The Computer that Controlled the Saturn V (Behind the Scenes ft Linus Tech Tips) - Smarter Every Day

2019年08月 7日
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Functional Requirements for the Launch Vechile Digital Computer
Launch Vehicle Digital Computer
Dr. von Braun (seated) examining a Saturn computer in the Astrionics Laboratory at the Marshall Space Flight Center
U.S. Space & Rocket Center,_Alabama
IBM's page on the Saturn Guidance Computer
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  • I would like to point out several things: 1. Luke Talley is awesome. 2. Every single frame of this video requires more memory storage than this memory module is capable of handling. Think about that. 3. This is not the Apollo computer. This is the Saturn V computer. They're different. This steered the rocket. 4. People that support Smarter Every Day on Patreon are make all this happen. If you're watching this second channel video I realize that you're more likely to consider becoming a patron... therefore I will now provide a link in hopes that you consider it. ( )

    Smarter Every Day 2Smarter Every Day 2年 前
    • so which one is more accurate, digital or analogue. You seem to have cut the dialogue around 28.56

      Vahe HatchVahe Hatch18 天 前
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      Adam AlderAdam Alder21 天 前
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      Adoid PeaAdoid Pea25 天 前
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      Jordan MatthewsJordan Matthews25 天 前
  • I feel like Linus Tech Tips could become a potential contributor to the builds of computers for rockets and other major extremely technical super computers and other super advanced feats of human technology. Linus just knows so much about everything to do with computers.

    Sassy SasquatchSassy Sasquatch9 小时 前
  • This is perhaps my favorite video on CNfrom. Every time I come back I am awestruck, and it makes me proud as a human being that we were able to accomplish such a feat. A true milestone for humanity that will no doubt be remembered until history itself is history.

    vince Abbottvince Abbott18 小时 前
  • That's the smartest video I have ever seen. Electrical engineer, bsc

    daweskie88daweskie88天 前
  • They could speak russian and i would still understand 0

    korkungekorkunge2 天 前
  • I can’t believe there are people who didn’t like this video. That guy was awesome.

    Wynn PetsovichWynn Petsovich2 天 前
  • Did not know i was interested in this nor am i smart guy, but im aiming to become smarter every day 2!

    The BeardedThe Bearded4 天 前
  • Loved this stuff big time

    Greg PidinoGreg Pidino6 天 前
  • This is truly mind blowing

    John RJohn R7 天 前
  • im a fan of the spaceships and rockets, i almost cry hehhehe cause happyness hahah, it was a good experience to now that things that luke explained. :)

    Tony PulmanTony Pulman7 天 前
  • Mind blowing

    Professor X GamingProfessor X Gaming7 天 前
  • "I've worked on systems a couple years ago that I don't remember this level of detail"... Well sure. You weren't dealing with this level of pressure. Not only did they have the US as well as USSR watching, Our government breathing down their necks talking about how not only are they in control of a great deal of the direction we'd advance as a society, but our survival very well may have been in their hands too. Finally, there were the astronauts whose lives were directly in their hands. I'm sure he remembers a great deal of these projects... whether he wants to or not... My grandfather worked on the Apollo project (at least from #9 through #17 - and I believe many more... I think he worked on it from start to finish but those were the earliest/latest clearance badges of his that I've seen) and I think the pressure really got to him - he developed quite the drinking habit...

    FabrimakerFabrimaker8 天 前
  • its so funny to try to explain analog to people born in the digital age i was born pretty much at the borderline of the death of analog and the 100% digital revolution

    sterlingwulf RBLXsterlingwulf RBLX9 天 前
    • ROFL "those are wires" a good decade passed before fiber optics were concieved

      sterlingwulf RBLXsterlingwulf RBLX9 天 前
  • I got to meet Mr.Talley on my visit a few weeks ago !and I have to say that man is as nice as he is intelligent !! I can't remember what I worked on last week and he was as sharp on every part of that system as he was in the 60s !!! Amazing !

    Tim TuttleTim Tuttle9 天 前
  • LOVE to see CNfrom channels getting together, great vid cheers.

    Daniel MarshallDaniel Marshall10 天 前
  • Fantastic video by the way. Luke Talley is an absolute star.

    lexzbuddylexzbuddy10 天 前
  • People can't remember anything anymore because they have gotten used to using computers, effectively offloading the hard work by proxy. In other words, we've gotten lazy. I am an engineer & I have noticed that graduates are getting worse every year & seem to defend their inability to remember things by saying things like, I can google it or just look it up. The problem with that is you don't actually have it in your head so you can't really work something out if you don't have it in your head as the tool you need. There is simply too much reliance on technology and a lack of fundamentals. They often can't do the most fundamental calculations that are required for day to day work and need to look everything up time & time again. They are also prone to making a lot of errors & fundamental mistakes that they really should not be making. They often think they are better with tech too but usually realise pretty quickly that they really don't have the same level of knowledge of technology let alone the fundamentals & need to pull their proverbial finger out to just catch up. All the stuff they think they don't need, is exactly what it is that they do need. It's engineering, not flipping burgers. If it carries on like this, we are all in deep trouble.

    lexzbuddylexzbuddy10 天 前
  • What sat v?

    Leo JamesLeo James12 天 前
  • I wish Luke was my grandpa or dad. I could listen and visit with that man for hours and days on end.

    Bobby SkarpaBobby Skarpa12 天 前
  • interesting that the guys at IBM (!) didn't use computers to solve the data analysis problem but did it by hand instead..

    Menguin PonkeyMenguin Ponkey13 天 前
  • I am so amazed . As a little child I witnessed the early no.1 brand of computers process data using huge tape drives and heard them emit massive amounts of noise and they scared the pants off me ! : in the late 1960's . It was so impressive to witness an entire floor off an office building be constructed into a veritable science fiction temple of dedicated high tech with cooling and dust grates under-foot on entry and other exotic architectural features which I can not describe ! Now people sneer at this lost time-frame and tech !

    Effen Beezee TravelEffen Beezee Travel13 天 前
  • 4:06 that close close in is so cool

    xScorpionzxScorpionz13 天 前
  • Want to learn something? Go to school... want to master something? Teach it... that was awesome ... I heard a lot of information, compiled a lot of “stuff” .... I know I want and need to learn more. Welcome to the future from the past.

    Chiyu RyuuChiyu Ryuu14 天 前
  • Send this video to your flat-tard friends!!

    Jesse SwaneyJesse Swaney14 天 前
  • This reminds me I need to go walk through my local museum ASAP and just soak in a bunch more knowledge. Blessed to have the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center on campus where I work...

    CaptainSeamusCaptainSeamus14 天 前
  • It is mind blowing how much that guy knows!

    Joshua TateJoshua Tate14 天 前
  • The Saturn V rocket- perhaps the most advanced machine that will ever be built...

    Arjun SinghArjun Singh14 天 前
  • Luke Talley is so interesting to listen to. I can listen to him all day.

    pebmetspebmets14 天 前
  • Look at him hamming his face up to that magnifying glass like a pleb, as if this was non-Covid times.

    89qwyg9yqa34t89qwyg9yqa34t15 天 前
  • Luke Talley is a hero and a legend. Leave Linus at home next time.

    MadmonkeyitchMadmonkeyitch15 天 前
  • nice

    何抒扬何抒扬15 天 前
  • Unbelieveable that Linus knows some things you only would expect from a seasoned IT veteran and yet he has never seen magnetic core memory / Ferritkernspeicher.

    CryhmeTimeCryhmeTime15 天 前
  • fascinating!

    teramaszteramasz16 天 前
  • Fantastic video, really enjoyed it!

    Igor JericevichIgor Jericevich16 天 前
  • I love know more about these old computers

    NevesNeves16 天 前
  • @16:20 but dude, that's how RAM works today, you know... I mean, dynamic RAM, anyway (which is what we use in our PCs for RAM). It's not ferrite cores, it's capacitors now -- but the principle is the same: read a bit, and immediately go around to re-charge it. In fact, you may recall something about "refresh speed" -- that's exactly that, the controller goes around reading and re-charing all of the bits... So don't sound so surprised, Linus! ;D

    Egon FreemanEgon Freeman16 天 前
  • Excellent !!! Way to short. Could listen to this guy all day.

    Jeffrey LoewJeffrey Loew16 天 前
  • Linus you have to make a sublimator cooling unit

    showlottathingsshowlottathings17 天 前
  • All this work just to fake the moon landings😂😂

    Ben BurnsBen Burns18 天 前
  • got it... D:

    ShensenShensen18 天 前
  • One of those memory modules was sold in 2015 for almost $16,000

    ryan brayryan bray18 天 前
  • Linus looks lost the begining.

    ryan brayryan bray18 天 前
  • Smarter every day.... There is nothing smart in believing that something there is millions of miles away can be remotely controlled and send pictures! If you know just a fraction of electronics then you have stopped making thise kind of videos, think about the power there is needed to send at that kind of distance and in that frequency, the only thing that is required is people use their brains, then it will all fall apart all there lies about space and so on.

    Jesper VestergaardJesper Vestergaard18 天 前
  • Does anyone else find themselves watching this at least once a week? Idk what it is, but this episode, along with the tori one are just mesmerizing.

    TraetuusPlaysTraetuusPlays18 天 前
    • you can tell that luke is passionate and still is about the saturn V and to me i think it seeing linus just calm and collected add to this video

      ala jibrilala jibril2 天 前
  • Look also for Margaret Hamilton and apollo-11 guidance code - asm

    Claude DemierreClaude Demierre19 天 前
  • The best vid you be done!

    DazfastDazfast19 天 前
  • One key detail that was not mentioned that has me at a complete loss is how they made the iron rings for the core memory. Swiss lathe? But how did they make enough? Crazy!

    Dalton McKeeDalton McKee19 天 前
  • "thermodynamics.... ugh" XD

    pleiades14pleiades1419 天 前
  • This is incredible.

    Igor AntarovIgor Antarov19 天 前
  • now i know how a rocket scientist looks like, awesome.

    paul vander haegenpaul vander haegen20 天 前

    HendrikHendrik20 天 前
  • lol at the dude giving props to women for doing the wire and ring work and linus is like "yeah women be sowing huh"

    TerryTerry20 天 前
  • Beyond human. Insane.

    Righteous AgitatorRighteous Agitator21 天 前
  • I JUST SAW this video and it is the best thing I have ever watched! I remember being 6 in Okinawa and watching Neal Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walk on the moon. We watched it in the gymnasium of Machinato Elementary school. Luke Talley's knowledge is just amazing!

    Scott McIntoshScott McIntosh21 天 前
  • I need more!!!!! This is by far one of the coolest videos I’ve ever seen about Aviation.

    Landen OttLanden Ott22 天 前
  • What are these cables? Is it fibre optic? Thats known as "wires".

    Rhys MorganRhys Morgan22 天 前
  • this is way more interesting than a NASA documentary awesome stuff sadly i live in the EU so visiting is not possible but il would be awsome

    Gerit k.raakGerit k.raak22 天 前
  • The book was to Amazon as the Tesla’s car is to Tesla manufacturers,Its the technology that they developed thru research,I believe if musk didn’t have the car,no rocket

    larry demontelarry demonte22 天 前
  • Very amazing I've had people in my family that have worked on these types of things being from Florida and all. Living in Texas, Decatur Alabama myself so my question is if you are able to ask my sister that put those boards together any questions, what would you ask her she? Worked for Honeywell, and Sperry Univac in Florida. I was a little kid at the time LOL, so please forgive me if I spelled those company names wrong.

    Stephaine RoseStephaine Rose22 天 前
  • There's a really sweet vid here on youtube of the guy who invented the toroidal RAM planes that you see in this vid - he shouts out his lab tech Hilda who had to weave every single one by hand... BY HAND!!!! Can't post the link or my post gets autodeleted - just search for World's First RAM Chip (Memory Plane) Dr Bernard Widrow

    Synthesizer PatelSynthesizer Patel23 天 前
  • 20:42 the left guys hand XD

    Wretched EraWretched Era23 天 前
  • I can’t believe this is the first time I’ve watched this episode. It’s awesome!

    Michael SchomakerMichael Schomaker23 天 前
  • This is simply amazing.....thank You and greetings from Uruguay.....may god bless that incredible full of knowledge man . And thanks yo this channel ,

    alejandro arruaalejandro arrua23 天 前
  • My God this was fascinating. Totally blew my mind. It’s fantastic that you recorded all this in an engaging conversation and he thoroughly enjoyed discussing this with you guys. Your enthusiasm made him enthusiastic to explain it all. This was just one component of so many other systems and people that created this amazing flying machine. When Neil Armstrong ‘WE’ made it to the moon he meant it. He meant the thousands of people involved to make every launch successful.

    AB HockleAB Hockle23 天 前
  • GLORIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MyFlyingPancakeMyFlyingPancake23 天 前
  • grepping through octal dump print outs with paper templates with holes cut in. 🙀 If that don't beat every “uphill both ways in the snow” story. Respect.

    Jonathan BaileyJonathan Bailey23 天 前
  • I couldn't build one of those by hand. I could if I had detailed instruction.

    Sheal DedmonSheal Dedmon23 天 前
  • Luke Tally you are awesome man

    Jiovanni ElliottJiovanni Elliott24 天 前
  • This was so interesting. I was like 12 years old when these men were figuring this out. Based on what it took to BUILD one of these rockets, I can see why they never went back to the moon. But I can't help but believe, with the advanced electronics and down-sized components, we will go back and it will be a lot easier than it was the first time.

    Bobby AshleyBobby Ashley24 天 前
  • _dad taking son on a trip to nasa_

    4u0ma1y4u0ma1y24 天 前
  • The way this gentle explained everything was so awesome.

    rohit nautiyalrohit nautiyal24 天 前
  • Got it

    GattiBOPGattiBOP24 天 前
  • Linus really needs to go back and play with the rest of the Peanuts characters !! He is annoying !!!!

    J MJ M24 天 前
  • I don't think the use of nitrogen is about cost constraints in NASA budget at the time, I think is more about cost constraints before which prompted the use of nitroge, and by the time they were engineering Apolo they had the most experience with nitrogen

    SSS AAASSS AAA24 天 前
  • Any

  • If you believe NASA's lies you're getting dumber every day.

    Fireball XL-5Fireball XL-524 天 前
  • I’d listen to a Podcast of Talley talking about more stuffs I don’t understand.. Or whatever, he has a great voice.

    Ben MasonBen Mason24 天 前
  • Thank you for posting this!

    whokohanwhokohan24 天 前
  • You think listening fairytales about space makes you smarter??? mean delusional, i guess

    iq Oiq O24 天 前
  • Mr. Talley is very amiable. It was wonderful listening to him. A great asset to our space program and country. TY

    Geoffrey KailGeoffrey Kail24 天 前
  • This is the first Smarter Every Day 2 video I watch, I have been following the main channel for many years. I didnt know this channel was a thing, but it's exactly what I wanted Smarter Every Day to be

    David RenteríaDavid Rentería24 天 前
  • So that cylindrical analog computer is like a PID controller? It get's the P from the digital computer (as in the difference of target angle vs. current angle, which is why the gyroscopic precession is such an issue in the digital computer), and the analog computer get's the "D" (angular velocity) from the other gyros, which is why the drift is not that important there? That would also explain why they're called "rate gyroscopes"... And then the analog computer uses the P and the D (not sure if I is actually used or not, but it would also get that from the digital computer) to calculate the optimal nozzle angle I'm guessing. Also, the flight time would be important, because the inertia tensor is way smaller because there is less fuel... man, tuning those parameters probably requires a lot of math, because you can't just trial and error your way through it lol

    MaxiMaxi25 天 前
  • This video should be called "Interview with Luke Talley." WOW! What an amazing engineer and how he easily describes everything into simple terms that even a 10 year old can understand. Great interview!

    Jose Angel HernandezJose Angel Hernandez25 天 前
  • Now I don’t wonder anymore how they did it!😀

    JoeJoe25 天 前
  • One word...WOW!!!👏👏👏

    yoyoshafiryoyoshafir25 天 前
  • shite !!!

    Jay 36Jay 3625 天 前
  • This video felt like 5 minutes...why is it already over? 😭

    Von DamnVon Damn25 天 前
  • Back around 1980 I worked on a Data General Nova computer that had 64K core memory. Replaced the core memory in that computer twice in less than 1 year. Starting the computer was an interesting process. There was a row of toggle switches that you would set in a bit pattern and hit send, and repeat a number of times. This would instruct the bootstrap program to load. The bootstrap program would eventually bring up the teletype machine that you could use to load the IO programs that would let you use a CRT and keyboard to run the computer. It was fun seeing core memory again.

    Scott RamosScott Ramos25 天 前
  • Luke is a steady eyed missile man....errrr missile designer man. It’s fascinating how old school required you to really be software “like” and hardware experts. We owe this generation a lot. I’m still amazed how much Luke remembers from back in the day. Really great 👍 video guys.

    KyleKyle25 天 前
  • This gave me a headache lol. I'm 61, and watched every single Apollo, and shuttle launch (on TV of course). When I was 10 I built a plastic model of the Saturn V, it stood about 4 feet high, came with the Lunar Module, each stage came apart. Last month, I made my 2nd Saturn V via the Lego set.

    enterprise59enterprise5925 天 前
  • Amazing what a nation can achieve when they're not fighting with each other..

    jB1972jB197225 天 前
  • thats 44 mins . no 30 min video .. just hearing linus say got it over ang over again made my day

    Francis Martin GalarioFrancis Martin Galario26 天 前
  • WOW! When I was a kid I remember my Uncle had these huge ceramic backup disks for his companies DEC VAX mainframe computer. This reminded me of the really old days. Thanks! I mean it! They were huge!

    T. L.T. L.26 天 前
  • Dustin- “Can you tell me what that does???” Luke Talley- 0110110100110101010 0101001011110101001 1010010101010101010 “This plugs in to that board.”

    Ryan JohnsonRyan Johnson26 天 前
  • What's this worth? I don't know you'd have to go to Antiques Road Show

    maxcap60maxcap6026 天 前
  • I really like the content, but the guy holding the camera needs to stop moving around so much. I watch at 1.5x speed and the swinging movements are distracting.

    Nature GeekNature Geek27 天 前
  • Linux guy looks dumb in here.

    Ilido Almeida ShowIlido Almeida Show27 天 前
  • "don't touch it" Immediately starts inspecting for a place to touch it...and touches it. "I thought that part was ok to touch" 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Umm...😳🤪🤯😵

    You Don't Know As Much As You Think You DoYou Don't Know As Much As You Think You Do27 天 前
  • Luke Talley seems like he'd be one of the greatest people on earth to share some whiskey with and just listen quietly

    DonzeDonze27 天 前
    • Who said it had to be on earth?

      D MackD Mack18 天 前
  • Should've named the channel "smarter every other day"

    Bennybull99Bennybull9927 天 前