The points are shared in the Black Country Derby | West Bromwich Albion 1-1 Wolves | Highlights

2021年05月 3日
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Fabio Silva is making a habit of Black Country derby goals, but the Portuguese’s fortuitous opener was enough for just the one point after West Bromwich Albion pegged Wolves back at the Hawthorns.

  • 🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹

    asioe kiouasioe kiou4 天 前
  • wp both team

    eioshen boboieioshen boboi5 天 前
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  • wp both team

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  • Thanks Saiss ❤️

    AnaAna8 天 前
    • soon as normal.

      asioe kiouasioe kiou4 天 前
  • Diagne 💛❤️

    Vahide BulutVahide Bulut8 天 前
    • Wolves should have won that match, they've quality players in that team.

      eioshen boboieioshen boboi5 天 前
  • Wolves trash

    Rytis RytisRytis Rytis8 天 前
  • I watch Semedo and I just think the guy has no interest in defending and his positioning is terrible. Let the young lads have a run til the end of the season.

    david lukeydavid lukey8 天 前
  • Love the attacking combination of Fabio Silva, Vitinha, Otasowie and Semedo... 😄😄😄👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻❤️❤️❤️ Adama needs to change his gameplay without Raul, IMO...

    rudy tejarudy teja9 天 前
  • oh wanky wanky, wanky wanky wanky wanky wanderers.

    chis coughlanchis coughlan9 天 前
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    John PearsonJohn Pearson9 天 前
  • Silva looked mature today but got mad at some points

    lil one pumpTMlil one pumpTM10 天 前
  • Diagne is such a beast.

    Sukhdev R34Sukhdev R3410 天 前
    • Thanks Saiss ❤️

      eioshen boboieioshen boboi2 天 前
  • Real big miss this season, Black country derby and no fans.☹

    Craig RayCraig Ray10 天 前

    ٓٓ10 天 前

    Crit HitCrit Hit10 天 前
  • Moutinho played very well 🔥🔥

    Nathaniel ConditNathaniel Condit10 天 前
  • Normally stands would be full of thousands of yamyams

    k4bloggsk4bloggs10 天 前
  • Cannot stand the shitty dingle fans. Another team who got an mega rich owner who spends millions and millions for 'success'. West brom do it the proper way. We'll be back soon as normal.

    Stuart OakleyStuart Oakley10 天 前
  • Wolves should have won that match, they've quality players in that team.

    Crate YupCrate Yup10 天 前
  • Fabio Silva has brought some maturity in game today ♥️ completely!

    PixelStackerPixelStacker10 天 前
  • You'll NEVER beat the Baggies. BOING BOING. COYB....🙋‍♂️

    Colin WestwoodColin Westwood10 天 前
    • @Colin Westwood but we won’t be will we 😂😂😂ha ha boing boing splat

      L HL H10 天 前
    • @L H you ought to know that better than me.....😂

      Colin WestwoodColin Westwood10 天 前
    • You can sing that at massive matches like Peterborough away next season 😂😂

      L HL H10 天 前
  • Only right you should put the final nail in our coffin .

    Greenfly 12Greenfly 1210 天 前

    Yaw NiemoYaw Niemo10 天 前
  • Great game Wolves 👍🏻 it's a shame we won't be playing each other next season (maybe in the Cup). Let's hope we can bounce back so we can have this Derby again in the big time.

    That Baggies FanThat Baggies Fan10 天 前
    • You'll be back in no time. Stay strong and keep playing as good as you have.

      -SHIKAJIN--SHIKAJIN-10 天 前
    • Even tho we are rivals we will miss u

      lil one pumpTMlil one pumpTM10 天 前
    • No like your lot didn't care when we was down in the championship and you lot was on the premier league all them seasons.You all thought it was funny. So don't care about you lot now the tables turned stay down 👎 always only wolves.

      Jayne LaneJayne Lane10 天 前
    • Y'know, it's such a shame we won't be seeing more of the good old Black Country Derby for a while. Let's just hope we get the chance to see this happening again in a near future.

      Carlos EduardoCarlos Eduardo10 天 前
    • Yh I agree I think we were better today but at the last 5 mins it was very entertaining back and forth end to end

      Harry DaviesHarry Davies10 天 前
  • 25 years

    Mathias SørensenMathias Sørensen10 天 前
    • @Mathias Sørensen ah cry cry cry all the way to the championship you little boy Mug

      L HL H9 天 前
    • @L H Fine then it will be 50 years. And i did not know that a dingle could speak english, thought you communicated in portuguese

      Mathias SørensenMathias Sørensen10 天 前
    • Is how long it will be before the Tesco’s are back in the prem Boing boing splat

      L HL H10 天 前
  • Fabio played well cause he was taking more shot which he usually never do.

    Bikram pradhanBikram pradhan10 天 前
  • Vitihna and fabio silva showing their class

    Mansoor Khan SwatiMansoor Khan Swati10 天 前
  • Fabio... 🔥 🔥 🔥 Massive

    ഒരു യൂട്യൂബ് നിരീക്ഷകൻഒരു യൂട്യൂബ് നിരീക്ഷകൻ10 天 前
  • The young lads were fantastic tonight (particularly Vitinha and Fabio). Hopefully we see a few more come through over the last four games! #FreeTheoCorbeanu haha!

    ReissReiss11 天 前
  • Who didn't know both are rival clubs. And it could have been better if Wolves got all 3 points

    Sumaiya ChowdhurySumaiya Chowdhury11 天 前
  • wp both team

    DeBuDDiDeBuDDi11 天 前
  • Mike dean does us again.... worst referee ever

    tanseygreentanseygreen11 天 前
  • Thought we deserved more but we played extremely well

    Red FoxRed Fox11 天 前
    • To be fair you could have scored about three maybe more but we did miss 2 sitters and have 1 cleared off the line and Fabio Silva's goal was lucky, Bartley smashed the ball to Clear it and it took a deflection off Fabio Silva's left foot and that wasn't the 1 he tried to even shoot with

      King MidasKing Midas11 天 前
  • why no replay for WBA's goal???

    Taqi ShayanTaqi Shayan11 天 前
    • Because it's a wolves channel?

      Rocky #55Rocky #5510 天 前
  • Vitinha trying to be Ruben Neves and recreating some long shots

    Burton YoeBurton Yoe11 天 前
  • yecieCi.. N.....

  • 🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹

    Sakir RehimovSakir Rehimov11 天 前
  • Mbaye Diagne🇸🇳

    Saliou NdiayeSaliou Ndiaye11 天 前
    • Tall, powerful striker 👍🏻

      rudy tejarudy teja9 天 前
    • Was a great goal tbf

      Suhk MadiqSuhk Madiq10 天 前
    • Thiam better 🇸🇳

      wolder mothwolder moth10 天 前
  • Isnt otasowie a defensive midfielder? I dont understand

    Pedro MotaPedro Mota11 天 前
  • Deflect goal is just lucky nothing special

    inonk gaminginonk gaming11 天 前

    Amar GurungAmar Gurung11 天 前
    • @jinhargun Have you seen some of the goals he's scored this season? He has every right to be selfish, especially when the rest of their attackers haven't been good.

      Sukhdev R34Sukhdev R3410 天 前
    • Hopefully they will sell him, a selfish player

      jinhargunjinhargun11 天 前
    • Not sure medically what he's done but he's done his knee in and it's predicted to be 6 months at least

      smithy_ cosmithy_ co11 天 前
  • Vitinha and otawassie have been class

    _KONIC_NYツ_KONIC_NYツ11 天 前
  • you waited 8 years 110 months 481 weeks 3368 days 80,828 hours 4,849,703 minuttes 290,982,191 seconds spent 367.537.000 million pounds to get revenge for the 5 1 and you couldnt beat one of the poorest teams in the PL history black country is blue and white. always will be

    SuberCakeSuberCake11 天 前
    • @CJ Russ your highest finish in those 8 years was what?? DId you finish 7th twice or get European football, seeing as you such a superior club??

      Santino SirignanoSantino Sirignano10 天 前
    • @CJ Russ yes but we didn't do anything for those 8 years tho!! People forget that we played in Division 3 for a few seasons as well. Wolves have done something special over the last few years, a perfect example for other clubs to follow.

      pubtalk pubtalkpubtalk pubtalk10 天 前
    • @RL3079 at last someone knows the history of the Black Country! Wolverhampton isn't in the BC,but parts of it are ie Bilston.

      pubtalk pubtalkpubtalk pubtalk10 天 前
    • @Graham Griffiths haha yeah agree. west brom fans are split between wolves and villa but for me its wolves who are the main derby. if we keep pereira, diangana, sell johnstone then i cant see us staying down for more than a season. also grant isnt prem quality but he'll be very good in the championship. cant wait to go to a black country derby in person. ive been to us vs villa but never against you

      SuberCakeSuberCake10 天 前
    • @SuberCake I think you will bounce back so no worries, it’s the maintaining it when you get back up that needs planning. Look at the difference a few quality loan signings have done for you this season, imagine if you had bought those type of players when you came up, we wouldn’t be talking relegation and the banter would be going on for another season. I hope the new owners take note what Watford and Norwich have done and invest when you get back next time otherwise the banter just won’t be the same if it’s just the Villans 🤣🤣

      Graham GriffithsGraham Griffiths10 天 前
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    Storm VaticanStorm Vatican11 天 前
  • sky sports on holiday ?

    dadonduttadadondutta11 天 前
    • Please tell me your taking the mick

      GT RLGT RL11 天 前
  • Vitinha is one heck of a player

    Luca HambletonLuca Hambleton11 天 前
  • Fabio is a good talent

    Benjamin DanielsBenjamin Daniels11 天 前
  • In general we played a great game, we dominated them almost the whole game with many occasions, but that period in which West Brom arrived in danger, we paid dearly. Vitinha and Otasowie brought freshness to the starting XI, I think they should be in these next matches. Although it was played well, it was not won and it makes me angry. For the next derby (I don't know what year it will be) put more effort to beat them because I don't like that this mediocre rival ridicules us.

    Santiago MüllerSantiago Müller11 天 前
    • I think I saw a stat where Nuno used the least amount of players out of everyone a few seasons ago. He probably should rotate more, but the back-up players aren't as good.

      Sukhdev R34Sukhdev R3410 天 前
    • @Pedro Wba Shut up, if it's true, then well, the result is lousy.

      Santiago MüllerSantiago Müller10 天 前
    • What game was you watching.. 😂😂

      Pedro WbaPedro Wba10 天 前
    • @Alan A I never said that the result was good, on the contrary, it is a failure, because we did not win in either of the two derbys, I only highlighted the match that I liked compared to others, but still the result is bad.

      Santiago MüllerSantiago Müller11 天 前
    • It's true, but, buddy, let's face it, this result far opaque to the Wolves, and it's a big problem. You can dominate the whole match, but if you don't get good points it will just taste bad at the end of the game, as happened today. I think the guys at the front need to have better definition and more strength when finishing, so we're sure to defeat the opposing goalkeepers.

      Alan AAlan A11 天 前
  • Isn’t a derby anymore .. no big tackles .. barely any cards... no fight from the players and heart .. shame man 🤦🏼

    Harry EHarry E11 天 前
    • @Harry E need fans bk in the stadia that's why. Fans spur players on

      ellieellie10 天 前
    • @Harry E u specifically said "fights from the players" But still big faults, cards, thats not football

      Pedro MotaPedro Mota10 天 前
    • @Pedro Mota again I don’t think you get the comment 🤦🏼 When I say there’s no fight... it’s as in big tackles... big 50/50s not actual fights 🤣 unbelievable

      Harry EHarry E10 天 前
    • You want to see football or fights lol? Go see the UFC to see fights

      Pedro MotaPedro Mota11 天 前
    • @Tomisin Osabia don’t think you got the comment you melt

      Harry EHarry E11 天 前
  • Gol a lo Chicharito

    rengo949rengo94911 天 前
  • WOLVES are a team for the future. If they last 3/4 years together at this level, could be serious

    Massaro 1Massaro 111 天 前
    • @SuberCake and you know this how? I'm not saying we will be because anything can happen but right now I see no reason why we will go down anytime soon

      smithy_ cosmithy_ co9 天 前
    • @Cooper Johnson what a stupid statement! So any team in the relegation zone has no right to take points off a team higher in the league?

      pubtalk pubtalkpubtalk pubtalk10 天 前
    • @smithy_ co you won't he in the prem forever. 😞

      SuberCakeSuberCake10 天 前
    • @SuberCake there's a difference between thinking we're the next man city and thinking we have a good project ahead of us which should mean we don't get relegated and can compete well for many years to come

      smithy_ cosmithy_ co10 天 前
    • @Jayne Lane have a cry you sook 🤡

      Cooper JohnsonCooper Johnson11 天 前
  • You will never win at the Fortress

    david jonesdavid jones11 天 前
    • @Sukhdev R34 🤣😂like it 👍

      Jamie ForresterJamie Forrester10 天 前
    • @david jones Well we beat you 1-0 this season. Richarlison scored. Rings a bell?

      Sukhdev R34Sukhdev R3410 天 前
    • @Sukhdev R34 Oh yes you had a great season. When did you last beat us. You probably was not born.

      david jonesdavid jones10 天 前
    • If it was a fortress you wouldn't be going down lol.

      Sukhdev R34Sukhdev R3410 天 前
    • @Jayne Lane you won’t beat us there. Check the last time. You probably being brought up in the caravan.

      david jonesdavid jones10 天 前
  • Nobody speaking about VITINA very class today and Fabio silva confidence has gone ⤴️and adama and didnt look his best today and when podence came on aswell and when morgan come on he played well aswell but unlucky we deserved the win

    Fred EvansFred Evans11 天 前
    • @Jamie Forrester yh fair enough

      Fred EvansFred Evans11 天 前
    • We played well but I think draw was fair considering how we played last week, Albion a much better team these last several games ,injuries have court up with wolves this season but still a shame to see Albion go will miss the black country derby👍

      Jamie ForresterJamie Forrester11 天 前
  • Fibio Silva showed improved performance ❤❤💪💪

    hassam saqib lodhihassam saqib lodhi11 天 前
    • @Luke Sheffield who asked

      BxlWWFCBxlWWFC10 天 前
    • Goal

      Luke SheffieldLuke Sheffield11 天 前
    • It was a lucky gial

      Luke SheffieldLuke Sheffield11 天 前
  • The PL is fair to Wolves... Proceeds to sub on Mike Dean at half time, and immediately begins making BS calls, lmao.

    Mitchell CryerMitchell Cryer11 天 前
    • Honestly Mike Dean is such a scrub.

      Rocky #55Rocky #5510 天 前
    • @Jayne Lane loving all the Tesco’s crying 😢 back to the chumpionship where you belong

      L HL H10 天 前
    • @CJ Russ dive dive at wolves you cheats.

      Jayne LaneJayne Lane10 天 前
    • @CJ Russ All because your going down 👎 first time round C YA take your pigeons shed ground with you have nice time going to millwall and co. Happy days 😆😆😆

      Jayne LaneJayne Lane10 天 前
    • @Jayne Lane we played 3/4 of our team from one of our worst sides ever and still beat you 3-2 at the custard bowl 😉

      CJ RussCJ Russ10 天 前
  • Is jimenez still injured?

    Joelie BoiJoelie Boi11 天 前
    • @k4bloggs ??

      Sukhdev R34Sukhdev R3410 天 前
    • He's gone to psg

      k4bloggsk4bloggs10 天 前
    • He's fit but he still can't head the ball

      Michael SpencerMichael Spencer11 天 前
  • Delighted to see that Nuno gives our youth players a chance to shine - and shine they did. Out of darkness cometh light!!

    Peder AasPeder Aas11 天 前
    • The only one with a slowish start was otasowie but he grew into the game very well. Hopefully more starts to come for the youngsters.

      smithy_ cosmithy_ co11 天 前
  • no

    NetoPropNetoProp11 天 前
  • Thank you for the 4 points see you again in 2 years if you don't go down next year The Black Country Is Ours 🔵⚪

    • @WE ARE ALBION I mean it’s silver and it’s a solid.

      Ford CortinaFord Cortina10 天 前
    • @WE ARE ALBION idk does the Asia Trophy count 🤔

      Ford CortinaFord Cortina10 天 前
    • Goodbye.

      boeingbwoyboeingbwoy10 天 前
    • @WE ARE ALBION I get that but our history is still better than yours and when you were in the prem you did nothing but gg anyway

      Harry DaviesHarry Davies10 天 前
    • @Ford Cortina and what silverware have wolves won recently?

  • Our marking for their goal was horrendous

    LeytonLeyton11 天 前
    • Saiss needs dropped, that was on him and it's not the first time he's been at fault for a goal recently

      Michael SpencerMichael Spencer11 天 前
  • Fabio Silva has brought some maturity in game today ♥️

    Arian bloomArian bloom11 天 前
  • Not gonna lie, Vitinha has really impressed me for a while. Young with such composure and skill. Like a young David Silva. I do hope he gets game time and we can rest/bench Neves. Silva and Rayan looked good too.

    Rocky #55Rocky #5511 天 前
    • wp both team

      eioshen boboieioshen boboi2 天 前
  • Tbf, good match, cor complain, both teams went for it Much better than the one at our pad, no crappy VAR decisions and both teams looking like they wanted the win

    It's Enrico PalazzoIt's Enrico Palazzo11 天 前
    • Apart from Mike Dean.....

      Milan VazéMilan Vazé11 天 前
  • Come on the wolves we really deserved to beat Albion much better performance sadly Derby's are like this another team we would win with this performance 👍🐺⚽

    CjC AdventuresCjC Adventures11 天 前
    • @Pedro Wba 3-1 to Arsenal 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      L HL H5 天 前
    • You are delusional

      Pedro WbaPedro Wba10 天 前
  • Coyw

    2stolen2stolen11 天 前
  • we are like headless chickens in the box aren't we?

    Matt.wolvesMatt.wolves11 天 前
  • How didn’t we win that we dominated them , oh well atleast they’re are a step closer to relegation, coyw let’s finish the season strong and improve next season , Fabio , Vitinha otasowie and ait nouri looked really good tonight

    NathNath11 天 前
    • @Pedro Wba Wdym we had double the shot and more shots on target and let’s not forget how much possession we had and your gonna say we didn’t deserve the win 🤣

      NathNath10 天 前
    • You having a laugh

      Pedro WbaPedro Wba10 天 前
  • Otasowie was great today and so was vitinha and ait nouri

    JustBecause GamingJustBecause Gaming11 天 前
  • Our defence this season:🗑️🚮

    S2KS2K11 天 前
    • @JustBecause Gaming He isn't, he's small, slow, makes mistakes and just a passion merchant.

      Sukhdev R34Sukhdev R3410 天 前
    • @omrs pnshr you don't captain an england team and get called trash, he's a good leader and a solid player

      JustBecause GamingJustBecause Gaming10 天 前
    • @omrs pnshr Coady did well today I felt, was calm on the ball under pressure and made some good tackles. Saiss belongs in the sea

      Michael SpencerMichael Spencer11 天 前
    • Coady is just trash

      omrs pnshromrs pnshr11 天 前
    • more like Saiss this season:

      JustBecause GamingJustBecause Gaming11 天 前

    Solar_ Sweatz-_-Solar_ Sweatz-_-11 天 前
    • Goals a goal they all count

      Jayne LaneJayne Lane10 天 前
    • Good for u no one cares 😒

      Random stuff when I'm bored xRandom stuff when I'm bored x11 天 前