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[G-Roomba Spin Animation]

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  • What is the song playing in the moon?

    ShippouShippou小时 前
  • 27:23 - 57:38 stuck in the same area

    Evan DickersonEvan Dickerson4 小时 前
  • So smol Gura has who As. An "A" and an "Ä".

    TunkkisTunkkis13 小时 前
  • 39:10😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    苺ミルク苺ミルク天 前
  • 1:26:29

    Mega GamerMega Gamer天 前
  • I could imagine the developer of this game updates a new map for Gura.👀

    HeathHeath2 天 前
  • 1:00:24 😂

    ปิง ปิงปิง ปิง4 天 前
  • 1:00:06น้อนนนนน่าสงสาร55555

    ปิง ปิงปิง ปิง4 天 前
  • Какие же у нее нервы... Столько времени страдать в ужасной игре, да кто угодно послал бы все к черту

    FoxcelFoxcel4 天 前
  • Tags: mindbreak

    Dragon OtakuDragon Otaku5 天 前
  • 1:03:40 mogumogu yummy mazi kamiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    호엥.호엥.5 天 前
  • *J.A.W. Tries It™: Bugged Cockblocking Mechanics*

    grgspunkgrgspunk6 天 前
  • Does anyone know the soundtrack in the first stage Gura played? around 6:20?

    Kuya MikkoKuya Mikko8 天 前
  • А а а а а а

    бравл старсбравл старс9 天 前
  • "my bologna has a first name!" hah?

    Firedemon72Firedemon729 天 前
  • Imagine getting copyrighted by your own company

    LeXander 草LeXander 草9 天 前

    [YJ J][YJ J]10 天 前

    Xian Carlisle CatulayXian Carlisle Catulay11 天 前
  • 2:01:02

    Namthan boy ChannelNamthan boy Channel11 天 前
  • 2:34:35

    Firstname LastnameFirstname Lastname12 天 前
  • 1:26:43

    Namthan boy ChannelNamthan boy Channel12 天 前
  • whats the BGM in 6:15

    niko chenniko chen15 天 前
  • Мне интересно я не один тут русский

    Артем БунинАртем Бунин16 天 前
  • It's so cute little gura !

    kim denkikim denki16 天 前
  • 16:39 anime fights be like

    Mj GomezMj Gomez17 天 前
  • 32:15 o my (shot)

    댕댕의욕망댕댕의욕망17 天 前
  • sarcasm detected: ''try this game its really fun.''....right lets leave the 'losing one's mind' to you shall we miss shark?

    HopeinhellHopeinhell21 天 前
  • Best.. 2:02:14

    쮸바쮸바쮸바쮸바22 天 前
  • 2:08:26 Easily the most epic moment of the whole playthrough... "One, two- FUCK - A!" Perfectly on beat, couldn't have been better timed if it was intentional.

    Gaelstrom ProductionsGaelstrom Productions23 天 前
  • Don't mind me, just saving time stamp 03:04:47

    YootekYootek24 天 前
  • Someone tells me wtf is this

    Fernando SallesFernando Salles26 天 前
  • 2:11:38 yabai

    ][][28 天 前
  • Я... Алин русский...

    Михей УрдабаевМихей Урдабаев28 天 前
  • 3:07:00 Pan pianoさんのコメント読まれます。

    【デルタん】δ【デルタん】δ28 天 前
  • 12:55 핵꿀잼~~~~~~~

    Six NSix N28 天 前
  • 8D

    Serious SillinessSerious Silliness个月 前
  • 2:02:37 the beat so hard gura cant focus

    Allen ChenAllen Chen个月 前
  • whats the game?

    Lyric sLyric s个月 前
  • LEE HyunjaeLEE Hyunjae个月 前
  • The gura noise is same 😂

    Rafa Ch.Rafa Ch.个月 前
  • I like the part where Gura goes "A..."

    Tripwire DesireTripwire Desire个月 前
  • 1:26:26 Gura "10 minutes, that's not bad" Ame after 4 hours- "FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    HDSugrHDSugr个月 前
  • 7:38 Looks like I have a tummy ache... No Gura, it's a headache.

    Nick MNick M个月 前
  • 2:02:37

    LisztLiszt个月 前
  • I tried my self this game is chaotic XD

    BunniestBunniest个月 前
  • I will personally become a shark so she can play xenoverse 2

    GodlyCloud3GodlyCloud3个月 前
  • norewya suuuu

    Manana SimonyanManana Simonyan个月 前
  • 3:20:48

    Shiitake犬Shiitake犬个月 前
  • This looks painful

    RorytheRomulanRorytheRomulan个月 前
  • Music?

    立雯._.立雯._.个月 前
  • I cannot wait for the Calliope update where she says “guh” every time she jumps.

    Lan LancerLan Lancer个月 前
  • Where can I find the song for the Nothing level ?

    ArturoArturo个月 前
  • to do pekora's laugh you have to embrace your inner ojou-sama

    aBanabisaBanabis个月 前
  • Thank God these levels don't have a timer! XD

    J TaylorJ Taylor个月 前
  • rewatching this vods since gura will not streaming for 4 days

    reid hartzreid hartz个月 前
  • 00:34:50 Naruhodone~

    おとこみがきおとこみがき个月 前
  • Even her vods are very entertaining to watch

    MintstoneMintstone个月 前
  • 自分用 58:36

    NaitsuPNaitsuP个月 前
  • 1 Million views.Nice!

    Furor TeutonicusFuror Teutonicus个月 前
  • 0:57:37 "I'm gonna play this cute game Ame played" lmai

    That One GuyThat One Guy个月 前
  • 19:00

    Muhammad Farrel Wijdaan AzzahraMuhammad Farrel Wijdaan Azzahra个月 前
  • Gura has heart of gold for suffering through that for her fan.

    asw654asw654个月 前
  • I kinda wanna see Gura play celeste now.

    Jacob CordoneroJacob Cordonero个月 前
  • oofs Gura > < how can you fail so much. the dog part is making me die

    Yursa LunaYursa Luna个月 前
  • 1:20:48 flashbacks to pekopokeko

    NateNate个月 前
  • 39:11 I felt that

    ImpassiveCanineImpassiveCanine个月 前
  • Fair Warning: This 3 hrs video contains a lot of “A” A Shark Plushie is advice

    Tsuari RindokuTsuari Rindoku个月 前
  • Oh my god this is so aggravating

    Chev StevsChev Stevs个月 前
  • I download this game! IT'S PERFECT!!!

    PortableFoxPortableFox个月 前
  • 14:52 think that your partner's song could bring copyright strike to your video is a great praise for me

    TheHughoxTheHughox个月 前
  • smol

    Yeetus McDeletusYeetus McDeletus个月 前
  • Shouldn’t get copyrighted unless you’ve angered the moon.

    niugnepniugnep个月 前
  • It's all coming together

    Dvai azerhafDvai azerhaf个月 前
  • 1:39:48 Gura does a perfect high-pitched Goofy scream.

    Post GibsonPost Gibson个月 前
  • Watching Gura jump as the dog was going up instead of when it was coming down was existentially challenging. Tried her best though.

    KnoldpoldKnoldpold个月 前
  • It's okay, Gura. The Okayu stage broke me too. (Though I did ten times better on the Korone stage... x3)

    Christopher SpragueChristopher Sprague个月 前
  • Nice stream

    LuisRobertoLuisRoberto个月 前
  • 3:06:25 Pan Pianooooooo Hiiiiiii!!!!

    humanhuman个月 前
  • i love you gura

    michaelangelo cabalteramichaelangelo cabaltera个月 前
  • 2:02:34 remix stage on 2:03:02 climax

    Bravo MyLifeBravo MyLife个月 前
  • I like how gura asks if she would get copyright claimed for the Moona song.I never heard of any company copyright claiming their own emplyees.

    Filippos VavaletskosFilippos Vavaletskos个月 前
  • We need an Ina Ungravel level but sadly it might be copyright.

    Nise KyunNise Kyun个月 前
  • 1:17:53 I'm a naughty girl??

    Fruit PunchFruit Punch个月 前
  • This game needs Game journalist mode

    Martinx777 SkMartinx777 Sk个月 前
  • Thank you ma'am

    Rem ForrestRem Forrest个月 前
  • The sounds that the mustaches make have a strong SNES vibe.

    Lycan SeijinLycan Seijin个月 前

    Rushia DrugsRushia Drugs个月 前
  • 1:39:47 Gura goofy 🦛

  • Dia yg main gua yg kesel greget sendiri njir pas yg di Inumore 😂😂😂

    Fahmi WijayaFahmi Wijaya个月 前
  • Yougi? Yupi? What does she call the dog and what does that mean directly in English?

    This ChannelThis Channel个月 前
  • Love hearing her jump sound as "A" from her debut

    Mal DorovMal Dorov个月 前
  • 58:37 is this what heaven looks like?

    dark-ligerdark-liger个月 前
    • 1:20:48 oh and thats definitely hell i guess

      dark-ligerdark-liger个月 前
  • I want me some manic pixie dream girls. Where's Harlequin at?

    Adam HaleyAdam Haley个月 前
  • 2:03:13 vibing so much she breaks character

    ClusterHopperClusterHopper个月 前
  • wow, that's quite long for a fan game ••

    NeutoNeuto个月 前
  • 1:43:10 Don't mind me, just saving the timestamp

    JomJom个月 前
  • You should do a hum to sleep stream

    Doom guyDoom guy个月 前
  • she uses her head to ground pound because her head has the strongest bone

    FlexViperFlexViper个月 前
  • Thank you Gura, between the music, your varied reactions and the gameplay I had lots of fun.

    IMMentatIMMentat个月 前
  • 21:23 - actually finessed that death lmfao

    「Jeorsh」「Jeorsh」个月 前