Over the Shoulder F-16 Demo Cockpit Footage Myrtle Beach Airshow

2021年04月 5日
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F-16 Viper Demo over Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 2018 with Major John "Rain" Waters.
Gear I Used to Record in-cockpit Footage
Garmin Virb: 360 amzn.to/33i5MEf
Garmin Virb: amzn.to/3h4ORxa
GoPro Session: amzn.to/3h1wKYL -- Over the Shoulder Shots -
Suction Cup Mount: amzn.to/3vHxg2i. -- 9G tested --
Adhesive Mount: amzn.to/3h1wyJ1
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Lions of Kandahar: The Story of a Fight Against All Odds amzn.to/33uvu8G
Into the Fire: A Firsthand Account of the Most Extraordinary Battle in the Afghan War
amzn.to/2RIvgba Into the Fire
00:00 Taking the Runway - Onto Hold
00:26 Flight Control Check
01:22 Takeoff Roll
02:19 Cuban 8
03:30 High Speed Pass
04:04 Triple Roll
04:42 Minimum Radius Turn -
05:35 Four Point Roll
05:55 Split S
06:00 High Speed Pass - Low Flying Fighter Jet
07:00 Falcon Turn
07:49 Slow Speed - High Alpha Pass
09:34 Knife Edge Pass
10:02 Maximum Performance Climb
10:35 Spiral Decent
11:19 Dedication Pass
15:30 Landing

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  • To any fighter pilots out there.... does this ever get old or is there a constant shit-eating grin underneath the mask?

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  • This was really an awesome perspective. Used to go to this airshow all the time when I was a kid.

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  • Waste of tax dollars

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  • Did he put his pin number into his screen at 11:59 ish and bought something from Amazon here saw on his heads up? Now that's driving!

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  • That man is like Euclid and Pythagoras put together and he just runs on a different frame rate to the rest of the planet. Thanks poster.

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  • But does he know his God?

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  • My uncle was a pilot for the marines ..he had tons n tons of on board videos of his bad ass skills...these men and women are the shit in real life...awesome at everything and more ...thank you to all services of this nation ....

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  • Видео про ток как американский пилот пытается 20 минут посадить свой Ф16 на аэродром (звук переговоров с диспетчером откл чтобы видео недали ограничение 30+)

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  • Ok, you’ve convinced me, I’ll take one […] do you do it in British racing green, and I know it’s tacky, but I’d like some 24” rims... Where do I sign??

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  • I got dizzy just watching the video lol.. Awesome piloting skills

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  • Just love when an airline pilot lines for for touchdown, its done 40 miles away. Whilst he thinks "just crank it over, less throttle and boom, we're down." Yer I know there's more to it than that but that's what it looks like. Less music and more cockpit noises for sure. Brilliant.

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