, they can afford to do all sorts of crap! If you need something, I just printed fresh green papers from under the printer and bought materials for a penny!

    World Manager PeacemakerWorld Manager Peacemaker天 前
  • Американцы молодцы , могут позволить себе заниматься всякой хернёй ! Если что-то надо , просто напечатал из под принтера свежие зелёные бумажки и купил за копейки материалы !

    World Manager PeacemakerWorld Manager Peacemaker天 前
  • At resonance you get metal to act like a liquid and this is how the ground swallows people in earthquakes.

    Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes天 前
  • I don’t believe that climate change reality is a proven human problem, I love what people come up with to fight it, but we need these ideas.

    Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes天 前
  • We flew before the Write brothers. Hot air balloons existed

    Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes天 前
  • Or the planet will just go on doing what it has done way before we arrived. The planet will go on fine.

    Jonathan HughesJonathan Hughes天 前
  • Great approaches in engineering and applied technology are always accompanied by complications and failures. It's kind of like gold panning. Sometimes the nugget sought isn't discovered, but while you may have to be content with finding a great fishing spot, you've taken an "X" off one map and put one on another. Congratulations on exemplary efforts and phenomenal teamwork across so many distinct disciplines. You would be a credit to any R&D project.

    jadeyes1jadeyes1天 前
  • When you have to have a lot of power and cost is not a critical consideration, this can be considered. For everything else this is garbage. I can't believe that they didn't understand the economies of scale at work here. Willful ignorance is whst this is. Just pie in the sky thinking.

    TheDamnSpotTheDamnSpot天 前
  • I think the concept is valid. I'm just surprised the team elected to go with a tethered plane rather than something that requires far less aerodynamic R&D like a tethered drone with drives that can flip between telemetry control and current production as conditions permit. With enough wind box-kites do fly and quad control is off the shelf.

    Joseph SummersJoseph Summers天 前
  • A glider doing jet fighter stuff meters from the ground

    Luke PaulLuke Paul天 前
  • auditious , but i think you better do it secretly, like hina style.. after they completed , they lunch it and the world suprise.. now they can do it better than you cause they see it , your failure..

    Elm SantiElm Santi天 前
  • There are particular word and phrases to avoid when coordinating with the flight of an aircraft, a bit of aviation training could help those group quite a bit.

    Lucapotamus ThomasmusLucapotamus Thomasmus天 前
  • It's very difficult to control the kite's flight due to many factors. 1. Unpredictable wind or turbulence. 2. Docking procedure have so many issues. 3. Moving tether is not stable. 4. The kite has no automatic stabilizer. Stationary wind turbines are more efficient. But thank you for your great effort of contributing renewable energy innovation.👍

    SoftBytes UnlimitedSoftBytes Unlimited2 天 前
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    Shawn McDowellShawn McDowell2 天 前
  • You are lucky you post it on YT, otherwise you would know exactly what people think about your games. As long we understand each other

    Λάζαρος ΚοσμίδηςΛάζαρος Κοσμίδης2 天 前
  • Terrific film, but should also have covered the huge regulatory issues around eg siting, spacing and safety (inc bad weather and icing), and added risk to wildlife over conventional designs. And with complexity comes cost and unreliability. Hence, investment ended. Kudos to the whole team though for pushing through.

    nick fosternick foster2 天 前
  • so you failed, helped hurt the world with useless manufacturing, and then made a documentary on it? fucking fantastic. I heard blowing up nukes in the air helps to blow the co2 away. Sure, we don't need to test this, but as long as we have fun right?

    where's fillman86where's fillman862 天 前
  • Man kind is doomed

    down underdown under2 天 前
  • It's wild how we will spend a trillion dollars building a fighter jet with no commercial value whatsoever, and at the end of decades of effort, it doesn't even work, and yet, we can't find the cash to bring something like this to market.

    vatoencabronadovatoencabronado2 天 前
  • Nice tech and promising. Any reliable source of cheap energy is a good advance that couldn't hurt. The climate will change as it always has and man will do nothing that will affect it positively because man is not in charge of the universe. The climate has changed continually since the earth was formed and it will continue to cycle as it pleases. Man is not the cause as the 10 plus prior changes demonstrated when man was not yet a factor at all. However, any change for less expensive and more sources of energy will always be a positive thing that brings more possibilities to humankind.

    gecsusgecsus2 天 前
  • Ha Ha...

    iceman22miceman22m2 天 前
  • When your grandfather was a little kid he threw a Cox control line airplane into the air and flew that thing. So never say that someone hasn’t done it before.

    Karl SachsenheimerKarl Sachsenheimer2 天 前
  • Denmark bought all of the United States windmill technology that was pounded and now generates plenty of electricity for the entire country. They don’t have any flying kites that fall out of the sky and killing the date of citizens. They combined wind energy with public safety. This is a credit to the Danish people. Perhaps this team could learn from the concepts.

    Neuhausen GroupNeuhausen Group2 天 前
  • What time if they spent out in Hawaii and Norway could’ve been used building wave machines offshore that are proven technologies that cost 1/10 of what they’re trying to pioneer. This is a waste of taxpayers dollars. It’s nothing more than an albatross to be displayed by multinational corporation‘s who want to look like they’re going green. If they want to generate electrical energy just build wave machines off the ocean and put windmills on dirt. This is already a proven technology and it’s cost-effective and no one will be killed by some massive flying object falling out of the sky and killing falling on their head

    Neuhausen GroupNeuhausen Group2 天 前
  • When Elon musk started SpaceX he bought Russian rockets that had a proven track record record a reusability. They were cheap affordable and hard already been tested. This entire team need to go buy an actual piper club or glider of some sort and then strap on this equipment to it. A drone kind of energy generating system which will be held a loft walls generate electricity and then transmitting that power down to the ground would be optimal. After watching this video I could’ve in 15 minutes. The fact that these people are using taxpayer dollars I had to take another 3 to 510 years to create some thing that still broke is really kind of amazing.

    Neuhausen GroupNeuhausen Group2 天 前
  • This entire team has the right idea but needs to learn from the aeronautical lessons and mistakes of 100 years ago. Many people died before and after World War I getting down the basics of flight so that we can have modern gliders and airplanes. This team needs to go back to those lessons and include those applying technologies into this entire concept. Many of these people are steady state engineers and the fact that they’re overlooking a lot of lessons that were hard one from our aeronautical experience of the last century is a little disconcerting.

    Neuhausen GroupNeuhausen Group2 天 前
  • The takeoff model is really good for this concept. However, the landing should be done like a standard airplane/glider. Put some wheels on the bottom of it so every time you land you don’t lose your props. You have to follow the SpaceX model of reusable aircraft in order to keep the cost down.

    Neuhausen GroupNeuhausen Group2 天 前
  • This is really a gorgeous journey of innovation.

    Terry CulverTerry Culver2 天 前
  • So that’s what they meant when they said go fly a kite.

    Shane LeeShane Lee2 天 前
  • Can't imagine a more stupid way to generate power...

    LHFXLHFX3 天 前
  • Eagles soar

    Albert StoryAlbert Story3 天 前
  • Thank you!!

    Øyvind StrømØyvind Strøm3 天 前
  • When I heard the noise it made and the space it needed to operate, I had grave doubts it would succeed at scale. Nonetheless, a fascinating project and I hope it wasn't all in vain. I can't believe I watched it all!

    TheWhippinpostTheWhippinpost3 天 前
  • It took them 13 years years to work out that it was overly complex and was never going to work. They took an idea dreamed up by some wind surfers, who were probably’high’ at the time and went with it. Consuming millions of dollars and resources in the process. God knows what their carbon footprint was - not that it matters, any carbon dioxide they produced came from the atmosphere in the first place. If they had stuck each of the motor/ generators on towers they would have got similar results with one percent of the risk. They had to go to Hawaii to find wind that was reliable enough to conduct testing. So much for power to millions worldwide. They would have been better off using tethered carbon fibre rigid helium balloons for their generators. Regardless of that, ultimately, had they been successful with their glider, it would have been rejected on noise grounds.

    Gary ParkerGary Parker3 天 前
  • I am sure that the children born in the Makani team will overcome a bigger problem ! :)))

    tadeusz kurzeluktadeusz kurzeluk3 天 前
  • ‘Solving climate change with kites’ Totally deluded. Cheap power from kites, good idea

    Gary ParkerGary Parker3 天 前
  • Truly, fascinating, exciting, inspired. In the quest you will have most definitely inspired countless changed in all who see your bravery and tenacity. Really the koolest energy project I've witnessed. Thank you for this video and project.

    Mesoflushy damn itMesoflushy damn it3 天 前
  • Climate Change is the norm! Fighting it is like fighting gravity..

    Allen LAllen L3 天 前
  • Climate change SCAM and plandemic LIES

    Daniel deVilliersDaniel deVilliers3 天 前
  • This is some crazy shit.

    Tey TreetTey Treet4 天 前
  • The innovation, resilience and perseverance of the team is so inspiring....Thankyou for sharing the journey with rest of the world.

    ndaki georgendaki george4 天 前
  • Need more ideas

    Peter AgyapongPeter Agyapong4 天 前
  • Thanks professor

    Peter AgyapongPeter Agyapong4 天 前
  • K.I.S.S. It's all fun and games when it is someone else's money. This idea should have been forgotten as soon as it was thought up.

    Ship Of FoolsShip Of Fools4 天 前
    • They took ideas and pretended they invented them.

      Robert PritchardRobert Pritchard3 天 前
  • this is so dumb. What's wrong with stand still wind mill?

    Julian JulianJulian Julian4 天 前
    • @Robert Pritchard what are you talking about?

      Julian JulianJulian Julian2 天 前
    • They didnt invent it.

      Robert PritchardRobert Pritchard3 天 前
  • I am sad that this monumental gallant effort didn't reach its fruition. I thought all along that this was just a rag tag team but looking at the whole list of employees/interns/volunteers, it seemed to be a second NASA. Small wonder then the funds ran out. Maybe a second attempt with an AI to optimize the design and pilot the thing. There are parachutes for small aircraft. Could one have saved the only working prototype? I was also quite amazed at the amount of electronics needed. I think smaller units on two CAN buses would be lighter and cheaper. Maybe built into a pod along the tether?

    E LyeE Lye4 天 前
  • Well, Sorry to have a different point of view but... If only they had asked people talented in this field on a fundamental basis, like old salty dogs who have lived on the oceans, sailed the oceans, windsurfed in the left overs of hurricanes, do kite surfing, hang gliding, designed wind and water vessels etc. A lot of these costly mistakes would have been avoided all together. So many practical knowledge would have simplified and made more useful and "crash" resilient etc... designs, water tight components and on and on and on... Example, The line is without an auto tensioner?... Go study 60 year or more old Navy supply ships that get two ships in high seas to have cables between them for miles and miles and transport fuel and cargo by the tons in just a few hours. Talk to the pilots that grab the hooks from the deck of one ship and land it on another ship bouncing up and down and rolling and even pitching a little... How many times could you have landed it on its tail without a problem? Why use the generators as motors when you could simply put up a lead "kite" which would stabilize the whole thing.. I've got lots of designs and experience in these fields but no "degree" from "intellectuals" giving me license to be smart and thus consulted on such matters... For instance what if I solved the varying wind velocity and direction instability?? What if ... na no one interested and the powers that be would only send another swat team to take out the inventor...Hmm guess we need to turn out attentions to cleaning up the swamp and our vote counting systems specifically designed to manipulate the counting.... and the local Legislators need to be replaced with ones who know the laws, as written the "principles" upon which "any Form of Government" is founded upon so that there is a competition and funds for all to pursue their designs too so that in the end we have what we came here for, Clean, efficient renewable Electricity, naturally. There is plenty of energy out there we just need to learn how to tap into it effectively and wind mills are not it!!! Wind tapping generators yes... but an airship that relies upon its power to delicately land ... and is vulnerable to the wind.... nope..... Blessings for all your efforts but next time talk to some salty dogs and pilots and other sources of vast hands on experiences before you even set off....

    colin-man yeates-clancolin-man yeates-clan4 天 前
  • Another question I have is. How much of your plane you crashed into the ocean did you leave in the ocean? There is no possible way you retrieved 100% so that is a nasty pollution problem to consider.

    Bobby AdamsBobby Adams4 天 前
  • The only thing renewable about renewable energy is the contracts to fix or replace them.

    ST HavocST Havoc4 天 前
  • I very solid and beautiful film. From a engineering and concept demonstration standpoint point it is an amazing project. My hat is off to all of them and the world needs that passion. From a reality point of view, it was doomed to be a technology demonstrator from the very start. There largest kite produced 60kw which is a fraction of just one current generation wind turbine. Plus offshore was the only place it could be safely done and there is no harsher environment on the planet. However, technology always trickles forward and they will be a valuable part of that process. In the right direction.

    Chris AultmanChris Aultman4 天 前
  • One of the biggest complaints from home owners near wind farms is the noise produced by windmills. Do you think your solution will be any better? Would you live near a field of these?

    Bobby AdamsBobby Adams4 天 前
  • Just as quantum is defined in the smaller scale. This is reality and large scale technology that makes it difficult too.

    Daniel AshDaniel Ash4 天 前
  • going 2 a large expensive not reliable system has no advantages over the traditional system

    Chris AndersonChris Anderson4 天 前
  • Great teamwork and dedication to such a project, one that would be a monumental task marrying all the technologies involved to get a viable outcome. I only wish we can one day watch such a grass-roots effort overcome the challenges of cold fusion, as I don't think such noisy esoteric mechanical birds will generate much energy in the future. More of a proof of concept, I'm sure the investors saw this as well.. just imagine the noise, risks and maintenance such a system would incur even if based out in the ocean.

    Bozo's PlayhouseBozo's Playhouse5 天 前
  • Man made climate change is a red herring

    circusboy90210circusboy902105 天 前
    • I'm in south central France and all spring has been so cold and wet.

      Robert PritchardRobert Pritchard3 天 前
  • I don't know about whether large rigid designs can work, but parafoil kites are nice and stable, for a minute or two. But they follow the gusts, rising suddenly and eventually diving all the way down, frequently on a circular path as constrained by the string. If you want to extract wind power using a kite, you have to really think, and design something more stable. I doubt that it can be done at all with only one string. A more active design, where the position of the kite is fed back to stabilize it, is probably the only hope. Don't disparage models and simulations--that's how some sailboats have won international competitions.

    David SpectorDavid Spector5 天 前
  • Salute on your all Guys!!! You are all great 😘

    Oscar CausingOscar Causing5 天 前
  • So you started with the simple-and-inexpensive-kite-is-better-than-expensive-wind-turbines and evolved into a system overly complex and expensive with virtually no survivable failure mode - sorry but I would call that an engineering failure with regard to meeting your stated goal. Or a boondoggle spending someone else’s money to fart around with fun stuff and travel. Practicality is a key part of any engineering project and there is NOTHING practical about this. Impressive accomplishment for the most part, but practical, no - and I wrote all this before I even got to the crash in Norway...

    AndyAndy5 天 前
  • Nice effort and idea but how does it compare with wind turbines especially the offshore ones? and how large can it be scaled using your current skills and technology?

    Umbar powerUmbar power5 天 前
  • Where are the numbers? How much power was generated? How does it compare to traditional windmills? Can it be scaled up for more efficiency?

    Wis domWis dom5 天 前
  • Journey is inspirational but do you really think it would make a huge diff

    Gaurav BadgujarGaurav Badgujar5 天 前
  • Anything based on analysis is prone to BAD SURPRISES! Just because an analysis will never be as exaustive as any synthetic discoveries! There will always be cases that analytic approach will dismiss! That's why hacking exists. Hackers thanks to reverse engineering are to find out those "analysis HOLES" and take advantage of them! The method IS THE PROBLEM! You can gather as much as experts or PhDs around you, they all SUFFER FROM the analysis approach! and these weaknesses add up to each other. I DO LOVE HACKERS. THEY ARE USEFUL in a world where systematic analysis approaches are so common.

    Philibert BonPhilibert Bon5 天 前
  • Good job but way to complex! Plus all the materials, alloys, carbon fibres comes from fossil fuels! And uses vast amounts of fossil fuels to dig up the minerals and process them:(

    David SmithDavid Smith5 天 前
  • Why not v-shape landing "hook" which simply catches and slides the kite down on place?

    Jānis GrīnvaldsJānis Grīnvalds5 天 前
  • I can 4C a viable use if combined with blimp technology. The blimp being the anchor, and multiple kites for aerial flight at extremely high altitudes drone driven. A very large system could fit on a single rocket from spacex's moon or Mars mission, adaptation for solar driven options, adaptations for space 🚀 planetary excavations,

    Mr. CollinsMr. Collins5 天 前
  • I think You needed a sleigh, not the BMX wheels.

    Jānis GrīnvaldsJānis Grīnvalds5 天 前
  • Interested party, U.S. DEPT OF DEFENSE in areal reconnaissance and national weather ☁️ service, Grant's for SpaceX Mars mission, add radar, sonar, satellite communication, carbon dence atmosphere study's and any contest offer's by Mr Musk. Continue research. Welcome. 🤗

    Mr. CollinsMr. Collins5 天 前
  • how about using a drone with carrying a windmill with generator on it and the cable for electrical transmission?

    AtomechaniqueAtomechanique5 天 前
  • why I think that box wing would be the better solution?

    Jānis GrīnvaldsJānis Grīnvalds5 天 前