Game Recap: Warriors 123, Pelicans 108

2021年05月 3日
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Stephen Curry (41 points, eight 3PM) and Draymond Green (10 points, 13 rebounds, 15 assists) led the way for the Warriors as they defeated the Pelicans, 123-108. Draymond Green recorded his fifth triple-double of the season and 29th of his career. Zion Williamson tallied 32 points (12-24 FG) and eight rebounds for the Pelicans in the losing effort. The Warriors improve to 33-32 on the season, while the Pelicans fall to 29-36.

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    Muhammad ArifMuhammad Arif6 天 前
  • He's too strong this guy

    Pascal YapiPascal Yapi9 天 前
  • Zion MVP next year

    Big BenBig Ben10 天 前
  • Steph needs to gain even bigger muscles in the offseason.

    E. L.E. L.10 天 前
  • Steph, Klay, Zion, Dray and one good center could go 82 - 0 in the nba.

    Harry BenjiHarry Benji10 天 前
  • Steph, Klay, Zion, Dray and one good center could go 82 - 0 in the nba.

    Harry BenjiHarry Benji10 天 前
  • Kkkkkkkkkk o Curry é um monstro kkkkkkkkkk e o chega pra lá no cara kkkkkkkkkkk

    Gui BarGui Bar10 天 前
  • Draft combine.. Recruiter: so what do you do in particular Rookie curry: i only shoot 3s

    Chuckie Miguel BacolodChuckie Miguel Bacolod10 天 前
  • Fun fact:Curry has passed 8 times mark price's career high this season...

    Thomas MichalosThomas Michalos10 天 前
  • This lady is still doing her commentary from inside a cave or over a zoom call. Fix the audio please.

    Pavlin DimitrovPavlin Dimitrov10 天 前
    • Maybe she's in her bathroom.

      Pavlin DimitrovPavlin Dimitrov10 天 前
  • Steph the real MVP

    Lars EssersLars Essers10 天 前
  • Warriors, bring that HULK Williamson!! He and Steph could make trouble next season, and if Thompson recovers, we are going in the final again!

    Dominik SanticDominik Santic10 天 前
  • The chef deserve the #MVP Leading the game in three stats no. 1 in PPG no. 1 in 40+ points and no doubt about the No. 1 in 3 POINTS!! fgm 🤩 🏆

    don juandon juan10 天 前
  • Curry is amazing man

    Asımcan ÇalışkanAsımcan Çalışkan10 天 前
  • chef curry.

    aaronaaron10 天 前
  • 1:33 Not the Time for celebration when u are a 15 points deficit. Haha

    The MouusThe Mouus10 天 前
  • Refs be blind af

    Anferny VantaAnferny Vanta10 天 前
  • Curry MVP 👇👍

    Aswin OktavianAswin Oktavian11 天 前
  • Mvp for sure 💯

    Kk 23Kk 2311 天 前
  • Warriors in 8th seed mow

    Angelo Jose TrinidadAngelo Jose Trinidad11 天 前
  • Look at Curry man so inspirational

    wilfried djavawilfried djava11 天 前

    EazyBobWizzyEazyBobWizzy11 天 前
  • Curry is the goat goat. Best of all time. Real sh*t.!!!!!

    akeme rofakoakeme rofako11 天 前
  • I'm just gonna shoutout the entire warriors team play on this one. Curry still fire tho. That play dunk from Draymond dope. More of these plays guys

    Pappy ChullaPappy Chulla11 天 前
  • King Curry shows Zion who is boss

    elvis mudzengerereelvis mudzengerere11 天 前
  • Curry is so good man...its unbelievable

    Black EscobarBlack Escobar11 天 前
  • i think Zion shouldn't be the one to guard Curry. He is strong but his move was slow to Curry, Curry had plenty of room to shoot.

    ntausun oooontausun oooo11 天 前

    ilovecrazyhopsilovecrazyhops11 天 前
  • Look at curry men

    Kari DavidKari David11 天 前
  • Splash Curry

    Miki MausMiki Maus11 天 前
  • imagine 2 defenders starting to argue with themselves while the shooter is going up because they know it's going in....

    Kronick IntrovertKronick Introvert11 天 前
  • Look at Curry man, so inspirational

    Lord DevilLord Devil11 天 前
  • Steph is not just scoring, he is showing his strength. One hand Zion moves and Steph grooves.

    omotosho abayomiomotosho abayomi11 天 前
  • I want iguadola. I don't even know how to spell his name.

    Lusanda NdabandabaLusanda Ndabandaba11 天 前
    • @Angelo Jose Trinidad thanks, I want iguodala

      Lusanda NdabandabaLusanda Ndabandaba11 天 前
    • Iguodala not iguadola

      Angelo Jose TrinidadAngelo Jose Trinidad11 天 前

    TobiramaTobirama11 天 前
  • Green was an absolute monster. Curry throwing up 3's like 6ft jumpers (he is the most unique and dominant long range shooter the game has ever witnessed). Wiggins with 26. Toscano played well. Bazemore was fine. A great team win. Lets see them do it again against the same team to know if the Warriors are back to getting hot again.

    Michael StrodeMichael Strode11 天 前
  • Man this is some crazy magic sh*t curry was doing. It looks normal bcs its him but there's absolutely no other players could do anything like this. He scores a lot, and that's not only for once. He does it all the time. Respect for curry man, like really

    Paul GrantPaul Grant11 天 前
    • I agree.

      patrice Tekampatrice Tekam11 天 前
  • Is this narrator inside a cave or something? An 8-year-old could create better sound quality.

    Kevin CaseyKevin Casey11 天 前
    • @Amazing A The Dreamer she’s always a mile ahead of the action, spoils it and makes it confusing to listen and watch simultaneously

      RobbertRobbert10 天 前
    • I know a lotta talented young people who can commentate far better than Stephanie. And trust me, I do not say that lightly.

      Amazing A The DreamerAmazing A The Dreamer10 天 前
  • Even big boys can be push😁, no foul ref😁

    Tomas III PabicoTomas III Pabico11 天 前
  • Steven curry es el mejor el envipe 2021

    Lucidania VargasLucidania Vargas11 天 前
    • Keng EwanKeng Ewan11 天 前
  • Curry is the best 🔥

    RolmyRolmy11 天 前
  • 👨‍🍳🍳🏀

    OGGOAT_ _OGGOAT_ _11 天 前
  • MVF Chef

    Эрзат ТоктобековЭрзат Токтобеков11 天 前
  • lol 1:34

    StrikerZidaneStrikerZidane11 天 前
  • I lost the count, how many +40 game this season for SC30?

    Blender WikiBlender Wiki11 天 前
    • 9

      Shreyan MallikShreyan Mallik11 天 前
  • Ok 8,9,10 spot gettin interesting

    Trazy XTrazy X11 天 前
    • Yeah it’s starting to get fun

      A AA A11 天 前
  • when zion laughs he knows where to go next if he's team still sucks

    DJ ROARDJ ROAR11 天 前
  • Trading two's for steph's threes ain't a good trade

    Devon DolphinDevon Dolphin11 天 前
  • Man currys back is really hurting carrying this bum squad

    A AA A11 天 前
  • This is IT. the BEST

    Geg_helloGeg_hello11 天 前
  • Chef curry 👑🙏🏾

    Mufunwa MudauMufunwa Mudau11 天 前