Identity V WTF Moments 70

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TheFatRat - Fly Away

  • Are u from Indonesian? Because the scene say "duarr mem*k"

    Hrokey OfficialHrokey Official天 前
  • Soooooooo good who the fuck crests this sooo awsome one

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    • Hi

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  • When he grab the doctor i was like ".....Need this relationship please"

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  • Honestly cowboy needs a buff after the adjustment.. Honestly they need to reduce the usage used to lasso a person

    H20 GamerH20 Gamer13 天 前
  • So much Thai people in this vdo

    Noi naayNoi naay23 天 前
  • 11:20 thats literally what i do whenever i play custom XD

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  • 5:01 you lucky hahahaha

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  • 13:39 duar mmk??

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  • Okay I’m pretty much a noob at this game but there are just some maps on here that I have never seen before wtf

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  • i subscribed for the fact that u use kakyoin in the video

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  • 5:07 gardener tries to use teleport

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  • 3:44 that cowboys toxic ://

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  • I have the urge to play identity v right before my exams but Ik I can’t...since I’m watching this dying 😂

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  • 6:05 how to do that?

    YumiGYumiG3 个月 前
    • Play as mech in training mode and open a chest and grab an item out and just keep respawning your controller. That’s if you want a bunch of dolls.

      ᴍɪᴋᴀ xᴍɪᴋᴀ x2 个月 前
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  • I played this game I almost died in the 1st round

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  • Bikin konten penjelasan atau tips kek. Baru tau lu rupanya org indo wkwkw

    142_Muhammad Ryvadh Alwi142_Muhammad Ryvadh Alwi3 个月 前
    • @142_Muhammad Ryvadh Alwi Bukannya di ksih subtitle ya ? setidaknya ama GeishaGaming ?

      Happy DogHappy Dog3 个月 前
    • @Happy Dog bahasa Inggris jadi kurang paham penjelasannya :(

      142_Muhammad Ryvadh Alwi142_Muhammad Ryvadh Alwi3 个月 前
    • Saya kurng pande buat gituan, mungkin cari GeishaGaming yang bnyk tipsnya atau perswayable XD

      Happy DogHappy Dog3 个月 前
  • Thumbnail be like: *let the bodies hit the floor*

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    • @Happy Dog ok

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    • Oh you can just give me the raw one

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  • 4:46 LOL! what the heck?

    James LeonidasJames Leonidas3 个月 前
    • @James Leonidas the or survivors aren't real humans if you lose 7 times in a row you will be matched with bots that have random names.

      Sandwich ManSandwich Man3 个月 前
    • lol I thought it was real human cause the other survivors are human players

      James LeonidasJames Leonidas3 个月 前
    • @James Leonidas yes the first bots we had were hell ember, Smiley but now we have Smiley, Hell Ember, Bq, Joseph so it gotta be bots no human acts this dumb af.

      Sandwich ManSandwich Man3 个月 前
    • @Sandwich Man umm really?

      James LeonidasJames Leonidas3 个月 前
    • Those are bots

      Sandwich ManSandwich Man3 个月 前
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  • 2:50 literally though 🤣

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  • 5:08 Gardener are you ok?...

    {Strawberry Shortcake}{Strawberry Shortcake}3 个月 前
    • Shes possesed

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  • The last one was so funny when was like finally u fucked up now when there is only no ciphers so I agree u fucked up 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😅

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  • 4:46 I know that your playing with stupid bots

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  • 5:12 Nice flexing over there- *Me crying my the corner*

    ࿔ N _ K I Chan࿔ N _ K I Chan3 个月 前
    • @きnoir Lmao, i totally forgot about those

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    • *crying because soul emissary and dream walker won't come back*

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  • 9:15 hey I know Lord_Akhumah. :)

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  • In 1:30 is a CNfromr Spanish called Demagonist is very popular for spanish people 0.0

    Miguel AponteMiguel Aponte3 个月 前
    • @Mikan Tsumiki Fan Finally someone who's not blind by those fake players! They think because they are "famous", they can throw trash at others, just like the player Schmidy. Exilio does makes me tired everytime he's spaming his channel and that time when he and his weirdo gf did it with the votation content.

      SkyWalker BrSkyWalker Br3 个月 前
    • @SkyWalker Br I've met them before, and they can be pretty toxic

      Mikan Tsumiki FanMikan Tsumiki Fan3 个月 前
    • @星STAR Hmph? As a hispano myself, I can confirm that player it's toxic. And I'm not the only one who sees that, a whole community too. Like the female player Adele, she's a fake one.

      SkyWalker BrSkyWalker Br3 个月 前
    • @SkyWalker Br wtf are u talking about?

      星STAR星STAR3 个月 前
    • He's a trash player. He's really toxic af when he's not uploading videos.

      SkyWalker BrSkyWalker Br3 个月 前

    •I Dønt knœ whæt tø dœ••I Dønt knœ whæt tø dœ•3 个月 前
  • Where u from?

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  • 8:16 I HAVE THIS IMAGE :D :þ

    just be happy and always be happyjust be happy and always be happy3 个月 前
  • No one: No one lone soul: Forward and Joker: NIIIIEEEEEEWW

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  • 5:17 how to do that?

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    • @geeuleunx There's like 2 hunters at once.

      misty sukimisty suki27 天 前
    • thats hunter's stadby motion called 'visit'

      geeuleunxgeeuleunx个月 前
  • 動画の中に出てくる 気持ち悪いカエルの名前を教えてください

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  • 6:04 I just realized that could’ve been a robot durability test, so Tracy can see which robots can bodyblock for her

    Tiny book BoiTiny book Boi4 个月 前
    • @Angelica Schuyler yea ikr

      nell bellnell bell2 个月 前
    • How did she get so many robots-

      Angelica SchuylerAngelica Schuyler3 个月 前
  • See I watch this and I’m like how do people claim the game is skewed towards survivors

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  • hi guys, i want to invite you to visit my channel the content is also identity V, funny moments and other peculiarities. I am very grateful, I hope you like it! ^^

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  • 8:26 enchentres pro player KKKKK

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  • Hi happy dog i am from indonesia i am so happy watching this videos hmmm i think we cant or can friend in identity or real bye :)

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