Zion Williamson Could Only Laugh After Steph Curry Drilled Another Three Over Him😂

2021年05月 3日
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  • Zion was thinking "Look at curry man, shooting over my head, so inspirational"...

    Francis HoraFrancis Hora3 小时 前
  • Zion to the dubs for Wiseman, Mulder, minny pick and 3 first rounders

    Ronit GavaskarRonit Gavaskar4 天 前
  • Zions Body:😈😡🤬💥💢 His attitude:😂😀🙂

    Yohan Jacob BrualYohan Jacob Brual5 天 前
  • fakest 1080p ever lol

    GaboGabo8 天 前
  • imagine steph & zion duo

    Brandon FowlerBrandon Fowler8 天 前
  • zion is such an awesome dude, so humble

    novasnovas8 天 前
  • He is witnessing greatness

    AnimeeAnimee9 天 前
  • Imagine these two played together? Defences wouldn’t know whether to stuff the paint or chase the perimeter

    StevenSteven9 天 前
    • Snipers outside, tank on the inside. Defensive nightmare.

      Francis HoraFrancis Hora3 小时 前
  • Zion is getting inspired man.. So inspirational..

    marki markmarki mark9 天 前
  • Zion to the Warriors in 2023 confirmed!

    The Real RepublicThe Real Republic9 天 前

    Justin HumphreyJustin Humphrey9 天 前
  • Same whenni gurad curry in 2k21

    rodynick gardiolarodynick gardiola10 天 前
  • im pretty sure this is his first time playing against curry

    The RA03The RA0310 天 前
  • It also happens to be my reaction in 2k when getting splashed by curry in a blow out game. I just go insane 🤣

    YoKocchiYoKocchi10 天 前
  • Zion Come in Dubs!

    Jordan ModesteJordan Modeste10 天 前
  • I love zion♥️

    kram Abuedokram Abuedo10 天 前
  • Can't wait to hear these guys talk about their introduction to steph on the court, 10 years from now when they're on top....or not.

    BossBoss10 天 前
  • i starting to like zion

    House And Lot Finder phHouse And Lot Finder ph10 天 前
  • Hes a Curry fanboy.

    Darryl LaumuaDarryl Laumua10 天 前
  • Zion will join warriors next season.

    Ericka BinamiraEricka Binamira10 天 前
  • 0:12 Zion a real one he go from smiling to alright let's get back to the game face in a hearbeat. 😀💀

    vin centricvin centric11 天 前
  • Food for thought: Zion joins Golden State.

    Nilanjan SarkarNilanjan Sarkar11 天 前
    • That would be Dummy man if they could pull that off smh

      Edward Kendrick - H2CCEdward Kendrick - H2CC10 天 前
  • Zion to Warriors confirmed

    Bloodymer ZkizzoidBloodymer Zkizzoid11 天 前
  • Dude said "anytime you fall asleep with steph... He will make you pay" like... Bruhhhh that don't sound right lmaoo

    Strawberry BluntsStrawberry Blunts11 天 前
    • HAAAAAAA!!!

      Edward Kendrick - H2CCEdward Kendrick - H2CC10 天 前
  • "anytime you fall asleep with steph" ..... weird way of putting it mr commentator lmaooo

    Rigo BatiancilaRigo Batiancila11 天 前
  • Wasn't his fault tbh. Nobody picked him up. Let Zion find Curry alone in the paint 😂

    Never FailNever Fail11 天 前
  • Like zion is that great over steph? Who is he anyway…

    ki koyki koy11 天 前
  • My two fav players.

    President ResidentPresident Resident11 天 前
  • Steph is my MVP!!!!🏆🏆💯💯

    619STREETCA619STREETCA11 天 前
  • Greatest marksman the NBA has ever seen.

    Chris Breezy -Ryan BarbosaChris Breezy -Ryan Barbosa11 天 前
  • Zion seems like a friendly, happy go lucky type of dude.

    jaymtl79jaymtl7911 天 前
    • @Bayou Archive gottem dude

      xHARVEYxHARVEY8 天 前
    • your mom is go lucky.

      Bayou ArchiveBayou Archive9 天 前
    • Yeah, his voice sounds so happy.

      ZydareZydare11 天 前
  • Steph got lucky. He needs to work on that 3 point shot

    BrandonBrandon11 天 前
  • “Bruh why didn’t I stay in highschool, nobody could shoot over me then. Steph, how you even do that😂”

    Garfield Curtis Jr.Garfield Curtis Jr.11 天 前
  • I'm not a fan of Curry but he makes the game look so easy. His skill level is so damn high.

    Russel KeithRussel Keith11 天 前
    • @Zombiebomber That's why I've been watching a lot of Warriors games lately. He's been more focus than ever so his playful persona is not showing up. Plus he's been on fire so that makes watching Warriors games more fun.

      Russel KeithRussel Keith11 天 前
    • @Russel Keith seriously which country you live in🤔

      kinglawn 001kinglawn 00111 天 前
    • @Russel Keith lol sorry for his insult join the warriors tho we don’t have a good record but our team tries hard and steph doesn’t shimmy anymore like tht😅

      ZombiebomberZombiebomber11 天 前
    • @Komori Kom also, we don't have soy in my country.

      Russel KeithRussel Keith11 天 前
    • @Komori Kom it doesn't really offend me moreso confused by it

      Russel KeithRussel Keith11 天 前
  • There's good then there's curry

    liamdorliamdor11 天 前
  • Zion airballed his first three and lost confidence in shooting them afterwards. Seeing Steph delivering them from downtown makes him say "Man!" and shake his head.

    CetinsadikCetinsadik11 天 前
  • curry like ii got skill you got a body

    We1We111 天 前
  • the respect love it

    John Lloyd BalanonJohn Lloyd Balanon11 天 前
  • Zion be like: wait until i learn it from you!

    Smelly FartSmelly Fart11 天 前
  • Warriors has become 2020 lakers imagine these boys wants a ring

    carole pasion-capancarole pasion-capan11 天 前
  • Is it me or did that ball complete disappear and then reappear just before going in?

    Saint RichieSaint Richie11 天 前
    • @Brandon Smith That is what they want you to believe...

      Nathan VNathan V11 天 前
    • He shoots the ball with a high arc so it speeds up just before it hits the rim.

      Brandon SmithBrandon Smith11 天 前
    • Just you

      Joshua D. EphJoshua D. Eph11 天 前
  • Looks like we got another dwight howard on our hands. Tf are you laughing?

    ButteryAssNiggaButteryAssNigga11 天 前
    • @Sorry in advance ! can't lie there is that video of Kobe in a preseason game. But kobe was all over steph and steph jacked from deep. Zion isn't motivated on defense

      Bee GBee G11 天 前
    • @Nathan V too bad there's a video of kobe doing the exact same thing to Steph. Some of you clowns are completely fucking brain dead bums. Go back to the basement douchebags

      Sorry in advance !Sorry in advance !11 天 前
    • @Nathan V kobe would never laugh

      ButteryAssNiggaButteryAssNigga11 天 前
    • I couldn't agree anymore. Get outa here with that laughing shit, makes them look like they don't have a competitive gene in their DNA. Mamba mode or gtfo Kobe would never laugh.

      Nathan VNathan V11 天 前
  • He said just like 2k😭

    TheRantGuyYeazyTheRantGuyYeazy11 天 前
  • Dunk on him Zion

    Refer GoodRefer Good11 天 前
  • Davidson College in North Carolina vs Duke University in North Carolina

    Jeremi AndersonJeremi Anderson11 天 前
  • good attitude. lebron would have complained to the refs

    Robin WeberRobin Weber11 天 前
  • no comment....

    Johntavious HardwellJohntavious Hardwell11 天 前
  • why he laugh then go serious mode right after lol

    Oluwafunmibi lawOluwafunmibi law11 天 前
    • @Optimi Gaming they also said words to each other

      LVLV10 天 前
    • @RubenCito beat me to it lol

      Micah WilsonMicah Wilson10 天 前
    • Did that Kanye

      Micah WilsonMicah Wilson10 天 前
    • @jose morales literally exactly precisely perfectly accurate my guy ! Zion was waiting for others to laugh along and was thrown off because nobody did ! Enjoy your koolaid immout

      1Z0Z01Z0Z011 天 前
    • @1Z0Z0 I'm thinkin u the weird one.he made a basic observation and You gotta be that 1 guy on yt tryna get attention wit dumb unnecessary comments.

      jose moralesjose morales11 天 前
  • quit laughin, you're losing

    TysonTyson11 天 前
    • @Hala K Kobe has 5 rings he can laugh when he wants

      TysonTyson10 天 前
    • @Nathan V there’s literally a video of kobe laughing when curry shot a 3 over him

      Hala KHala K10 天 前
    • @Sahil Kurien Bro ofc he laughed (more so in his later years). I was just being tongue in cheek. Half sarcastic and a fourth serious

      Nathan VNathan V11 天 前
    • @Nathan V so ur saying kobe has never laughed on the court?

      Sahil KurienSahil Kurien11 天 前
    • @Nathan V So nba players cant have fun huh?

      Sahil KurienSahil Kurien11 天 前
  • L mentality

    bjjzsbjjzs11 天 前
    • Agreed

      Bee GBee G11 天 前
  • Chef Curry

    Mufunwa MudauMufunwa Mudau11 天 前
  • Zion: Stop it man! Stop it man! Come on

    Si UziSi Uzi11 天 前
  • honestly the nba is so hot rn, we are blessed to be alive and watching! curry, lebron, luka, giannis, lamelo, kawhi, kyrie, everybody bringin they A game every goddamn night

    Nick ManalacNick Manalac11 天 前
    • Curry is not in his prime but still crazy man

      Yohan Jacob BrualYohan Jacob Brual5 天 前
    • Westbrook, cp3, curry, lillard, giannis, harden. Durant, kyrie, rose, rozier, luka, jokic, embiid, lowry, randle, tatum, booker, george, KAT, fox, kawhi, derozan, ja morant, mitchell, clarkson, gobert, trae young, sexton, indiana pacers, and others i may left out are entertaining watch them playing.

      Syril wayne CunetaSyril wayne Cuneta8 天 前
    • @Dienelo Leo mane I know you trollin’ or you posted this shit from a Jitterbug phone in a nursing home

      Coogi MollyCoogi Molly9 天 前
    • @Cavish Wee on God 😂

      Coogi MollyCoogi Molly9 天 前
    • @Roksura so what if we dont appreciate basketball?

      Ding DongDing Dong9 天 前
  • The warriors have turned into the 2020 lakers...these boys want that ring!

    Levi PayneLevi Payne11 天 前
    • As good as they've been playing, and honestly they probably would have avoided the play in if Steph hadn't missed those 8 games, they aren't winning a ring. I could see them making some real noise in the west tho. They've been playing great lately, they are a top 10 defensive team, but they need someone to step up big time on the offensive end. Steph having to score 35+ to win every game isn't going to get it done

      Sorry in advance !Sorry in advance !11 天 前
    • what lol???

      Noah C.Noah C.11 天 前
    • Making it to the playoffs is already hard for us, how can we win the chip? Lol. GSW needs to do something, trade younger players for win-now players, and sign vets that will help the team.

      YeonwooYeonwoo11 天 前
    • @captain pilot klay and steph are only best duo in nba

      carole pasion-capancarole pasion-capan11 天 前
    • 🤔