Minecraft | How to Build a Lake House

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A lake house is a great option to protect yourself from hostile mobs.
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---------------------------- GAME INFO ----------------------------
• Java Edition 1.16.3
• BSL Shader 1.16.3 - bitslablab.com/bslshaders/#download
• Texture:
- None / Default
- Jerm's Better Leaves - www.curseforge.com/minecraft/texture-packs/better-leaves-add-on-2-0
• Replay Mod for recording - www.replaymod.com
🌼 SEED (WORLD TYPE: LARGE BIOMES): 1315895458686469869
COORD: -1174 64 -3978

----------------------------- CREDITS -----------------------------
Music: 평화로운 라테일 18곡 메들리 with 피아노 (1) (Peaceful Latale Piano Medley 18 Songs (1)) by 팰리 Pally
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Music: 평화로운 스타듀밸리 21곡 메들리 with 피아노 (Peaceful Stardew Valley Piano Medley 21 Songs) by 팰리 Pally
CNfrom Video: cnfrom.info/ex/1HWglHqbhoeBiGk/sh-p-n.html

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