Shaqtin' A Fool: Hard-Fouls Edition

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Best Hard-Fouls Edition in Shaqtin A Fool.

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  • Shaqtime is killin it with the great videos. Shaqtime rocks!

    Nicolas EscobedoNicolas Escobedo天 前
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    qahoe curieqahoe curie天 前
  • There is some semi-flops here too

    Emergen SiteEmergen Site天 前
  • LeFlop James definitely not on this video

    Emergen SiteEmergen Site天 前
  • If that had connected Brad Miller would be earless

    BluebirdfallingBluebirdfalling3 天 前
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    asda asdaasda asda3 天 前
  • Man these players in today’s NBA wouldn’t even last for full season with them rules. Guys like LeBron James, Kevin Durant, curry, James harden, Kyrie Irving, even Joel Embiid and probably Giannis. Pretty much everyone in the league. Just bunch of flopping around and cry babies when they don’t get their foul call. Look it up on CNfrom.

    Mike BellMike Bell4 天 前
    • They don't last a full season as it is. Load management is the new normal.

      megavolt67megavolt674 天 前
  • This could just be a Bad Boy Pistons compilation

    Landon WeaverLandon Weaver5 天 前
  • I hope they'd bring back NBA Whoopsies again

    Niel SabinoNiel Sabino5 天 前
  • 6:26 Kerr was like “oh shit! Draymond”

    Corey ArroyoCorey Arroyo6 天 前
  • I want Marcus Smart on my team

    Jeremy JamesJeremy James6 天 前
  • No wonder Shaq and chuck are little at the new players as soft.

    Matthew FournierMatthew Fournier6 天 前
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    Booth BiggsBooth Biggs7 天 前
  • Shaq is one of the few good ones left. He’s brave enough and intelligent enough to not fall for all the liberal bullshit

    Bill HollyBill Holly7 天 前
  • That sound when ron artest elbowed james harden is priceless lmao

    oneall23oneall237 天 前
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    Mary FosterMary Foster8 天 前
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    ratai jodouratai jodou9 天 前
  • That Miami heat lebron one was a hella flop lmaoo😂😂😂😂

    SnorlaxSnorlax10 天 前
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    Andrew PhamAndrew Pham11 天 前
  • idk why people loves hard foul? it's a disrespect and showing no sportsmanship to other player. watch mma if you want fights or throwing hands.

    James Rholdan PiedadJames Rholdan Piedad11 天 前
  • this is basketball.

    Aple joy SarmientoAple joy Sarmiento11 天 前
  • now you barely touch someone and they’re down for the count

    Brytan WilliamBrytan William12 天 前
  • Old school fouls are when men played the game. Now a days you hurt a fly that is on the court they get fined 200k lol NBA commission is actually that pay them a sum of money

    huh whathuh what13 天 前
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    Bones ChamesBones Chames16 天 前
  • Metta is a piece of garbage for that play like wtf is wrong with that fool.

    Hazard JackHazard Jack16 天 前
  • Hipsters who try to watch basketball: "Uhhhhhhhhhh, Ughhhhh, Uhhhhh yeahhhh, Uhhhhhhhh."

    Tom Delay BeatsTom Delay Beats17 天 前
  • I’d pay to see jr smith vs Marcus smart boxing match

    V3gaSV3gaS17 天 前
  • What's sad is some Laker fans try to justify Bynum's action and claim Barea deserves it since the Lakers are getting destroyed. Goes to show the Lakers have the most toxic fanbase.

    Fullmetal GamerFullmetal Gamer17 天 前
    • Fuck em, they got swept and didn't do shit until a bogus pandemic season with no home court or crowds.

      Nick H.Nick H.9 天 前
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    sdasda dsasdasda dsa18 天 前
  • I'd want Steven Adams on my team!

    Marcus ComptonMarcus Compton18 天 前
  • Techs?

    Raimund GanancialRaimund Ganancial19 天 前
  • Lol I’m dyin @the sound affects. That Steve Kerr tho 😂🤣😂

    BoogiεBoogiε22 天 前
  • hate to see it... oh wait ... is that green down? oh ok yea fuck that guy

    MrCmonster13MrCmonster1323 天 前
  • 10:26 You couldn’t do that to the old jerseys.

    M KM K23 天 前
  • And people said Lebron would fit in the Jordan era 😂😂🤡

    Josh HorneJosh Horne24 天 前
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    Wanda HudsonWanda Hudson25 天 前
  • there is a literal millisecond between jr's face being on the floor and up in collin's grill

    Jack KronowitzJack Kronowitz25 天 前
  • Shaq swung so mfn hard 😂

    Marloe GMarloe G25 天 前
  • Ole knock off shaqtin a can find this at the smoke shop next to the fake Gucci and cubic zirconia watches

    anthony mcgeeanthony mcgee25 天 前
  • I love this upbeat music with people getting *bodied*

    Shawn NewcomerShawn Newcomer25 天 前
  • 5:23 😂😂😂😂

    Fuad AhmedFuad Ahmed26 天 前
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    Eva MakarskiEva Makarski26 天 前
  • Marcus Smart been a clown for a long ass time.

    justkhailjustkhail26 天 前
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    Parker EssentialParker Essential28 天 前
  • I’m jus waiting for the next Ron Artest incident when he went ape shit on the crowd

    Brandon BrowereBrandon Browere28 天 前
  • A lot of y'all so called favorite tough guys (Jordan, Kobe, Smart, Artest, etc..) didn't do ISSH to certain people when they were fouled hard. Don't make excuses for them either because they who not to step to.

    Omari HendrixOmari Hendrix28 天 前
  • See Jeff hornacek get tapped in the nose and brush it off like it ain't no thang? If that was LeBron or harden the game would have a 2nd halftime

    iPotency !iPotency !28 天 前
  • shaqtin a pool

    half a breadstickhalf a breadstick29 天 前
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    Eva MakarskiEva Makarski29 天 前
  • Shaq really didn't want to hit Miller..

    TheRealJuBaby 205TheRealJuBaby 20529 天 前
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    cu kcu k29 天 前
  • Jesus loves you

    Nick ScheidtNick Scheidt29 天 前
    • nick woke up that day and decided to speak facts.

      David AGDDavid AGD10 天 前
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    Cooking ParkerCooking Parker个月 前
    • Yep you’re absolutely right 💯

      BoogiεBoogiε23 天 前
    • Nice

      NolanNolan25 天 前
  • Make NBA great again

    Clipse DClipse D个月 前

    RIZE_girlgamerRIZE_girlgamer个月 前
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    Fran SwinfordFran Swinford个月 前
  • Dude was legit trying to break jokic arm at 12:15?! Jokers tough though. Didn’t even acknowledge that it happened cus he was focused on the rock like a real one lol

    jimbo Lebowskijimbo Lebowski个月 前
  • It’s funny how Shaq is making fun of his formal teammates

    Alex DudeAlex Dude个月 前
  • I forgot about that Metta World Elbow Piece.

    Andre FarrarAndre Farrar个月 前
  • 7:41 that shiii just hilarious 7:51 his phone went further than he did 💯💯

    MarkB 1181MarkB 1181个月 前
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    Zivem MavadZivem Mavad个月 前
  • 6:24

    墮天使夜羽墮天使夜羽个月 前
  • You done pissed MJ off now. That’s not good for your health.

    Nick TalbotNick Talbot个月 前
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    Zhuo LiuZhuo Liu个月 前
  • 7:53 Lardass takes a dive.

    high voltagehigh voltage个月 前
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    Zivem MavadZivem Mavad个月 前
  • from 6:13 to 6:14 4-5-(6 steps dooooubletravel :))) )

    Unghiuriy OSzugUnghiuriy OSzug个月 前
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    Aisha BobbiAisha Bobbi个月 前
  • Traduction shaqfu da return

    Romain JacquesRomain Jacques个月 前
  • C'est plus du basket ball c'est du bastonball 🤔 c'est triste 😒

    Romain JacquesRomain Jacques个月 前
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    t matsut matsu个月 前
  • Zisis vs varehao

    Peak n trollPeak n troll个月 前
  • I miss the 80s when a hard foul was just considered a foul without it being called a flagrant. The NBA has become too soft

    Jared WarnerJared Warner个月 前
    • @dmmagic91 that era looks tougher but reality its not. lebron is karl malone size but way more athletic but yea he wouldnt dominate lmao

      marcellus cunninghammarcellus cunningham8 天 前
    • @marcellus cunningham The issue is people actually believe that Lebron would dominate in the old school era.

      dmmagic91dmmagic919 天 前
    • Watch boxing

      James Rholdan PiedadJames Rholdan Piedad11 天 前
    • Stfu Cheeto boy

      WorldFlexWorldFlex11 天 前
    • Ya not wanting a serious injury is way too soft.😂 Shut the f up bud.

      Hazard JackHazard Jack16 天 前
  • They stay fucking Blake Griffin up!

    hammer23isthammer23ist个月 前
  • 4:08 and 4:24 🤣

    ms jonesms jones个月 前
  • Shaqtin a foul hard 😉😉😉

    TwikiTwiki个月 前
  • Bahaha! Kobe getting his ASS WHIPPED by PHX and talking shit with finger wagging.

    Anapõ ApednegoAnapõ Apednego个月 前
  • Weird how so many of these hard fouls are in today's players era. But its "soft" because its not MJ getting fouled haha.

    Anapõ ApednegoAnapõ Apednego个月 前
  • That Karl Malone foul on Isiah Thomas was the worst foul ever.

    Jason WiercinskiJason Wiercinski个月 前
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    Hanes HowieHanes Howie个月 前
  • Mannnnn yall left out Rafer Alston slapping Eddie House, and then Eddie House "that's what happens when you bustin somebody ass" speech 🤣🤣

    Jonathan AlexanderJonathan Alexander个月 前
  • Alternative title ‘Shaqtin' A Fool: Assault edition’

    Zee Z MusicZee Z Music个月 前
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    Marilyns GloveryMarilyns Glovery个月 前
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    Asdfgasa IoplkeeAsdfgasa Ioplkee个月 前
  • "Is that Nikola mirotic right there?"

    Gaz DustGaz Dust个月 前
  • Lebron flopping as usual

    Mitch steurrysMitch steurrys个月 前
  • 80s and 90s was when players were tough... Only Jimmy Butler,Morris twins, James Johnson and Ibaka are bought that life now...

    Corporal Feel no wayCorporal Feel no way个月 前
  • As you can see there's a screen in his way that it's needs to move thus the term move screen get out of the way you need learn so you can get the screens outta your way

    Kendle HillKendle Hill个月 前
  • bron in this era? 🤣

    Charles RollanCharles Rollan个月 前
  • Hahaha hilarious

    ThirteenThirteen个月 前
  • Bron flopped hard 7:03 😂

    handsome Devilhandsome Devil个月 前
  • 3:45 yeah TRUCK him Marcin! On a serious note, Gortat really was a cool dude, always stayed calm even though he got hit. Solid player who deserved to be on a contending team

    Boks UgoksBoks Ugoks个月 前