[Stephen.傾] (嘉賓:鄭欣宜)

2020年10月 8日
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  • 欣宜你的歌聲很好聽繼續努力加油志雲哥哥帶出氣氛好不會沈悶多謝鋼琴音樂配合祝您們開心過每一天!

    C LeeC Lee7 小时 前
  • In life is very hard to find a real sincere and compassionate caring friend. 😇Sincerely😇 and 😎Phony.😎 that is only between one fine line. The interviewer and his guest are totally different personalities. By the way, the interviewer is a very skillful and sharp person, he knew when and how to ask his guest's private and sensitive questions. He didn't worry the questions would emotionally affect his guest and just focused on what he want to know in his show. He is a very soft spoken person. Query his heart is matched with his words.

    Carl FungCarl Fung天 前
  • 這是志雲大師表現最出色的節目, 因欣宜的對比所以覺得大師比較纖瘦, 而又欣宜的原因令大師變得年輕得多。 志雲表現得很自然 、也好像很享受節目。 做節目最要緊是自然, 不用太在意那個角度好看, 不用咬字太 在意字正腔圓。 欣宜有時作狀得好可愛, 看了這個節目令我對她刮目相看。

    Isabella ChanIsabella Chan2 天 前
  • 志云唱得很棒👍🏻

    Grace JangGrace Jang4 天 前
  • 真係好鍾意Joyce🥰加油加加油👍🏻

    Yumi ChanYumi Chan4 天 前
  • 好好聽

    Esther ChauEsther Chau6 天 前
  • 欣宜妳聪明好善良啊!👍知道自己想要嘅係乜嘢. 好乖女妳媽媽喺九泉之下都會好放心! 好中意聽到你嘅笑聲同超中意妳啊!加油Sweetheart💪🥰

    Shu Ling HoShu Ling Ho11 天 前
  • 👍👍👍💪💪💪💪

    Chun On FungChun On Fung12 天 前
  • Joyce has a good voice. I believe that with more training she can be the next Mariah Carey. I wish her the very best.

    Pomsky OnePomsky One13 天 前
  • So funny and touching at the same time! 👍🏻 🤣, 😱, 😭

    Silly ChalkySilly Chalky14 天 前
  • Wonderful show👍🏼

    8miffy8miffy16 天 前
  • 志雲大師唱歌好好聽 👍🏻 多才多藝!

    Pei SteidPei Steid20 天 前
  • First time leaving comment on a youtube video, can't help myself as it is so well done. Such authentic conversation & interaction! Keep up the fabulous work!

    Maggie LiMaggie Li22 天 前
  • 欣宜 Joyce 好好聽!加油!Try your best and keep it up!

    Barcode LuckyBarcode Lucky22 天 前
  • excellent, enjoy very much

    clara wongclara wong23 天 前
  • Joyce ,你大個女,你媽媽和婆婆一定好開心,你做到了,你一定會越來越好的,I Love You❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻Stephen你是一個好好的主持👍🏻👍🏻

    天使加油站Julia Cheng天使加油站Julia Cheng23 天 前
  • 比起大台更專業更有質素既節目,STEPHEN主持好好,欣宜真性情不造作具感染力,唱歌好聽的女神!加油!

    Ray LauRay Lau24 天 前
  • 我真係好喜歡欣宜尼個女仔,雖然一個人生活,但好努力,自愛,對朋友個份維護尼D咩真叫真攞,加油,欣宜!,

    KS YKS Y24 天 前
  • 唱歌又好聽,Joyce 加油,志雲先生加油

    Winx AusWinx Aus25 天 前
  • 欣賞你,Joyce, 保持你自我的風采。

    Kwai Wai ShihKwai Wai Shih26 天 前
  • 唔擔心Joyce體重,只擔心妳健康。

    Dean KwanDean Kwan26 天 前
  • Beautiful voice & song.. very touching.. great job Joyce..

    chenfelichenfeli27 天 前
  • good

    Jimmy ChungJimmy Chung28 天 前
  • 依个系一个好厉害既女仔

    Jeff zJeff z28 天 前
  • The new song sound is very touching 👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏

    Phan Singo QuanPhan Singo Quan29 天 前
  • 鋼琴🎹伴奏非常好👍🏻

    haijie jacintohaijie jacinto个月 前
  • I can't help but keep rewatching this interview. Joyce is such an admirable, tough soul. You go, girl!

    Siewfong NgSiewfong Ng个月 前
  • Joyce~好聽~加油

    Cc yauCc yau个月 前
  • 中式嘅法式西多🤣

    Kennix LauKennix Lau个月 前
  • Such an insightful and heartfelt convo between 2 very wise souls! So much truth yet full of positive vibes! Thank you both! Now I found another 'entertainer' to follow.

    j chengj cheng个月 前
  • I don't understand Stephen. I think Joyce said she did not want to talk about her mum but he keeps digging into it. Joyce is struggling to maintain her composure. But I think Joyce can let loose a bit. If she wants to cry it's ok. But maybe not such a programme. Something more quiet.

    yyy zzzyyy zzz个月 前
  • 好喜歡及欣賞欣宜!每次看見她自不然替肥姐感到驕傲!

    Christine NgChristine Ng个月 前
  • Joyce,加油,好喜歡聽你唱歌,值得好多人愛你。這首新歌十分悅耳,很動聽!

    Lai YoungLai Young个月 前
  • Joyce,I like your character & songs.

    Jennifer WongJennifer Wong个月 前
  • Joyce 加油 !! 唱歌好好聽、性格好爽朗 ! 喜歡妳!

    ling leungling leung个月 前
  • 小夜燈好正呀!

    choi choichoi choi个月 前
  • 提起媽媽並不是消費,只是掛念,好開心的談話節目。

    choi choichoi choi个月 前
  • Joyce 首歌好正,繼續努力,好喜歡女神首歌。

    choi choichoi choi个月 前
  • Joyce I Love You

    Wan WanWan Wan个月 前
  • 欣宜:永遠喜歡妳😘

    Crystal CheungCrystal Cheung个月 前
  • 將First Love 唱出自己style 真心正👍🏼👍🏼Joyce 加油

    Jess NgJess Ng个月 前
  • You should sing more....🌈

    Wendy ChinWendy Chin个月 前
  • 謝謝你的頻道,使在海外的港人有精彩的节目看。

    Teresa ChorTeresa Chor个月 前
  • 她成熟了,👏👏👏👍👍👍

    Teresa ChorTeresa Chor个月 前
  • 支持欣宜,希望她保護自己,真自己不必理會他人眼光,做自己所想做,有信仰是支持的力量,神爱她!也爱世人……!

    Teresa ChorTeresa Chor个月 前
  • Love this girl Joyce, very nice personality. The host is also a very charming gentlemen.

    Michele YongMichele Yong个月 前
  • Joyce你啲歌越來越好聽!超實力派!志雲大師繼續加油!

    Charlene LauCharlene Lau个月 前
  • 歌者洗吓牙先出鏡啦!

    odalisque1814etodalisque1814et个月 前
  • 點解未抹下個琴呢!

    odalisque1814etodalisque1814et个月 前
  • 我細個去尖沙咀北京酒樓 撞過肥姐同Joyce 😌

    Erik KwokErik Kwok个月 前
  • Seems like Stephen Chan looks very different in the past ten years, has he had plastic surgery?

    barry demaybarry demay个月 前
  • Joyce voice so good!l Love her voice,Amazing。👍👍👍👍

    陳淑貞陳淑貞个月 前
  • 一定, Joyce 妳咁好, 娶到妳係福氣, 內, 外都靚, 心地好

    Crystal ToCrystal To个月 前
  • Good show with the efforts of both of you!

    Lorraine TongLorraine Tong个月 前
  • Joyce 唱得非常好

    mei kwanmei kwan个月 前
  • True temperament, love you so much Joyce😍😍👍👏

    Nancy WanNancy Wan个月 前
  • 志雲都正

    Carrie LiuCarrie Liu个月 前
  • 鄭欣宜好正

    Carrie LiuCarrie Liu个月 前
  • 原來志雲唱歌甘好聽👏👏👏👏👏👏🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹👍👍👍👍👍👍

    sisi wangsisi wang个月 前
  • 真係好鍾意Joyce ❤️

    Daniel ChowDaniel Chow个月 前
  • 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    lei cheuk kiulei cheuk kiu个月 前
  • Stephen's questions about therapy are to show how uneducated people in HK are about mental health.

    citruscidercitruscider个月 前
  • 好喜歡欣宜,夠真,她和她媽咪一樣可愛。

    Noy TataNoy Tata个月 前
  • 好聽充滿感情……

    vaimeng vongvaimeng vong个月 前
  • l

    suk chun chansuk chun chan个月 前
  • 欣宜唱歌真好聽 加上鋼琴声 合拍 👍👍👍💯💯💯

    Carmen ChengCarmen Cheng个月 前
  • 記得她媽媽臨終時囑咐Joyce要be a responsible woman, 她做到了。我覺Joyce 是美麗的。

    Alice ChowAlice Chow个月 前
  • Joyce has great qualities of genuineness and positivity. But what I love most is her speaking about and normalizing taking care of one's mental health. As much as we invest in our physical health, we need to do the same for our mental health. One way is through therapy. Therapy is normal and healthy. Hoping we can slowly work on removing the stigma around this.

    Janice NgJanice Ng个月 前
  • 世界经济萧条,人民生活艰难,就是共匪放毒杀人,祸害世界,没有人可以豁免,不消灭共产党,病毒不会消失。共匪就是欺骗,共匪末日越来越近了。做共匪的狗,一定会成为被牺牲的炮灰。欢迎弃暗投明抛弃共匪。不要再被共匪欺骗了 。 生意不好,共匪害你。共匪亡,中国兴。G-TV 。

    1 usm1 usm个月 前
  • Love Joyce! She such a sweet girl! And sings awesome!!!

  • Stephen has good singing voice

    Anna CheungAnna Cheung个月 前
  • 欣宜最可憐的地方是她媽媽沒有告訴她根本沒有能力在娛樂圈賺錢,醜肥沒有才華而且浪費20年時間在娛樂圈。白癡

    prelicia fxxkxxxnaprelicia fxxkxxxna个月 前
    • 唱得好唔好見仁見智。但以她的成長背景,在媽媽去世後能腳踏實地一直勤懇努力就非常值得贊賞,現今好多年青人都做唔到。唔知你媽媽有沒有告訴你,你這樣說話顯得自己很淺薄無知,如果沒有,那你才最可憐。

      Pei SteidPei Steid20 天 前
    • 如果她不能賺錢,點解有公司請她呢!老闆是白癡?

      graceleugraceleu个月 前
  • Joyce’s Mom will be so proud of her ... we can see and feel the love she has for her Mom

    Angie WangAngie Wang个月 前
  • Joyce’s promo page is very very pretty and lovely. good work

    Angie WangAngie Wang个月 前
  • 肥都好靚但減啲啦、對身體不好!

    lau karmanlau karman个月 前
  • 精彩绝伦!

    Matt ChongMatt Chong个月 前
  • 一首歌裏是否有太多 抖氣聲

    Cindy NGCindy NG个月 前
  • Joyce, you're so amazing. Keep it Up. Be yourself always.

    Stacey ChurchStacey Church个月 前
  • 欣宜最可憐的地方是她媽媽沒有告訴她根本沒有能力在娛樂圈賺錢,醜肥沒有才華而且浪費20年時間在娛樂圈。白癡

    prelicia fxxkxxxnaprelicia fxxkxxxna个月 前
  • 她结婚了吗?她左手无名指有戴婚戒。

    mimi huangmimi huang个月 前
    • mimi huang 係咪男左女右?

      Carla CheungCarla Cheung个月 前
  • 她要学习着装。

    mimi huangmimi huang个月 前
  • 多謝大師請多D本地有心歌手

    Kinney LauKinney Lau个月 前
  • Stephen, I like the song you sang! You are a good singer👍

    Cathy LamCathy Lam个月 前
  • 一個知道自已優点的女性😘😘😘

    pauline lopauline lo个月 前
  • Joyce, I feel your humble, your honest, your confident, which show your real personality. A real you. It's a positive influence to everyone. #ILoveYourSongs #YourSingingSkillISImprovedALot

    asdf83917asdf83917个月 前
  • 過咗環亞,離開蕭定一係明智,起碼唔會再被方丈封殺!

    baby007baby007个月 前
  • Joyce聲音好好聽 也唱得好好聽👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 喜歡聽/看志雲哥哥所有的節目 祝福你們,還有王喜,我也喜歡他 ✌🏻

    雙琦雙琦个月 前
  • 点解要自己揸mic XD

    Miranda LMiranda L个月 前
  • 👍👍Joyce 你已經不是沾肥姐的光,她以你為傲!Stephen 你是非常出色的主持人👍👍👍

    Lai MaisyLai Maisy个月 前
  • Joyce, you’re so cute, I like you! 正能量。

    Lele LeeLele Lee个月 前
  • 星二代入面欣宜係個很爭氣,努力的一個女孩

    Sheung JieSheung Jie个月 前
  • 「不要追求別人的標準而失去了自己」有智慧的女孩,祝福你幸福快樂。

    Juanita CastilloJuanita Castillo个月 前
  • 真羡慕妳父母有妳一個乖巧真誠可愛漂亮既女兒!

    IzzyIzzy个月 前
  • Love ya all 💖💪🙏

    Thérèse Amy NGThérèse Amy NG个月 前
  • All the best Joyce

    Anastasia RomanovAnastasia Romanov个月 前
  • 有火花。

    Juanita CastilloJuanita Castillo个月 前
  • 喜歡你們

    jessica laojessica lao个月 前
  • Beautiful voice

    Fiona AuFiona Au个月 前
  • How old is Ms Joyce now?

    Fan JipaniFan Jipani个月 前
  • 志雲個髮型好看

    Christine WongChristine Wong个月 前