2021 Aprilia RS 660 | Daily Rider

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2021 Aprilia RS 660 | Daily Rider
Read Ari’s first-ride article here: rvz.la/39eU4NX
It’s not a full-on sport bike, but it’s still racy and high performance. Right? Find out how it handles a Daily Rider loop in the pouring rain, as Zack suits up and weathers the storm.
MSRP: $11,299
Engine: 659 cc parallel twin
Measured weight: 401 lb. / 182 kg
Fuel tank: 4.0 gal. / 15 liters
Seat height: 32.3 in. / 820 mm
Claimed power: 100 hp @ 10,500 rpm
Claimed torque: 49 foot-pounds @ 8,500 rpm
Zack’s gear:
Sedici Garda Jacket: rvz.la/3rk38aB
Spidi Rain Warrior Gloves: rvz.la/2QvlLeW
Rokker Revolution Waterproof Jeans: rvz.la/2Qw6Uks
Alpinestars Oscar Monty Boots: rvz.la/3cmt3dF
Shoei RF-SR Helmet: rvz.la/3tRzo6E

  • Read the full review on Common Tread: rvz.la/3sm1YN6

    RevZillaRevZilla个月 前
    • @Dark Magician K, Bye

      Glen HolmgrenGlen Holmgren个月 前
    • @Dark Magician Speak for yourself - You’re 100% W. R. O. N. G.

      Glen HolmgrenGlen Holmgren个月 前
    • The HONESTY, HUMILITY, Condor and Sense of Humour are all exceptional - Great Bike-Side Manner!

      Glen HolmgrenGlen Holmgren个月 前
    • @Dark Magician you are waste.

      lovelessissimolovelessissimo个月 前
    • @lovelessissimo i m not watching , it is waste

      Dark MagicianDark Magician个月 前
  • I will never buy a Aprilia ever ever again. Service and pcs take forever to come in and there goes your season.

    Mister LeeMister Lee19 小时 前
  • the only problem with Aprilia is the service. They dont respect warranty and you have to wait weeks and weeks for your bike to get fixed. Buyer beware. I had to sell mine out of desperation.

    Carm LilloCarm Lillo天 前
  • which bike would you consider a good choice for someone who likes sport bikes but also wants to use it to travel? obviously not enough cash to get two bikes. Or maybe do you have already a video about that?

    Aarón CruzAarón Cruz5 天 前
  • I know you're reviewing the 660 here but honestly let's talk about how you're far more braver in the rain on a sport bike then I am on my scrambler. Teach me the ways...

    Ben SBen S6 天 前
  • Absolute best review guy on CNfrom. They should have you doing far more of them than you do!

    everythinggoodistakeneverythinggoodistaken6 天 前
  • I like it, but it sounds like a feral cow. Yea I want one.

    ShyGuyShyGuy8 天 前
  • Take this same route home everyday!!!

    Nekhoe HoganNekhoe Hogan9 天 前
  • Not trying to be a dick, but I had a 2013 zx6r 636 and that thing sounds like crap compared to it. It looks cool, but it sounds like a daggum dual sport.

    Ty DurdenTy Durden11 天 前
  • Honda cb1300 or CB 1100ex plz

    sam fischersam fischer15 天 前
  • Would be nice to show specs in metric units on the screen when you talk about them Zac. Otherwise, entertaining as always, thanks :)

    ArtTerekhovArtTerekhov15 天 前
  • So as a first time buyer for a motorcycle I've rode dirt bikes before and four wheelers. I definitely am considering the Aprilia seems way safer than a Harley Davidson with the technology that the Aprilia has. I looked at a Harley Davidson the other day and I am thinking about definitely going for a street bike now.

    Thomas FultonThomas Fulton16 天 前
  • The RS 660 is a great looking bike and it's getting pretty good reviews, but the ergonomics are too sporty for me to be an everyday street bike. The footpegs are high and the bars low. It's probably a better choice for a street-going sportbike for many people than a Gixxer or R6, or CBR600RR. I'll be interested to see the new Tuono 660, but even on the Tuono V4 the footpegs are high, so maybe the Tuono 660 will be, too.

    Timothy CoyneTimothy Coyne19 天 前
  • Aahhh Son of A Beach.

    Siddharth C.Siddharth C.20 天 前
  • Dash-a-ma-board.

    Jesse PerryJesse Perry22 天 前
  • I've been wanting to scratch an itch and join that "WHATEVER" class riding just because MAJORITY of my riding is either daily commuting or cutting up alone on country roads every chance I get and my r3 is just.... An r3 And my r1 is track days and SOMETIMES cutting up on crappy country roads. But that one has heart! 😋😍 and God forbid my local back roads AND my own lack of self discipline or possibly just a lifetime of pure passion for having f#$king fun!!! bruise and hurt my BABY 🤕🤒😫😢😭 ANYWAY... I really like the rs660 just never really had the right review that fills in the blanks as I PERSONALLY need. But all BS aside, yours helped ALOT and you deserve to know you're appreciated and trusted by me atleast. Lol Thanks fella

    RenesMDJRenesMDJ25 天 前
  • What a dream job!!

    Kai SaitoKai Saito25 天 前
  • If I'm a very responsible rider is this a good first bike?

    Arjan HysaArjan Hysa26 天 前
  • I am very much looking forward to the tracer 700 see if it does better than the Versys!

    Hugo BlinHugo Blin27 天 前
  • I love how the display inverts in the dark!

    Michael's TotsMichael's Tots27 天 前
  • Nice bike, nice review. What 3rd world country were you in with roads like that?

    Jock McThingiemibobbJock McThingiemibobb27 天 前
  • love american freeway, everyone drives on each line they like no matter the speed.

    FrozenfarFrozenfar28 天 前
  • Honda cbr 650r or aprilia rs660, and why? Aprilia for me is better and looks awesome but some mechanics told me that japan bikes are always better choice? Thanks a lot

    Damjan TrajkovskiDamjan Trajkovski28 天 前
  • 400lbs - 181kgs

  • Surprised you didn't mention the Trident, isn't that a direct competitor?

    Nate SchererNate Scherer29 天 前
  • That thing sounds wicked! 270° crank all day!

    nomadbennomadben个月 前
  • Idk how/where else to suggest this, but can you do the Yamaha Tracer 9 GT?

    plurbyplurby个月 前
  • Gotta Sub for Zack after that ride 😂

    JaredSVXJaredSVX个月 前
  • Zack can you please ride BMW r nine T scrambler ??

    Youssef ChaouchYoussef Chaouch个月 前
  • LBC!

    B GB G个月 前
  • Coming from an 07 FZ-6, this bike carries a lot of the spirit of a sporty / sport touring class motorcycle. Super appealing package, IMO

    Turbo DonutsTurbo Donuts个月 前
  • Could you ride Honda rebel 1100?

    Douglas BordesDouglas Bordes个月 前
  • You should do the Yamaha Vmax

    Anthony BurattoAnthony Buratto个月 前
  • No way is the street tripe as good surely?

    Andrew DugdaleAndrew Dugdale个月 前
  • I always thought an increasing brightness based on how hard you braked made sense.

    roscocsaroscocsa个月 前
  • Can you do the 2021 Honda CBR650R?

    Jameel AJameel A个月 前
  • low rpm sound like a Honda nc750 or africa twin but i liked it xD

    Erdem simsekErdem simsek个月 前
  • it has amazon A love it

    Dusty CloverDusty Clover个月 前
  • Can you please please please review the Royal Enfield Continental GT650...

    Piyush Ranjan RaiPiyush Ranjan Rai个月 前
  • Anything from Aprilia is awesome ❤️

    E̷e̷s̷h̷w̷a̷r̷E̷e̷s̷h̷w̷a̷r̷个月 前
    • True!

      Ducati DrewDucati Drew个月 前
  • F'n love this bike, i need one!

    MechMech个月 前
  • I wanted to watch this video because of the bike, I couldn't because the guy is too much of a geek. Bring back Ari...

    motocrossriders2002motocrossriders2002个月 前
  • So I have an fz07 and was wondering if the confort and performance of this bike is worth the "upgrade". Is it only a tech upgrade or would you say this is a way better bike? I do like commuting and going for the occasional all day long ride and was wondering if it would feel about the same

    JershyJershy个月 前
  • Dont forget to clean your gopro while it is raining

    H LalruatsangaH Lalruatsanga个月 前
  • What blows me away is how they make it sound like an actual sportbike. Like it doesn't just sound like any other parallel twin, or any other 270 crank twin either. It sounds serious in a way. I can't exactly describe it but you hear it and you're like "fuck, yeah that thing is fast". Hats off to Aprilia, I want a friggin sportbike like it's 2003 again

    Pat WPat W个月 前
    • its close to other 270 cranks though, however, this one sounds stock as the others do with an aftermarket muffler

      Vanessa XoaxVanessa Xoax个月 前
  • @6:32 It is great to have a revy engine. This is a sportbike after all.

    Red PhoenixRed Phoenix个月 前
  • Awesome video.

    Riders GlanceRiders Glance个月 前
  • 👍👍

    chris Vozzachris Vozza个月 前
  • How’s the heat management on the bike? I guess kinda hard to gauge that in the rain.

    Ken SKen S个月 前
    • I havent ridden it over 20°C outside, but i couldnt notice any disturbing heat unless coming from full power to full stop.

      Vanessa XoaxVanessa Xoax个月 前
  • So everybody be nice. 🤣

    senyum0senyum0个月 前
  • Hey fellow LA brother! Hope you could take a ride on VIII Moto Guzzi, it’s the 100th anniversary this year!

    Surfer Dog03Surfer Dog03个月 前
  • How does this compare to a Street triple?? I have an 1100 Tuono...

    constantine Eliadisconstantine Eliadis个月 前
  • "Doesn't sound as good as the Tuono, but nothing does." Truer words have never been spoken.

    The Jockness MonsterThe Jockness Monster个月 前
    • @FactoryRider I agree, but seems like we are a bit pre opinionated 🤔

      Tuono ThierryTuono Thierry8 天 前
    • For real, nothing beats the Aprilia V4, beautifully harmonic and aggressive at the same time

      FactoryRiderFactoryRider个月 前
  • Damned these dudes got fired haha

    Flash VinnigFlash Vinnig个月 前
  • You've managed make what is quite an exciting bike sound like something very mundane. Thanks but I will not be subscribing 👍

    Richard CokerRichard Coker个月 前
  • How many fucking ads..?

    The CommunistThe Communist个月 前
  • Great to see a Zach review again! Awesome bike too.

    Carmine SarnoCarmine Sarno个月 前
  • its in the category of Sportstourer

    LangschwertBlitzLangschwertBlitz个月 前
  • I disagree with the riding modes. I appreciate using the 75 HP vs 110 HP on my Monster when I was learning and also when conditions are iffy

    RichL123RichL123个月 前
  • Can't wait for you to try the Tuono 660.i think that's gonna be my next bike based.

    NariTheManNariTheMan个月 前
  • He looked like captain America in Endgame with the beard and the black suit.😂

    Dennis Martin BarazonDennis Martin Barazon个月 前
  • Not feeling the red wheel. I would powder coat it black and never look back. The rest it's O.K.

    • it looks way better in real life. am also considering powder coating black though, but ive got the golden one.

      Vanessa XoaxVanessa Xoax个月 前
  • On another point, improper footwear? For shame. And slow down when riding in the rain!!!

    Levi EfrauimLevi Efrauim个月 前
  • We need Japanese bikes with Italian design

    anthony maciasanthony macias个月 前
  • The Versys 650 LT remains near the top of your daily rider list and I know you made comparisons to the Tracer 900GT in that bike's video, but I'd like to see you actually ride the T900GT & then compare the two. I like both but the T900GT has cruise control- a huge bonus- so I gotta ask myself if I am willing to drop $3-4 grand more? I dunno. Like to hear your opinion.

    Levi EfrauimLevi Efrauim个月 前
    • You can buy half a really good 2nd bike for 3.5 grand.

      YSPDJapanYSPDJapan个月 前
  • Why is Bakit in Tagalog and thats the Philippines local language

    Axl Troy OrtegaAxl Troy Ortega个月 前
  • Have yall done the H2sxse as a daily rider? I think that could potentially get near the top of your board.

    rehsa2194rehsa2194个月 前
  • 14k USD in my country ,was looking for an R3 ,is 8.2k in my country ,prices are ridicilous compared to the US ones ,u lucky bastards :D :D Great video ,I love this bike ,Yammie did a great review aswell ,seems like a decent beast ! ^^

    aBadVibesGuyaBadVibesGuy个月 前
  • I wish Aprilia made a multistrada competitor. Cause I really want a V4 adventure bike but can’t quite afford 25k+ on a bike

    Matt WilcoxMatt Wilcox个月 前
  • Reading between the lines, this bike was a disappointment. A bike like this should be most of all FUN, with the icing of electronics, sounds like the engine is too tame for some real fun thrills. Too bad. But that's the market we are currently in. Gone are the days of beginners starting on 250-300's....a beginner would be fine starting on a Streetfigher V4 today. Trust me, I've road it and Zack was right...its a pathetic machine under 10rpm.

    G KG K个月 前
  • the "a" from amazon? hehe

    ivanzo gavivanzo gav个月 前
  • Your faith in technology is greater than mine. I wouldn't dare intentionally test abs on a street bike.

    George ArmstrongGeorge Armstrong个月 前
  • Is Tuono much more comfortable to ride?

    binaryblogbinaryblog个月 前
  • Review the 2021 mv agusta brutale and the dragster

    M SM S个月 前
  • Watching this after the “Baja 1000” Throttle Out episode and the contrast is amazing 😂

    djulesUNCHAINEDdjulesUNCHAINED个月 前
  • Can the height of clip on be lowered?

    Aswin NayakAswin Nayak个月 前
  • I just hope Zack never does the mc commute on one of the premium scooters. We would be stuck with a scooter at the top of the chart for the end of times, since it really ticks all the boxes for the rationally best daily commuter :X .

    FreemanFreeman个月 前
  • Well done on the review right through the rain! True motovlogger!! As far as the bike...pretty weak really. 49 ft pds torque?? Lame But like all motovloggers, you always support Apes. I dont get it

    Dave HudsonDave Hudson个月 前
  • 6:15 the dash senses Low light conditions under the tunnel and changes to dark mode

    marszxc Renmarszxc Ren个月 前
  • Haunting creepy thumbnail that crept on to me for days now

    Joeri VVJoeri VV个月 前
  • 6:12 love how the TFT transitions to low light mode That's a sweet lil' bike. But, Italian bikes are very expansive to service in my country, so there's that.

    Saar NamirSaar Namir个月 前
  • Rev the engine u shift at 5k rpm that motor shine above that

    Francis LefebvreFrancis Lefebvre个月 前
  • I really want this bike!

    Oregon MotorcycleOregon Motorcycle个月 前
  • I dont own a moto.. i dont have a license, but this guy entertains lol.. subbing !!

    Ben88Ben88个月 前
  • Welcome back Zack. I missed you!

    Maurizio TavaresMaurizio Tavares个月 前
  • I will never give up my 4-cylinder r6 and ZX6R for this lesser bike that cost about the same.

    J. Moto 3J. Moto 3个月 前
  • A bit of a miss on that plate under the rear seat. When you remove the rear seat, the front seat is not secured to the bike. The metal post that fits into the seat latch is on the rear seat, not the front. Slick design from that standpoint but it means that you can just lift the front seat off when you remove the rear.

    Andrew DouglasAndrew Douglas个月 前
  • 4:37 Not sure anybody saw the TFT dash transition from light mode to dark mode. Its pretty cool.

    Lawrence LeeLawrence Lee个月 前
  • Did the display automatically go dark mode when he went under a bridge?

    What I ThinkWhat I Think个月 前
  • Hang on Guys we're going through a wormhole

    ARUN PresanthenARUN Presanthen个月 前
  • That's a soaking wet review for this bike!

    George QuattrovalvoleGeorge Quattrovalvole个月 前
  • it would have been cooler if it was a V-twin. I get why they do the parallel twins, but V-twins are still cooler.

    F1hotrodF1hotrod个月 前
  • This bike is exacly what the 600's used to be when they were popular.

    F1hotrodF1hotrod个月 前
    • @F1hotrod None of us matter now, look at how we're treated. The world was much more grand, people were happier and then the bombs fell. Look at us in this post modern world, working our selves to death for things that are stolen and destroyed in an instant. Police aren't protecting us, the government is bending over backwards for those who already have the means to take care of themselves and us common folk are left fighting over scraps. The bombs fell, our humanity was destroyed in the process, we're just sacks of meat now. None of matter, we're just numbers on a sheet that exist until we die. Oh uh, time for me meds again, the crazy is coming back up. Eat the apple sauce, be the apple sauce, let the crazy be consumed. The holy spirit shall not get me, I will consume its body and become thy name as art in my stomach.

      Last_RavenLast_Raven23 天 前
    • @Last_Raven everyone who mattered ? Hahaha ok. Wow you have a twisted view of the world. I always wanted to try a hyabusa or ZX-14, I guess that means I don’t matter.

      F1hotrodF1hotrod23 天 前
    • @F1hotrod No, no, everyone who mattered hated them. The people who bought them were sold to people who didn't know any better by salespeople trying to make ends met. Nothing practical about anything that has a lot of stuff you don't need. We made due with what we had after the war, but people wanted more power when a Honda Cub will get you to work and take the little lady to the corner store to get some tunes for the radio, some ice cream to soothe the lady troubles and some whiskey to help the kids sleep. Good ol days, good ol days.

      Last_RavenLast_Raven23 天 前
    • @Last_Raven they sold because many people liked them. They sold after the fireblade because many people liked them. And more people buy cars because many people want high tech and purchase cars because of it not in spite of it. I like how you take a sub section of people and apply their tastes to every human on earth. The fact is 600’s became too focused, to expensive and too impractical. But most people are going to buy the most cutting edge bike because people want what they perceive as the best. Now some manufacturers like Aprilia are coming back to more practical, livable and cost effective sport bikes, just like the first 20 years of the 600 class. I myself find the 4 cylinder 600’s more intriguing than these parallel twins because an inline 4 is more special . I think bikes like the CBR600 F4 were the sweet spot in middle weight sort bike design. Those bikes also looked cooler than modern sport bikes. Whatever, ride what you have and have fun Last_Raven.

      F1hotrodF1hotrod23 天 前
    • @F1hotrod They sold plenty because there was no other option. Just like plenty of people hate electronics or touch screens but still buy cars with them.

      Last_RavenLast_Raven23 天 前
  • it is cool how that exhaust header is visible on the side like that.

    F1hotrodF1hotrod个月 前
  • Too expensive. What are good Affordable bikes?

    dry509dry509个月 前
  • Sorry to say this BUT 600cc IS a baseless CLASS I had a 400 Race rep in the 90`s and found the 600cc WANTING (750CC IS THE WAY TO GOOO) I sold my cbr 600rr and bought an old showroom condition VTR 1000F FIRESTORM and love it :)

    Karl WalkerKarl Walker个月 前
  • with all those container trucks it felt as if you were driving a GTA map.

    Anthony PilkjaerAnthony Pilkjaer个月 前
  • I work for Aprilia India. I'm so happy to see my favourite channel review our ride :)

    Shantanu SharmaShantanu Sharma个月 前
  • Expensive...is it worth the money? Would you buy it?

    dry509dry509个月 前
  • Good morning in your opinion which bike is better KTM 890 or the Aprilia 660

    eyal vitaeyal vita个月 前