Mask-Holes Like Tucker Carlson Undermine Efforts To End The Pandemic

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Early in the pandemic, conservative activists chose to make mask-wearing a wedge issue to fire up their base. The repercussions are still being felt, from the Fox News studios in New York City to the Temecula, California city council chamber, and many places in between.

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  • Because it's always been politics sweetheart. It has always been politics, control, power, money and nothing more. The maskholes are actually the people that continue to scream at people for not wearing masks. Nice try. More bilge from Colbert, Meyers and company as usual. Nothing new. There is no pandemic, it's a scamdemic once again. Silly fearmongering from second rate comedians as usual. Giving people even more reason to be defiant.

    David TraubDavid Traub天 前
  • Never needed masks to begin with. All we had to do was teach "etiquette" and use of a high tech item used for hundreds of years to mitigate the spread of infections. It's called a HANDKERCHIEF. Sealing over your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze, works far better than a single layered wimpy mask that stops almost nothing.

    Condor1970Condor19702 天 前
  • Liberals will do anything they're told. They are spineless sheep. The Rona was a gift to Democrats.

    RP225RP2252 天 前
  • Wow what happened to Stephen Colbert. He was on during the “W” years. Now he is just another government shill. I guess propaganda pays better than truth.

    Wendy KenneallyWendy Kenneally3 天 前
  • Steven is on fire!!!

    xDR1TeKxDR1TeK3 天 前
  • Anybody else fed up with F*cker Tiresome?

    Michael CapriolaMichael Capriola3 天 前
  • No recent shows uploaded. Is Stephen Colbert sick?

    Phone CorpsPhone Corps3 天 前
  • This dude is a joke that’s not funny. Only political jokes? Comedy is not slamming those that don’t agree with you. Yes, True respect for my city to the north in Southern California - Temecula. Why on earth would any comedian be promoting a medical vaccination? I see some suspicious activity and 💰 So out of line with his accusations. Follow in your predecessors and come up with real comedy. #CBS #Sandiego #Colbert #Temecula

    NicoleNicole3 天 前
  • Jeffery Dharmers favourite food? Beans..........Human Beans ¬_¬

    Jase BoonJase Boon4 天 前
  • When are you going to get back into the studio with a full compliment of writers? You used to be number 1 in the ratings.

    Jerry GoldenJerry Golden4 天 前
  • Even as an ex-pat Brit living in Switzerland, even I find this thing called Tucker Carlson an absolute AHOLE!

    Didi MagninDidi Magnin4 天 前
  • the tyranny continues i used to subscribe to you bs.. but like cnn i unsubscribed, you preach doom and end sky is falling. no wonder tucker carlson has far more viewers.. middle finger stephen from kingston suck

    kevin brookskevin brooks4 天 前
  • I like the masks I think we should keep em

    Jason OlsonJason Olson4 天 前
  • If maskholes call child protective services, they'll be arrested for filing a false report. Might be a win.....

    Anita EAnita E4 天 前
  • Your being bpushed to the back of the buss bc your full of shit.. Its a mask if you dont wana wear it you could just stay home ya know?

    Ashlyn KAshlyn K4 天 前
  • 👏👏👏👏👌

    philippa wajcmanphilippa wajcman4 天 前
  • You dont need to end anything cause there was never a pandemic

    Tea JayTea Jay4 天 前
  • 3:14 this response was so good lol. The last joke

    AJ DeadshowAJ Deadshow5 天 前
  • Hey does anyone know what happened to the rioter everyone called me maw. I haven’t heard about her and idk if I’ve missed it or if there isn’t any news on her?

    Moo OlMoo Ol5 天 前
  • I dare Tucker Carlson to push me aside?

    akridgeakridge5 天 前
  • Anyone recall when doctors recommended smoking?

    Danial HillmannDanial Hillmann5 天 前
  • Love the sandman rewrite clever

    Diane PaesDiane Paes5 天 前
  • Colbert used to be funny, now he's just a horrible shill.

    David WillemsDavid Willems5 天 前
  • Not easy to do, but getting in more laughs than Seth Myers rn

    supernaturalflavorsupernaturalflavor5 天 前
  • This guy is just another democratic clown ... red states are free blue states are under siege just like this this mouth. How come you never talk about dementia Joe ? And how the democratics hide him, do to he can't even complete. A sentence without a teleprompter ??? Your weak and pathetic...

    Randell RamosRandell Ramos5 天 前
  • *Phucker Carlson Voice* Joe Biden's CDC now warns against licking public toilet seats. "Why?" you might ask. And with good reason. It turns out, they won't tell you. Is it because not only do toilet seats taste like Skittles, but may provide you with all the immunity you need against not only airborne diseases, but also toxicities and certain cancers? I'm only asking questions. But in JOE BIDEN'S CDC, there are no answers to these questions. No, no, no. There are no studies they can point to that discount these questions. At least none they are willing to share. Is this because JOE BIDEN is in the pocket of BIG PHARMA? Again, I'm just asking questions here. And it seems as though the ONLY WAY to find the answers to these questions would be to try it yourself. But they don't want you to do that. They are trampling all over YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to test the science yourself. And what will they do to you if they catch you licking public toilet seats? Will scary men in black SUV's show up and 'disappear' you? If that's not tyranny, I don't know what is. But if enough of us lick public toilet seats in protest of this communist directive, what then? Will they be forced to walk back this attack on our freedoms? I say we give it a go. Proudly lick the public toilet seats. Make a game of it. See how many different public toilet seats you can lick in a day. Have your children lick toilet seats. And dare them to lock up your toddler. Nothing less than the future of Democracy is at steak here

    Anton WooldridgeAnton Wooldridge5 天 前
  • Oh man!! This stuff is so funny

    cherish smithcherish smith5 天 前
  • I really hoe every one who is listening. Negative feedback loops totally a thing!!!

    cherish smithcherish smith5 天 前
    • Typo. I really hope

      cherish smithcherish smith5 天 前
  • Colbert is a clown. He'll say anything and bash anyone, and lie for ratings.

    Kopfjaeger 109Kopfjaeger 1095 天 前
  • Doctor Confirms Parasitic Worms on Facemasks

    Peace Be With YouPeace Be With You6 天 前
  • Three Nurses have the same Seizures after taking jab

    Peace Be With YouPeace Be With You6 天 前
  • Where's your audience?! You're still sucking after all this time.

    Pat FerrellPat Ferrell6 天 前
  • Here's the thing. When you actually go outside, what you end up seeing is that people and businesses are handling the pandemic on their own, and doing a damn good job of it. The government is scrambling to keep pandemic fear alive because the last thing they want is for us to save ourselves before they can save us "their way".

    CJ LEXCJ LEX6 天 前
    • @A J Martin Tell me how mainstream media is science and not opinion

      CJ LEXCJ LEX4 天 前
    • @A J Martin You mean common sense guidelines like wash you hands, wear a mask, avoid crowds? Lol that came from doctors all over the world not the US government

      CJ LEXCJ LEX4 天 前
    • We are doing an ok job because we follow the Government guidelines. Science, not opinion.

      A J MartinA J Martin4 天 前
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Anira DupAnira Dup6 天 前
  • Masks don't do anything. Never did. Never will. Imagine putting up a wall to keep someone out, but you left a 40-foot-tall doorway for anyone to walk through. That's what the pores in a mask look like to a virus 1/1,000th the size of a human hair. Considering the astronomically high survival rate -- well over 99% for most people -- they're completely unnecessary anyway. So stop lecturing people. Masking healthy people is superstition, not science.

    Adrian RushAdrian Rush6 天 前
  • You know what really bugs me? Now, ahole antimaskers just lie and claim they are vaccinated.

    Robert UnderwoodRobert Underwood6 天 前
  • That was pretty dramatic about the kids. I don’t make my kids wear a mask while playing bc that just isn’t healthy but I’m not gonna call the police on parents who do. I just mind my own business and hope others do the same.

    Jordan RayfordJordan Rayford6 天 前
  • Colbert is a Jesuit altar boy who takes his commands from the devils above him in the Jesuit Order. They want everyone masked and vaccinated for a LIE they created, COVID. Anyone who promotes masking or vaccinations is either gullible, ignorant, on in on the global scam.

    King James Bible Believer 1611King James Bible Believer 16116 天 前
  • I wish the CDC wouldn't say that vaxxed people can go without masks. Now non-vaxxed people will just pretend they are vaxxed with impunity.

    Navy BuffaloNavy Buffalo6 天 前
  • 6:48 Stephen knitting. xDD "And Dad's new wife GIVE HER A CHANCE"

    sailtheplainssailtheplains6 天 前
  • Imagine if a surgeon performed open heart surgery on Tucker Carlson without a mask, gloves, or properly-disinfected tools. Let's see what he has to say about safety precautions and common-sense health measures then.

    Senna TaylorSenna Taylor6 天 前
  • I know that this misses the point but if Lana Del Rey's mesh mask had clear plastic underneath it, wouldn't that make it nearly impossible to breathe (let along for her to sing, which is what she does for a living)? Which, coming full circle, is the argument that anti-maskers have been making since day one.

    Bobby BrownBobby Brown6 天 前
  • Dupes!

    Werd RuWerd Ru6 天 前
  • I Love you Stephen you're smart and funny.

    Valerie NormanValerie Norman7 天 前
  • As Fauci said at the beginning of the pandemic masks don't do anything except "make people feel better". His own words before he got politicized.

    Core PuncherCore Puncher7 天 前

    Daniela GioseffiDaniela Gioseffi7 天 前
  • Stephen trying and clearly failing to knit was hilarious.

    not botnot bot7 天 前
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    Eric SanchezEric Sanchez7 天 前
  • Tirical pica base

    Eric SanchezEric Sanchez7 天 前
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    Eric SanchezEric Sanchez7 天 前
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    Eric SanchezEric Sanchez7 天 前
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    Eric SanchezEric Sanchez7 天 前
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    Eric SanchezEric Sanchez7 天 前
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    Eric SanchezEric Sanchez7 天 前
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    Eric SanchezEric Sanchez7 天 前
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    Eric SanchezEric Sanchez7 天 前
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    Eric SanchezEric Sanchez7 天 前
  • did colbert wear a mask on epsteins island

    truth tellertruth teller7 天 前
  • Lol they’ll never show the real numbers of people that don’t want the poison jab. Hint: it’s a LOT

    Andrew PalmerAndrew Palmer7 天 前

    Moon HendrixMoon Hendrix7 天 前
  • colbert was a frequent visitor to epsteins island maybe he could come out of his pervert closet an do a show on children

    truth tellertruth teller7 天 前
  • You once we're good to watch but now you just suck.

    Richard CarrollRichard Carroll7 天 前
  • I swear these episodes keep getting funnier somehow 😂

    Benevolence4Benevolence47 天 前
  • Maskholes are the busybodies telling others what to do, not the folks going about their lives and minding their own business.

    Twammington TwammleberryTwammington Twammleberry8 天 前
  • Give the kids an iPhone or something like that and they'll line up for the vaccine.

    mytexas daysmytexas days8 天 前
  • I'm willing to let them take the risk. It's their God given right. Or however George Carlin would have said it.

    Jace FluxJace Flux8 天 前
  • VAXX HUMOR> One Lab Rat asked another Lab Rat if he was going to take the Vaccine? The second Lab Rat replied...Hell No! They're still testing that out on HUMANS.

    BarneBarne8 天 前
  • Our town in Central CA left their masks and social distancing behind a long time ago. 70k pop..haven't has a case or in over 6 months..and no deaths ever from Covid. People are fine.. Question> If Joe has been vaccinated why is he always wearing a mask? Another question> I thought Steven Colbert was a comedian...or entertainer. He was awesome on Comedy Central with John. I'm a democrat since day 1 but all I want is comedy or whatever on late shows. All I hear is Colbert whining about Republicans. What is he worried about. They lost!

    BarneBarne8 天 前
    • You'll be a Republican sooner rather than later. Once you start seeing more of the inconsistencies and hypocrisy of the Democrats and liberalism in general, you can't unsee them.

      E. E. Nulla SalusE. E. Nulla Salus7 天 前
  • I used to watch this man-Stephen Colbert years ago when he was clever and funny. Now he is just plane boring. As if he lost 30 IQ points somehow. He is just one of thousands of "factcheckers" spreading government orders in pamphlets like this one. So sad.

    Adis GolosAdis Golos8 天 前
  • Masks are harmful especially for young children.

    James Achilles KirkpatrickJames Achilles Kirkpatrick8 天 前
  • The Rosa Parks thing is such a wtf moment… reminds me of that weird woman from Germany who went on a rally of Corona deniers and said she feels like Sophie Scholl because of the lockdown.

    smintilismintili8 天 前
    • Cultural appropriation!

      A J MartinA J Martin4 天 前
  • I was actually way more scared in the summer when the terrorist protesting were a few blocks away from my house than the ones in January that were states away.

    Ricky Bobby RoodeRicky Bobby Roode8 天 前
  • PS I live in Melbourne Aust and we had a shocker of a year last year compared to the rest of Australia. We are being so careful now bc this is a global pandemic and it’s our responsibility to take care of each other and be careful, it’s ALL up to ALL of us.

    karen johnstonkaren johnston8 天 前
  • I am sorry Stephen I love your show BUT a second wave will hopefully not be as bad as 2020 but this virus Loves an in and it will find it. Pls pls folks don’t think it’s over bc it ain’t finished yet.

    karen johnstonkaren johnston8 天 前
  • Randy Rainbow wins the Mr. Sandman contest hands down. 'Mr. Biden, Bring My Vaccine' ❤️

    Zizi RobertsZizi Roberts8 天 前
  • That comment about Rosa Parks. Sick, delusional woman.

    Zizi RobertsZizi Roberts8 天 前
  • Tucker Carlson is a horrible person.

    Zizi RobertsZizi Roberts8 天 前
  • What is wrong with this country? How aggressively stupid can people get?

    Erick O'DonnellErick O'Donnell8 天 前
  • I fervently hope nobody's stupid enough to call the police on me for my grandchildren wearing masks. My cane, however, is looking forward to being propelled at great speed and force into the crotch of the first man who makes this mistake. If a woman makes this mistake, my wife has a cane as well.

    Bob FrancisBob Francis8 天 前
  • It’s crazy that anti-maskers are behaving the same way in every country. Here in Germany a girl compared herself to Sophie Scholl ( The white rose , anti-Nazi group).

    FeliFeli9 天 前
  • An interesting video from Dr Sam Bailey, on the lack of evidence for the asymptomatic transmission thesis, that is driving all these distancing and masking policies.

    NanoRussian BotNanoRussian Bot9 天 前
  • That is a terrible tumbnail. I assume most your viewers are smart, but srsly.

    Ben CraggBen Cragg9 天 前
  • Sure glad I never got wrapped up in this whole "mask wearing" phase.

    Gene BurkeyGene Burkey9 天 前
  • What a bunch of sheep.

    Billybob P. A. Czekaj 安闕亦Billybob P. A. Czekaj 安闕亦9 天 前
  • A few days ago The Salk Institute reported that the COVID-19 spike protein is not only to attach the virus to cells but that the spike protein do damage to cells. The Spike Protein has the potential of damage blood vessels. Please check Based on that we should wait for more information before using it on young people and children. Or people with vascular problems (high pressure, diabetes)

    Roberto VazquezRoberto Vazquez9 天 前
  • I like how he calls him “Tucker”😂

    Kendall FalknerKendall Falkner9 天 前
  • Pathetic!

    Mihai TudoseMihai Tudose9 天 前
  • I love how the mainstream shill always descend into name-calling with zero evidence. Pure propaganda garbage.

    Coco JeffreyCoco Jeffrey10 天 前
  • F’ing insane. Masks are useless. This isn’t controversial. You don’t need a masks anywhere or anytime. Insane.

    Cal CalCal Cal10 天 前
  • That mask is nothing more than a virtue signal...Which is what Colbert has been doing since his shitty show got pulled from comedy central

    Daniel PalmDaniel Palm10 天 前
  • Why are all the late night comedians just corny and barely funny

    Erik HernandezErik Hernandez10 天 前
  • Did she just seriously compare herself to Rosa Parks? She has had a very sheltered life.

    Malcolm ArmstrongMalcolm Armstrong10 天 前
  • Omg Tucker Carlson Why America 😢

    Mena SkywalkerMena Skywalker10 天 前
  • I wear my mask in my pocket & if someone asks me to wear it on my face, I say .25 cents please. Most give a dollar. Carry Grant did the same thing with autograph hunters.

    richard wilmot Ph.Drichard wilmot Ph.D10 天 前
  • I want to post just the song!

    Jonathan JonesJonathan Jones10 天 前
  • God i almost died at asmr part i hate asmr 😵😵

    jojo abushkrjojo abushkr10 天 前
  • What's Steven misleading us about today . Absolute prick .

    Gary SGary S10 天 前
  • Tucker should be in jail for the threat he represents to the safety and health of the American people.

    David StewartDavid Stewart10 天 前
  • Bah bah channel

    Brad SoltaniBrad Soltani10 天 前
  • No shirt no shoes no service is against my rights! Lol

    mikey fishermikey fisher11 天 前