[Joyce Is Moist: for HKG] Keto-Friendly Oxtail Stew 素顏廚房之生酮食譜牛尾煲 (粵/En Subs)

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[Joyce Is Moist: for HKG] Keto-Friendly Oxtail Stew 素顏廚房之生酮食譜牛尾煲 (粵/En Subs)
Today I share my favourite keto-friendly recipe. And I will show you my secret weapon to cook oxtail stew! (Cantonese and English)

Edited by Katrina Lee
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  • add oil

    Eva ChanEva Chan天 前
  • 加油!欣宜!

    wai kei Cheungwai kei Cheung天 前
  • 請問紅和白蘿蔔是可以用於生酮飲食嗎?

    John LeungJohn Leung3 天 前
  • 欣宜勞力加油,我地一直會支持你架

    Ying AnitaYing Anita7 天 前
  • I didn't know you went keto, thank you for the recipe it looks devine. Keep doing you and don't let people get you down, fuck them, you know what's best for you.

    Love is LoveLove is Love9 天 前
  • 你素顏都一樣咁靚^v^

    mkitty128mkitty12813 天 前
  • 加油欣宜,但要注意身體...LOVE U

    kcool0177kcool017714 天 前
  • 👋 😁Joyce ~妳刀功唔算差。不過刀口要向裡面,不可以側放或向著自己,小心唔好令自己受傷😊

    Hilda ChanHilda Chan16 天 前
  • Never knew ox tail stew is keto friendly! Thanks 🙏🏻 Gotta give this a try!

    Jennifer LuoJennifer Luo16 天 前
  • 💪💪💪

    A AA A19 天 前
  • OUT晒FOCUS... XDD, D送全都朦晒

    HOR LOHOR LO19 天 前
  • Interested to know your Astrological Chart, and which house you have your North Node in. We both have North Node in Aries. You can search and check it out, helps understand our social anxiety and some points you mentioned. My mentor helped me out a lot, I guess kind of like therapy, but also with spiritual insight, helped me out a lot.

    Jina RoseJina Rose20 天 前
  • 點解切完成條甘筍但落鍋得返1/3 都冇 🤣 1/2條白蘿蔔切完又再得返 1/3 😂😂😂 下期有冇Behind the scene? Thyme 係百里香 🥲不過你呢煲真係香飄千里 欣宜加油 🥰🥰🥰

    Winifred SoWinifred So22 天 前
  • 咁要個工人嚟做乜🤪😛

    Esther yin yin ipEsther yin yin ip23 天 前
    • LOL 洗碗 🤣

      Joyce 鄭欣宜Joyce 鄭欣宜22 天 前
  • Joyce, keep up the good work! My wife and I like your singing! The stew looks yummy and delicious 😋

    Ian ChanIan Chan23 天 前
  • 利害,Joyce, 拍多些片俾我地看, fighting 😍

    Fjhc DignFjhc Dign24 天 前
  • Joyce 😂 why u didn't peel off the celery, carrot and daikon Or u didn't show it. Hahah it suppose to peels first to avoid the texture that hard and also more clean. Avoid pesticide. Usually pesticide n chemical wax all on the skin

    Hungry Husband Bento CookingHungry Husband Bento Cooking25 天 前
  • 原來唔洗用🍅🍅🍅🍅反而要落菇

    HM CHM C25 天 前
  • 加油Joyce! 💪🏼

    Shuying TangShuying Tang27 天 前
  • 肥胖西扮西人

    OGTV TvOGTV Tv29 天 前
    • Do you even know where did she raised from? 😂😰

      5dn1l月巴5dn1l月巴13 天 前
  • 正呀,正呀!生酮飲食,

    Ky LeeKy Lee29 天 前
  • Do your best and let God do the rest!

    Joy ChimJoy Chim29 天 前
  • 吃死你

    OGTV TvOGTV Tv29 天 前
  • Joyce, 加油!

  • 點解唔用pressure cooker 😃

    Thomas CollisThomas Collis个月 前
  • 煲牛尾點會無糖...

    J CJ C个月 前
  • good choice of wine

    Pete DohertyPete Doherty个月 前
  • www.uchicagomedicine.org/forefront/health-and-wellness-articles/ketogenic-diet-what-are-the-risks Ketogenic diet: What are the risks? Is the keto diet safe? The keto diet could cause low blood pressure, kidney stones, constipation, nutrient deficiencies and an increased risk of heart disease. Strict diets like keto could also cause social isolation or disordered eating. Keto is not safe for those with any conditions involving their pancreas, liver, thyroid or gallbladder. Kleinman said someone new to the keto diet can also experience what’s called the “keto flu” with symptoms like upset stomach, dizziness, decreased energy, and mood swings caused by your body adapting to ketosis. It could cause more problems to your health. Read the article. Consult your doctor. Just saw this article and wanted to send you a friendly reminder! I do care about you!

    Lucia TsengLucia Tseng个月 前
  • 減肥~別再說不吃澱粉,傷了腎臟可非同小可。

    Lucia TsengLucia Tseng个月 前
  • Looks so good, lovely to see you cooking and and fantastic you have both English and Chinese subtitles again, thanks for the keto recipe, I really need to start on the keto diet 👍

    Emma Lee MorrisEmma Lee Morris个月 前
  • Hi Joyce, I am from Canada, this is my first time visit your channel and learnt cooking from you. The Ox Tail stew looks so yummy. I will surely try next time when OX tail is on sale.. Ox tail is very expensive in Toronto. More expensive than Prime rib. Believe it or not. Anyway, I have subscribed your channel and I will be your follower from here on. Good Luck and take care! LOL.

    Becky LoBecky Lo个月 前
  • 欣兒,您一直都很爭氣。沒有讓母親蒙羞。She must proud of you!

    Mei Ying ChengMei Ying Cheng个月 前
  • Love this! Thanks so much for sharing. I want to make for my family.

    Jacqueline LowJacqueline Low个月 前
  • Love you Joyce

    Paul ThamPaul Tham个月 前
  • Love u Joyce

    kakatobykakatoby个月 前
  • 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    oska fanoska fan个月 前
  • 欣儿,好喜欢看你的视频,看着你长大,原来你一点都不娇生贯养,还会煮送这么叻哦。

    Djskwhd GshshdjdDjskwhd Gshshdjd个月 前
  • 欣兒,你好叻女。

    L meiL mei个月 前
  • 做咩,煮好了,又一直加水

    永乐永乐个月 前
  • Joyce 真係好正🔥🔥🥰

    Victoria Judy散漫生活Victoria Judy散漫生活个月 前
  • 8:37 🤣🤣🤣我笑咗,因為我認識一個人胳肋底真係孜然粉嘅味,某一日我去食羊肉串嘅時候一聞到就即刻諗起佢胳肋底

    Victoria Judy散漫生活Victoria Judy散漫生活个月 前
  • Joyce , you are awesome!

    Bernice LoBernice Lo个月 前
  • 欣宜有板有眼,煮得一手撚手小菜👍👍👍💪💪

    W NW N个月 前
  • Hey Joyce, sorry to hear about the social anxiety. I wonder if you’re an Empath? If you want help balancing your energies, I’d love to help you ☺️ I’m an energy healer. anacoeurbeauty.com if you want to check me out. We are 女神 ✌🏻 Keep rocking it girl!

    Ana CoeurAna Coeur个月 前
  • Looks sooooooooo good. I’m gonna try making it!

    dora114dora114个月 前
  • Joyce 我最近都開始keto減肥,謝謝你的教煮影片。週末開心哦🥳

    DuoDuo WangDuoDuo Wang个月 前
  • 香港人都好錫你,加油💪🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🌈

    Carlye Le RouxCarlye Le Roux个月 前
  • 肥肥姐有你這樣的女兒,好值得驕傲❤️

    sylvia chansylvia chan个月 前
  • U can also add fennel it super healthy 😉

  • Love u! Add oil!

    Sean SSean S个月 前
  • 欣兒你生酮飲食幾来,有减到肥嗎?加油

    黃小紅黃小紅个月 前
  • 鍾意呢啲生酮系列🥰🌺

    PopopePopope个月 前
  • Hi, Joyce. I like to watch your videos and find really intestes me to keep watching. Please keep doing it. Btw, I would appriciate it if you always bring a green bag with you instead of getting plactic bag from supermarks

    Ng YanNg Yan个月 前
  • Joyce, I used to put the covered cocotte into the oven at 175 degrees for 2 hours. It turned out tender and nice but I will follow your recipe and compare. Love you Joyce.❤️❤️❤️

    CJ MillerCJ Miller个月 前
  • 加油💪🏻

    Polly Au YeungPolly Au Yeung个月 前
  • 欣兒是 good girl, 炆牛尾好味!不過红、白蘿蔔不能同吃。

    Y.C. T.Y.C. T.个月 前
  • i feel you. i hv social anxiety too

    currymeowcurrymeow个月 前
  • Add Oil

    Savio ChinSavio Chin个月 前
  • Joyce, You look great without make up. Thanks for sharing your cooking of Ox Tails. 真性情! Keep it up!

    Rebecca LeungRebecca Leung个月 前
  • I'm on keto as well Joyce and use ghee instead of oil - adds so much flavour to everything!

    Heidi Kwan-TsangHeidi Kwan-Tsang个月 前
  • Always love your authenticity

    Heidi Kwan-TsangHeidi Kwan-Tsang个月 前
  • U r such a real and down to earth person, Joyce!👍 Love u from Ottawa!💕

    Sandy RobertsSandy Roberts个月 前
  • 加油,Joyce❤️

    SiChee HuSiChee Hu个月 前
  • 欣兒加油啊!想信肥姐一定以妳為荣🥰🥰

    Cecillia IpCecillia Ip个月 前
  • 好正啊👍👍👍👍👍睇到都想食😋😋😋

    Cecillia IpCecillia Ip个月 前
  • 又話点到唔會减肥嘅。。。口不对心

    KK FungKK Fung个月 前
  • 正·、會跟住做。欣宜、做多啲運動或者跳舞啦:

    sy ausy au个月 前
  • Excellent video Joyce😍😍😍😍😍😍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    Elena LucasElena Lucas个月 前
  • 加油,你越做越好了,放松啦,爱你

    Yuet Ho PangYuet Ho Pang个月 前
  • 祝您Keto 成功。。。

    ANZ澳新ANZ澳新个月 前
  • Really like ur personality🥰🥰

    Emma ChanEmma Chan个月 前
  • I finally use your recipe and made it! I end up with two big pots of it! Lol. I tagged you on my IG story... @galaxy_boooooks is me. 😁

    Donna WongDonna Wong个月 前
  • Support!!

    MarshymallowMarshymallow个月 前
  • Going to make it soon!! Looks so tasty!!!

    C TC T个月 前
  • 欣宜,我喜歡你的節目,加油💪

    Lee FookyeeLee Fookyee个月 前
  • 未睇完已like咗👍 欣賞你真誠,好好努力生活啊,大家都愛妳,祝大家身心健康💪🙏

    Daisy SienDaisy Sien个月 前
  • 💕💕👏👏👍👍🌹🌹

    Iwan SuwandiIwan Suwandi个月 前
  • My smell-o-vision does not work! Looks delish!

    Mei CheeMei Chee个月 前
  • 你要多些同人分享,減減壓。🥰love u

    Addwin CheungAddwin Cheung个月 前
  • 你好!健康+真誠。你已進步很多,不化妝也使人喜歡,繼續努力吧!謝謝

    Lai Yung YueLai Yung Yue个月 前
  • Use instant pot instead. Will save you lots of time. I dump everything in the pot and set medium cook and it only takes 1.5 hours. No need to dice or cut up the onions and carrots. You should try it!

    Kkat NKkat N个月 前
  • 希望joyce分享更多食谱😍

    Poh YeePoh Yee个月 前
  • 👍🏻

    Ivan TigerIvan Tiger个月 前
  • 其實牛尾巳經好油仲需要落油嗎?

    David HoDavid Ho个月 前
  • Joyce, you are so tough, add oil! Don't give up,💪💪💪

    Nilian ESCNilian ESC个月 前
  • 加油,新一年更上一層樓

    淡雪淡雪个月 前
  • 妳很可爱,瘦咗重靚!

    Handa LaiHanda Lai个月 前
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    Gladys ChuGladys Chu个月 前
  • 你好叻女!已經活出自己精彩嘅人生!你媽咪一定以你為榮!👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

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  • 已订阅🙌加油啊😘

  • i will try this weekend

    Melissa Page 我的世界Melissa Page 我的世界个月 前
  • Joyce, ure bold & beautiful! I've pressed d subscribed button 😘 May your fondest dreams come true!

    Mabel LeeMabel Lee个月 前
  • Cook more to share la !😊

    sardius cheungsardius cheung个月 前
  • Good to know how to cook oxtail

    Loretta ChanLoretta Chan个月 前
  • Love you, Joyce

    Stephen ChanStephen Chan个月 前
  • 喜欢你啊 😘😘😘😘😘😘👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

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