Barcelona 5 x 0 Real Madrid ● La Liga 10/11 Extended Goals & Highlights HD

2021年01月 2日
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  • First goal: 2:00 Second: 3:08 Third: 9:01 Fourth: 9:41 Fifth: 11:48

    arielariel天 前
  • who watch this in 2021 barca 2-8 bayern barca 1-4 paris

  • Iniesta, Xavi, David Villa, Puyol, Messi, Pique & Dani Alves were the best Barca team ever! Miss this team! Now it's just boring and el classico is even worse

    VeerVeer5 天 前
  • XAVI INIESTA The best football times 😢😢😢😢😢😢

    Ante RebicAnte Rebic6 天 前
  • 4:11 that pass from iniesta 😭😭sheesh

    AbrahamAbraham6 天 前
  • 4:40 Classless Guy

    Hasan SakibHasan Sakib6 天 前
  • us lixos du real Madri já sofreram muito na mão du monstro Leonel Messi kkk

    Osmar eu axo muito legal LacerdaOsmar eu axo muito legal Lacerda6 天 前
  • Pepe and Ramos have disgusting behaviour. Great footballers, below respectable behaviour.

    Cadre Entertainment RSACadre Entertainment RSA6 天 前
  • Back when Messi had someone to pass the ball to and had someone to pass the ball to him.

    Leon ChusterLeon Chuster7 天 前
  • Nyc

    Ankit RajputAnkit Rajput7 天 前
  • I miss the old Barca, we touched the glory 👍🏻

    Thinker JobThinker Job7 天 前
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    Chuck FoxChuck Fox7 天 前
  • Nice. 👍 David Villa.. Whatever happened to him.. 👍👍👍

    Funny ONFunny ON7 天 前
  • Error...can we talk about that booking for Messi when he got elbowed?

    Dave FranksDave Franks7 天 前
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    Vlad CherkashinVlad Cherkashin7 天 前
  • Fuck basurona

    Jerson CamposJerson Campos7 天 前
  • 8:00 selfish play

    MBA PresentsMBA Presents7 天 前
  • Sergio Ramos Analphabet

    Pablo SEbastián ManchenoPablo SEbastián Mancheno7 天 前
  • Inesta 😭❤️❤️

    Andi alamAndi alam7 天 前
  • ✋✋

    • MARACANA •• MARACANA •7 天 前
  • This used to be Barca and today they lost 4-1 to a psg team without neymar

    The Arsh KmThe Arsh Km7 天 前
    • you’re acting like neymar is the only thing that makes psg good. Mbappe deserves credit where its due.

      EquiEqui6 天 前
  • Tek türk benmiyim izleyen

    Soner SoydalSoner Soydal7 天 前
  • Old but gold days

    Doğukan ElçikDoğukan Elçik7 天 前
  • The time when football was worth been a true and passionate fan

    heartbreak kidheartbreak kid7 天 前
  • This is barca we want to 😰😰

    Reve EvReve Ev7 天 前
  • The nutty iron optically damage because van maternally instruct over a ajar euphonium. guarded, deranged defense

    GodlyGamingHDGodlyGamingHD7 天 前
  • im so so miss it ! 😭

    Benny coolBenny cool8 天 前
  • Saya nama

    aldy.nursholeh vincealdy.nursholeh vince8 天 前
  • Barca ngeriiii

    Nelson BlackNelson Black8 天 前
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    Lavínia SousaLavínia Sousa8 天 前
  • O tempo em que meu time era respeitado!!

    Lazaro CarvalhoLazaro Carvalho8 天 前
  • 🤚🏻5🤚🏻5🖐🏻5🤚🏻5🖐🏻5-🥳🥳🥳😍

    firosbabu firosfirosbabu firos8 天 前
  • 🖐🏻🖐🏻🖐🏻🖐🏻

    firosbabu firosfirosbabu firos8 天 前
  • Ue cadê o Cristiano decisivo ? Q vcs tanto falam.

    Diogo ApolinarioDiogo Apolinario8 天 前
    • individualmente ele era mais decisivo que qualquer, porem é loucura querer que ele fizesse alguma coisa contra o maior time da historia do futebol. Nunca mais vai existir um time igual esse Barcelona 10/11, e não é só por não existir jogadores do mesmo nivel, mas sim porque não é possível ter um time tão caro, eu diria que esse time da barça hoje iria valer 1,5 bilhão de euros facil facil

      Gabriel silvaGabriel silva8 天 前
    • Aí era o melhor time do mundo,o time que todo mundo gostava de ser ver parecia um filme

      JoaoP GkJoaoP Gk8 天 前
  • 실력 딸리니 화풀이 해버리네

    비지에스비지에스8 天 前
  • I was only 9 and I enjoyed every second of if

    kavi reactionskavi reactions8 天 前
  • too many card, even when the game is over there is a red card

    Brandon P Kho 6ABrandon P Kho 6A8 天 前
  • Amazing messi,no ronaldo

    Sketchy BoySketchy Boy8 天 前
  • who is here after losing Barcelona to PSG with 1-4 😂🤣

    Rafsan TwentyOneRafsan TwentyOne9 天 前
  • Golden days of barca are gone😪

    Ronan StinksRonan Stinks9 天 前
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    zo kuzo ku9 天 前
  • 1-4 ayer 😂😂😂

    Nahazan MüllerNahazan Müller9 天 前
    • @LEANDR0 MARTINEZ habló del Barcelona VS psg 1-4

      Nahazan MüllerNahazan Müller8 天 前
    • Wtf salio 4-3 no viste el partido entero?

  • Who is here after the Psg game ?

    xXGanGsyXxxXGanGsyXx9 天 前
    • @xXGanGsyXx where are you from im from morocco

    • @xXGanGsyXx you see

    • @ILYASS LAALA oh i thought you were fan of someone else, my Bad im sorry, well yeah it’s funny how we went from Hero to Zero

      xXGanGsyXxxXGanGsyXx5 天 前
    • @xXGanGsyXx I know and I am a fan of the Barca but i laugh how it was so incredible and now ...

    • @ILYASS LAALA well that’s sad

      xXGanGsyXxxXGanGsyXx5 天 前
  • Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol, Villa, Messi RIP

    RockerMasterRockerMaster9 天 前
  • Ahora es un circo con un Messi mediocre

    Logan WolverineLogan Wolverine9 天 前
    • @LEANDR0 MARTINEZ quiero que se largué ese dictador

      Logan WolverineLogan Wolverine8 天 前
    • Messi mediocre?quieres que juegue solo?pues eres tonto losiento.

  • Who after 1-4 at PSG?

    Marcos LorenzoMarcos Lorenzo9 天 前
  • y hoy pierde 4-1 vs el PSG ;(

  • Hahahaha... Now???🤣

    Erwin SaputraErwin Saputra9 天 前
  • barcelona

    kamaroway güntherkamaroway günther9 天 前
  • The bumpy glass preliminarily injure because alibi reciprocally delay among a useful wing. long-term, trite hedge

    madison wilsonmadison wilson9 天 前
  • Sergio Ramos is a total jerk, he is such a bad loser.

    Jorge VélizJorge Véliz9 天 前
  • The game missed one or two red cards for Real.

    Maverick86Maverick869 天 前
  • Who remembers that incredible football FC Barcelona practicing in those years! EPIC! ⚽⭐

    jonhyosbournejonhyosbourne9 天 前
  • El bicho no hizo nada 🤣🤣

    Orlando GvOrlando Gv9 天 前
  • Смотреть можно вечно на огонь, воду и Барселона реал 5-0

    Олег СазоновОлег Сазонов9 天 前
  • Prime v Prime

    ツUltraFCツUltraFC9 天 前
  • 10 years later Ramos is still disrespectful shit

    Mr SantonMr Santon9 天 前
  • この試合のレアル本当クソ。レッドは当然。ラモス帰れ

    keikei9 天 前
  • This match shows the reality , madrid is the very nasty team at world sergio ramos 🤮

    Juanma rJuanma r9 天 前
  • Vila best player was game From mogdishio

    amiir Camiramiir Camir9 天 前
  • I remember one of my friends couldn’t stand this and forgot to bring his younger brother back from the DSTV where he took him with him to watch the game with him and later on another friend took the kid back home safe 😆

    Abdirahman ElmiAbdirahman Elmi9 天 前
  • Tko

    Firoh SlimeFiroh Slime9 天 前
  • This is not a soccer that's a show of cry babies like real madrid

    שילה יפרחשילה יפרח9 天 前
  • The encouraging nest worryingly guide because blizzard diagnostically disagree worth a known kale. colorful, gamy eight

    Avi AkhavanAvi Akhavan10 天 前
  • Lo de Ramos es una salvajada. Todo lo que llega a hacer la impotencia.

    Tony AtagonzaTony Atagonza10 天 前
  • The greatest football match in history. Surpassing even the best World Cup games.

    Ray BugzRay Bugz10 天 前
  • What year is this

    Adrian HernandezAdrian Hernandez10 天 前
  • Back when Barca had huevos.

    Vlad MVlad M10 天 前
  • Messão apesar de não ter marcado, tava endiabrado ce é loko

    Filipe Valentin PessoaFilipe Valentin Pessoa10 天 前
  • habrían sido más , si no fuera por Casillas salvó varias La visión de juego de Xavi e Iniesta es tremenda

    Rodrigo VertizRodrigo Vertiz10 天 前
  • 와 이게 벌써 10년이넘었어??

    정윤석정윤석10 天 前
  • I miss those days

    Andi HAndi H10 天 前
  • Hoki doang

    Kapten CyberKapten Cyber10 天 前
  • Old Barça 🥺🥺🥺🥺

    Abdullah BhuttaAbdullah Bhutta10 天 前
  • Hard time finding CR7 in the pitch...even Ramos with dirty play has more ball than penaldo...hahaja😅😅😅

    Camera ManCamera Man10 天 前
  • I hate ramos.I definitely hate.

    keremtkeremt10 天 前
  • How fast paced was that?!! Don't get these matches nowadays it's too slow

    Shrivatsan K ChariShrivatsan K Chari10 天 前
  • Messi, Villa, Pedro, Xavi, Iniesta 😍😍😍

    Oli HaqueOli Haque10 天 前
  • Гениальная Барса

    Сергей КочергинСергей Кочергин10 天 前
  • La mayor violada de los clásicos

    Chas_ CRChas_ CR11 天 前
  • Villa vs messi vs inetsta the best

    Hiep NguyenHiep Nguyen11 天 前
  • ✌✌🤞🤞😍😍😍🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦

    familly qanatfamilly qanat11 天 前
  • wkwkwkwwkkwwkwkkwwkk

    Optimus primeTMOptimus primeTM11 天 前
  • 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽

    Rami BarhoumiRami Barhoumi11 天 前
  • Messi Messi messi barcelona

    Santa Maya RaiSanta Maya Rai11 天 前
  • Real Madrid deserved to win this

    Lewis DayLewis Day11 天 前
  • Sergio Ramos, y Pepe, los más guarros y peor mal perdedores que haya visto en un campo de fútbol.

    Juan Antonio GuillénJuan Antonio Guillén11 天 前
  • When was this match?

    Daniel FernandesDaniel Fernandes11 天 前
  • This club make history.. "tiki-taka" more than a rich team... BARCELONA .....

    cruz perezcruz perez11 天 前
  • Nc porque dicen que cristiano es uno de los mejores jugadores del mundo... sera del mundillo pero del mundo jamass

    antho hidalgo menaantho hidalgo mena11 天 前
  • and people still like real madrid club... or Christiano whatever for that matter

    Nrazn ThapaNrazn Thapa11 天 前
    • @Nrazn Thapa I really don’t hate Barca I love them and I agree with your opinion I meant fact, NMS is indeed the best trio to every exist in football history I can’t hate Barca no one can hate Barca.

      NHANHA10 天 前
    • @NHA Nowadays maybe yeah ok I get it barca is not the same but it won't make me diminish my love to Barca because one of the main things I like about Barca is they are always positive and they always focus on the game for their betterment rather than seeking revenge to opposition team. Messi-Suarez-Neymar were the best trios i've ever seen in a history of football. 'You really can't hate barca unless you are a Real Mardid fan'.

      Nrazn ThapaNrazn Thapa10 天 前
    • @Nrazn Thapa you still haven’t answered my question. Real is actually better than Barcelona nowadays.

      NHANHA10 天 前
    • @NHA these videos explains it all bro. No debate case closed.

      Nrazn ThapaNrazn Thapa10 天 前
    • What’s wrong with the people who support who and what they love?

      NHANHA10 天 前
  • Emergencial so em marco

    Gilmar SilvaGilmar Silva11 天 前
  • Xavi. Iniesta. Messi

    Dwiyoga TaufannDwiyoga Taufann11 天 前
  • Good old days

    Enes BozEnes Boz11 天 前
  • 3:48 jose is not smiling now 😂😂

    Sakeer KSakeer K11 天 前
  • Diacak-acak sejack lapangan tengah.. wkwkwk

  • 13:00 mortal Kombat XD

    Andrés [GD]Andrés [GD]11 天 前
  • Messi gets a yellow card for getting elbowed in the face. Spanish referees!! 😂😂

    Fallen JediFallen Jedi11 天 前
  • Refree tried so hard to keep Madrid 11 on field. Real dirty Madrid!

    Bryan WhiteBryan White11 天 前
  • when el classico was actually el classico

    HonorHonor11 天 前