BTS: Dynamite

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Late Late Show music guest BTS, fresh off their GRAMMY nomination, shares a special performance of "Dynamite" on a very familiar-looking set.
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  • Taehyung's Visuals are no joke honey

    little kiwilittle kiwi3 分钟 前
  • Wow taehyung is the Best 🌸🌸💜💜💜💜

    Shila AliyaShila Aliya3 分钟 前
  • BTS I saw your life light panda fastest recommend your friends

    sonic exe fanssonic exe fans5 分钟 前
  • Vous êtes mon groupe préféré 👌😁

    Émélie DimofskiiÉmélie Dimofskii41 分钟 前
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    Fajriana NugrahaFajriana Nugraha小时 前
  • Love yourself Relay2567

    LoveLove小时 前
  • 歌も上手い❗

    菅野義人菅野義人2 小时 前
  • Dynamiteee

    honurdhonurd2 小时 前
  • Labra 😂😂

    Kardong BhaiKardong Bhai2 小时 前
  • omg

    Sofia CruzSofia Cruz3 小时 前
  • Why so much autotune?

    Humberto SantosHumberto Santos3 小时 前
    • Get a life

      Aadrika ?Aadrika ?小时 前
  • Jimin is too cute and funny and respectful and helpfull to his army

    elizabeth solianoelizabeth soliano3 小时 前
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    Subash MandalSubash Mandal5 小时 前
  • Niice wow

  • Bruh they really dont sound Chinese

    Riana SinghRiana Singh6 小时 前
    • Why would they? BTS are KOREAN.

      Jennifer GreenJennifer Green小时 前
  • I love this song 🤗❤️

    Thilk WasanthaThilk Wasantha6 小时 前
  • ❤️

    Thilk WasanthaThilk Wasantha6 小时 前
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    Dede iasyDede iasy6 小时 前
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    rajesh kumarrajesh kumar9 小时 前
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    Faby loiraFaby loira13 小时 前
  • Bts Min yoongi

    Rohadi TmgRohadi Tmg13 小时 前
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    Dain BreezyDain Breezy14 小时 前
  • Backstreet boys

    Andre LuizAndre Luiz15 小时 前
    • You're in the wrong video.. This is BTS.. One and only

      Ana CAna C13 小时 前

    S SS S16 小时 前
  • That was good

    Souad WaazizSouad Waaziz16 小时 前
  • #End the Korean war. 사랑해요.방탄

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    king kpopking kpop17 小时 前
  • L love you Yungi

    king kpopking kpop17 小时 前
  • L love you Jhope

    king kpopking kpop17 小时 前
  • L love you Jungkook

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  • L love you Rm

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    king kpopking kpop17 小时 前
  • L love you Taehyung

    king kpopking kpop17 小时 前
  • L love you Bts

    king kpopking kpop17 小时 前
  • This is such a high quality performance

    Reniella CruzReniella Cruz17 小时 前
  • I LOVE you BTS

    Habiba HabibaHabiba Habiba17 小时 前
  • Y soy niña

    Isaul UreñaIsaul Ureña20 小时 前
  • Ay me desmallo😍

    Isaul UreñaIsaul Ureña20 小时 前
  • Junkook grip olmuş ses gidik

    Minik MelekbtsMinik Melekbts20 小时 前

    blu mayblu may21 小时 前
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍

    Mina TribakMina Tribak21 小时 前
  • Jimin💜💜

  • 3:10 RM cut himself lol

    Matheus AraújoMatheus Araújo22 小时 前
  • برافو bts جيمين

    Miral MiralMiral Miral22 小时 前
  • I am speechless. The production quality on this is simply amazing.

    Candy ParksCandy Parks23 小时 前
  • Love yourself Relay2566

    TogetherTogether天 前
  • Aku penggemar berat Jimin dan RM

    Muhammad MaulanaMuhammad Maulana天 前
  • I am in love in tae's deep, husky voice. And ofc the set in insane. I really feel that Bighit staff,they are really creative. And I also I love seeing everybody's foreheads lol, I mean I love their hairstyles and even the outfits. I really wonder how is their performance at the Grammy's going to be. I mean it's going to be grand.

    Rosé solourr is finally coming!Rosé solourr is finally coming!天 前
  • park kangsoo from korea goodjobs

    はらだやすひではらだやすひで天 前

    Natalia FerreiraNatalia Ferreira天 前
  • cuz i i i in the stars tonight so watch me bring the fire set the night a lite

    Melvin AvilaMelvin Avila天 前
  • i love bts my name is jcann teocson

    ifinityifinity天 前
  • 爱BTS不需要理由

    雷婧雷婧天 前
  • 15k dislike and for what ?

    Taehyung SenpaiTaehyung Senpai天 前
  • 뷰리소

    이강노이강노天 前
  • Best dance and all are so cute 💜💜💜💜💜💜

    Shabina TanweerShabina Tanweer天 前
  • Gawdddddddd!! I'm dead 😭

    Cherry NagarareCherry Nagarare天 前
  • I love you bts

    Safae HadadSafae Hadad天 前
  • 쳐다 보지마 난 그냥 외로워

    D0n'tL0okAt MyPr0filePictureD0n'tL0okAt MyPr0filePicture天 前
  • Love yourself Relay2558

    WeWe天 前
  • OMG.... l like like.... it.. functions

    monni baruamonni barua天 前
  • I love this song so much I can't stop listening I am a army of BTS I love K-pop

    sofia yarrasofia yarra天 前
  • Bts have 7 people team when I came 8 people

    Erum IzzatErum Izzat天 前
  • I purple you💜

    queen mehraqueen mehra天 前
  • Too much nice

    queen mehraqueen mehra天 前
  • Tank you bts friend remember me on bts picture

    Erum IzzatErum Izzat天 前
  • Hello bts friend remember me on comment on bts picture I am that guy

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  • That was great

    Mauri MayMauri May天 前
  • BTS love you

    Pronomita BhattacharyyaPronomita Bhattacharyya天 前
  • I love jimmin and jungkbook

    Drushti DhuleDrushti Dhule天 前
  • Hi BTS

    Xuan XuanXuan Xuan天 前

    Gums MsiaGums Msia天 前
    • Me to

      Gums MsiaGums Msia天 前
  • I LOVE BTS 💜💜💜💜

    Tanya GTanya G天 前
  • Ganteng banget taheyoung

    Siti ChoiriyahSiti Choiriyah天 前
  • Tehyung namjoom iloveyou BTS❤️

    Susi KurniaSusi Kurnia天 前
  • I want to ask you When will BTS release an album or single?? Then Collab with whom?? 💜💋

    Fadilla HassanahFadilla Hassanah天 前
  • RM

    Giyar PraptiGiyar Prapti天 前
  • 𝕃𝕠𝕠𝕜 𝕧 𝕙𝕚𝕤 𝕡𝕝𝕒𝕪 𝕧𝕚𝕕𝕖𝕠 𝕘𝕒𝕞𝕖𝕤 😂

    ping Ballesterosping Ballesteros天 前
  • Los amo tanto 💕❤️🥰😘

    Yuliana Ayala BravoYuliana Ayala Bravo天 前
  • Why does JK have to turn away EVERY. TIME.? He sings this awesome high note about 2/3rds in on Dynamite and on each video- he turns away??????? JungKook - you are awesome! :)

    Bunny AllergicBunny Allergic天 前
    • 3:04

      Ritika SinghRitika Singh3 小时 前
    • When?

      Shamema NasrinShamema Nasrin8 小时 前
    • Huh

      Wolf K-Pop ArmyWolf K-Pop Army10 小时 前
  • I was the only one who noticed when RM hit the pen himself 🤭🤣🤣🤣 min 3:10

    Pereyra FélixPereyra Félix天 前
  • 日本人の人!

    とかげとかげ天 前
  • Air Korean did an excellent marketing!

    Ruichi WuRuichi Wu天 前
  • jimin fallon hosting the show lol.

    justanothermanfuljustanothermanful天 前
  • Eyocorgafia de bts aaaaaaa

    Milixa PardellasMilixa Pardellas天 前
    • Solo de bts

      Milixa PardellasMilixa Pardellas天 前
    • Jajajaj

      Milixa PardellasMilixa Pardellas天 前
  • I cant hear what they are singing and they look like women

    Catharina van StadenCatharina van Staden天 前
    • Are you hard of hearing? Also, they are men and look like men.

      Jennifer GreenJennifer Green13 小时 前
  • At 1:09 and 1:10.....when that line is over and there is two strokes of guitar and along with that Jungkook's neck movement is very satisfying

    15 XA Vaibhav Khangale15 XA Vaibhav Khangale天 前
  • 3:08 RM broke a pen🖋️💥 🤦😂😂😂

    I Purple YouI Purple You天 前
    • 😂😂

      15 XA Vaibhav Khangale15 XA Vaibhav Khangale天 前
  • My Bf: oo i look like jimin Me: UR NOT CUTE LIKE MY MOCHI

    Min raeMin rae天 前
    • Wow u just roasted ur bf sis

      Wolf K-Pop ArmyWolf K-Pop Army10 小时 前
    • Who ever liked this can we be fwendsssss

      Min raeMin rae天 前
  • I love you BTS

    José RicardoJosé Ricardo天 前
  • Jk WoW !

    wasn ZOOZYwasn ZOOZY天 前
  • Not like dynamite 1 🤨 and voice not suit

    Jaya MelwinJaya Melwin天 前
  • Goooooooooooooood 🐇🥺💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    Doha BelbakiDoha Belbaki天 前

    Carlos GoCarlos Go天 前