#SHORTS Don’t Panic

2021年04月 6日
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#SHORTS Scared of Haulover

  • Boston whalers don't sink!!

    p o callaghanp o callaghan3 天 前
  • What’s this about?

    mark sheanmark shean4 天 前
  • Is it just me, r am i seeing the smaller the boats, the smaller the boobs?

    WhickerWhicker4 天 前
  • Don't have to worry about sinking that boat because Boston whaler won't sink. My dad has one also

    Chad GentryChad Gentry4 天 前
  • 👎👎👎👎👎

    Nugzar GobozovNugzar Gobozov4 天 前
  • That's a Boston Whaler, you could cut that boat in literally half and still easily make it to wherever you needed to go.

    _Ole_CornPop__Ole_CornPop_4 天 前
  • Anybody explain about what that video is of?

    nblnbl4 天 前
  • Quick minola get the yayo We'll jump at the rocks. Meet up at the hotel.

    T RT R4 天 前
  • Wow so cool Great

    Pinus NironPinus Niron5 天 前
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    Philip MaltsPhilip Malts5 天 前
  • 😳😳😳

    Tonton Red Pill #MGTOWTonton Red Pill #MGTOW5 天 前
  • Тот момент, когда не понимаешь что происходит, а все клиенты на английском

    Все ВпередиВсе Впереди5 天 前
    • Aku merasakan hal yg sama dengan mu Bce... I use the udictionary application

      Syamsul AlamSyamsul Alam4 天 前
  • I have a Li3d. Cost me 58gs.

    Danny SunayDanny Sunay5 天 前
  • Esther vielen Dank für den Fall dass sie mir eine kurze Bestätigung dass ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Absender der E-Mail in Verbindung mit der

    Apostolos GinnakidisApostolos Ginnakidis6 天 前
  • As a father, I know that her dad would be proud!.... Her dad: Now,...GET your ass off of that BOAT with that BOY!!!!

    New MeNew Me7 天 前
  • I want 1

    Joseph PerezJoseph Perez7 天 前
  • Aku naik boat penumpang umum, isi 20 an orang, rasane dihentak2kan. Hatiku takut dan badan seakan2 dihempaskan digoyang,begitu. Langsung bathin, segera ketemu daratan. ☺

    Hey swEETloVEHey swEETloVE7 天 前
  • Hes watching her ass. Why not just stop and pull on those safteywests.

    Nio SköldNio Sköld7 天 前
  • Чо за х_уйня?

    Optimus StyksOptimus Styks7 天 前
  • That cyrus

    Jmak SonmakJmak Sonmak7 天 前
  • Tunchi DelicateTunchi Delicate7 天 前
  • Ok...what did I just watch? I don't get it

    Texas ToastTexas Toast7 天 前
  • Another one I have no clue as to why it was posted?

    Shawn WalkerShawn Walker8 天 前
  • 👎

    dhfjjedhfjje8 天 前
  • Pinta un buen trio alli mismo, jajaja! 😅😅

    Alejandro RiveroAlejandro Rivero8 天 前
  • Jeeeaa kurwa ludzie nas zobacza na motorowce wrzucaj grazyna

    Pawel TakitamPawel Takitam8 天 前
  • Is that robbie from cobra kai

    Alphonse MeadeAlphonse Meade8 天 前
  • The thing that noone is realizing is that its a boston whaler and itll never sink...

    Wyatt WalkerWyatt Walker8 天 前
    • Doesn't mean that you won't sink!

      Frank KitajimaFrank Kitajima7 天 前
  • I'd use my last minutes alive to scruff those sheilas

    oddforestcritteroddforestcritter8 天 前
  • 🥰😘😘🤪😍💚💘💘

    Raeed AlrubaieRaeed Alrubaie8 天 前
  • Mami

    Luis Antonio Palma HernándezLuis Antonio Palma Hernández8 天 前
  • Ro

    Beth RobertsBeth Roberts9 天 前
  • Your a creeper man

    Vladimir PutinVladimir Putin9 天 前
  • 👌

    Nigel McPhearsonNigel McPhearson9 天 前
  • No comment..??!

    Francis GolettoFrancis Goletto9 天 前
    • ....but you just did

      rotospacerotospace9 天 前
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    You GoodYou Good9 天 前
  • Cual es la sucedura??!

    Sr NoyouSr Noyou9 天 前
  • Boring video.

    Tony PowellTony Powell9 天 前
  • Should’ve thought about them life jackets before you got on

    Poker JunkyPoker Junky9 天 前
  • Nothing dangerous seems to be happening on the video😲

    ilyn Payneilyn Payne10 天 前
  • I worked at a marina on the finger lakes one time.. we had a boston whaler with the entire bow cut off right in front of the console and she still floats.. boston whalers are quite literally unsinkable

    Merc TechMerc Tech10 天 前
  • Yep boston whaler can't sink it but good call there getin on the throttle budy lol

    Eric JircitanoEric Jircitano10 天 前
  • !

    alberto jr lawenkoalberto jr lawenko10 天 前
  • Do i smell 👃 fish 🐟 😂😂😂

    rafael Cruzrafael Cruz10 天 前
  • This boats not sinking. There looking for life jackets .before the coast guard sees them .

    Robert St DonRobert St Don10 天 前
  • Panik gak panik gak?

    and actionand action10 天 前
  • This guys shared 4 neurons.

    cristi si numai eucristi si numai eu11 天 前
  • Wait till a "hungry shark" jumps out of nowhere

    Justinee EsquibelJustinee Esquibel11 天 前
  • Ist das nicht jacksin

    Mehmet DeveciMehmet Deveci11 天 前
  • Is this from 1998?

    night stalkernight stalker11 天 前
  • Só mulher 💓 linda top

    Jair bispo Da conceicaoJair bispo Da conceicao11 天 前
  • )When you forget to check the drain plug(

    Horses ShiidHorses Shiid11 天 前
  • Honestly, am so done with CNfrom

    Team BanchamekTeam Banchamek11 天 前
  • So what?

    dat2radat2ra11 天 前
  • It's a Boston Whaler...they don't sink! Watch the old commercials, lol. Know your boat 😉

    RedRed12 天 前
  • Is this channel jus a perv illegally filming women

    Daniel MccorristonDaniel Mccorriston12 天 前
  • ♥️

    S MS M12 天 前
  • WTF ?

    Maxon LambMaxon Lamb12 天 前
  • Who is filming? Is it someone from another boat?😂😂

    Don DPDon DP12 天 前
  • Dummies, lifejackets go on before you jet off.

    baby kickbaby kick12 天 前
  • What happend?

    AnindyaAnindya12 天 前
  • It's a whaler. They're full of foam. You can literally cut the boat in half and it will still float.

    magincap70magincap7012 天 前
  • Lets put these on when we get back to land

    Lejond CaponeLejond Capone12 天 前
  • Very reminiscent of : "In the event we lose cabin pressure, oxygen masks will drop from the overhead compartment. Place the cup over YOUR nose & mouth FIRST so you can help others next to you"

    SgtAnonSgtAnon12 天 前
  • Постель готовит.

    слава косиновслава косинов12 天 前
  • Enough already. Nothing to see.

    1 Life1 Life12 天 前
  • Parece que eles estão com.problenas parece que o timão tá preso

    Renato MeirelesRenato Meireles12 天 前
  • Whalers don’t sink.....not possible.

    Josh DupeeJosh Dupee12 天 前
  • Smart 👍👍

    Edwin GomezEdwin Gomez13 天 前
  • G556

    Harry HieronsHarry Hierons13 天 前
  • its a boston whaler they dont sink

    jake spliffjake spliff13 天 前
  • It’s a Boston whaler. You can’t sink those.

    robthemob1robthemob113 天 前
  • It’s a Boston Whaler , she won’t sink , but still I wouldn’t want to test it . My guess is the plug popped out or they did not put it in ? Either was the kids are doing the right thing .

    Thomas MccreaThomas Mccrea13 天 前
  • Can you stop being a creep

    Mohamed MedhatMohamed Medhat13 天 前
  • Another shit pointless video !!!! Fuck off you time wasting w⚓

    Paul BrattonPaul Bratton13 天 前
  • Опасно!

    Персик ТиктокерПерсик Тиктокер13 天 前
  • Ok

    A87 editz FootballA87 editz Football13 天 前
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    Kit HaRingtonKit HaRington13 天 前
  • *Isso aí tá bem cara de filme de terror tipo, Pânico no lago KJKJKJkj ;- ;*

    Devilsphylaxis 續Devilsphylaxis 續13 天 前
    • Mn, eu posso estar ficando doido, mas esse cara não parece aquele menino do Cobra Kai? As meninas n da pra ver, mas pode ser sla, uma cena da 4a temporada.

      Kayke ÍtaloKayke Ítalo12 天 前
  • That whaler is unsinkable bruh ZeRo worries

    Jay DescheneJay Deschene13 天 前
  • Très belle balade

    Mhamed MobarekMhamed Mobarek13 天 前
  • Abandon ship!!

    ShaneShane13 天 前
  • Lol they are right next to the shore lol

    john blackarrow 2087john blackarrow 208713 天 前
  • It's not the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean

    Alfred BanuelosAlfred Banuelos13 天 前
  • The realty here is, this pervert is just recording the girl bending over. Dude is just driving a small boat. Ladies just want to put on their lifesavers that should’ve been put on before getting the boat going. You’re welcome 😇

    Day 2 Day JayDay 2 Day Jay14 天 前
  • 🌊🌊🌊🌊🏖️🏖️🏖️🏖️🏝️🏝️🏝️💊💊💊💊💊💊💊

    Hmed LafaHmed Lafa14 天 前
  • Smart move

    gippygipmggippygipmg14 天 前
  • Que besteira aff

    Josimar GondimJosimar Gondim14 天 前
  • It's a Boston Whaler Montauk 17. Foam filled boat. And not going to sink. Period.

    Damien HallDamien Hall14 天 前
  • NICE.... boat....

    smoking monkey_UYsmoking monkey_UY14 天 前
  • I am a pan9v

    Ryan McIverRyan McIver14 天 前
  • It's a Whaler. It won't sink.

    Alex JacksonAlex Jackson14 天 前
  • Two girls....impressive. Is that what’s going on here? 😄

    Born upon a waveBorn upon a wave14 天 前
  • Is that a submarine?

    cesar penacesar pena14 天 前
  • You can throw a rock and hit land. They probably made it

    Raymond DowlingRaymond Dowling14 天 前
  • Prøjósù krňéjú éňø drmøňù əî dózmùj fənédórú? Kjézrø bùøjî ømórùj édjzékù éúňøj? Øfóňégù îéjk kjømór gfəňédøjk ézňùjú bîé fésňûjz! Érdøj yârádjøzù bîdjňék émdøz âéjk? Éîňdízìôj ùdgú jùdjú jùdjú dâsiâjk gréndzø djé ødû vîøjk!

  • Look at that boat sinking! "zooms in on ass."

    sudilos117sudilos11715 天 前
  • Hahahaha 🤭

    Marc ZIMMERMarc ZIMMER15 天 前
  • The dude looks like the laruso kid from cobra kai

    Christian WilkinsChristian Wilkins15 天 前
  • aw

    Mr SlimeMr Slime15 天 前