Los Angeles Lakers vs. Denver Nuggets Full Highlights 2nd Quarter | NBA Season 2021

2021年05月 3日
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Los Angeles Lakers vs. Denver Nuggets Full Highlights 2nd Quarter | NBA Season 2021

  • Antony Davis carried the Lakers this game

    Baller AnalysisBaller Analysis11 天 前
  • 5:19 that’s what u call true teammates

    NAB 7NAB 711 天 前
    • Thank you for the remainder 🤗

      Sai Krishna RSai Krishna R11 天 前
  • Bat kamote kinakain un db kumakain k ng kamote ako nd kc nilalaga ko mona ohh sarap

    Tiny TinyTiny Tiny11 天 前
  • Drummond is a Bust

    jednif senarlojednif senarlo11 天 前
  • Nuggets team is scary 😌

    ʜᴇʏ Sᴇɴᴘᴀɪʜᴇʏ Sᴇɴᴘᴀɪ11 天 前
  • Hell yeah AD. This is what the fans came to see. Welcome back my friend

    Elijah StraightElijah Straight11 天 前
  • Chill lakerfans see you in playoffs 😉 💜💛

    Khent EmmanuelKhent Emmanuel11 天 前
  • fo sure lost nanaman ang lakers ahaha

    xyris romeroxyris romero11 天 前
  • love Montrzl ferocity

    joseph Ramosjoseph Ramos11 天 前
  • a totally different criterion for awarding fouls to Lakers and to Nuggets!

    Vukan SimicVukan Simic11 天 前
  • Where's the rest of the 2nd quarter? 🤔

    Vils KauhalaVils Kauhala11 天 前
  • We should’ve kept javale mcgee and Dwight Howard

    Chip SkylarkChip Skylark11 天 前
    • Fuck Javale. And Dwight's punk ass should have resigned with LA. It is what it is

      Elijah StraightElijah Straight11 天 前
    • Facts i think both are better than Harrell and gasol

      Khent EmmanuelKhent Emmanuel11 天 前
  • Put harrell in instead of drummond many turn overs haiissst🤦‍♀️

    Shy ObinaShy Obina11 天 前
  • Wlang set play ang lakers

    Eduard ReyesEduard Reyes11 天 前
  • wow welcome back anthony davies..

    Kakabsat BagKakabsat Bag11 天 前
  • Javele Mcgee should still be a fucking Laker... Smh Marc Gasol

    ATLtruATLtru11 天 前
  • Curry for lakers hhahhaha

    alexis sacdalalexis sacdal11 天 前
  • Every time Tucker goes into the game, the Lakers lose their momentum. To think the Lakers could have got Lowry if the Lakers were willing to include Tucker in the trade. ANOTHER BONEHEAD MOVE BY BACK-STABBER PELINKA. smh

    Khult HerroKhult Herro11 天 前
    • @certitude c The Pelicans wanted Kuzma, but the Lakers offered Ingram instead. Look what happened since then. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, meaning a sure thing is better than potential.

      Khult HerroKhult Herro6 天 前
    • @certitude c Didn’t you see that moronic backward shot ny Tsucker in the final seconds? That is Tsucker, drives in and get stuck, then makes a turnover of shoots a stupid shot, never learn, repeats same mistakes over and over.

      Khult HerroKhult Herro10 天 前
    • Nahhh tucker got mad potential we gotta keep him trust me theres a reason they wanted tucker

      certitude ccertitude c10 天 前
  • I think this season is not for Lakers.

    Jake UsonJake Uson11 天 前
    • Bullshit. 69-80 Lakers dude

      Elijah StraightElijah Straight11 天 前
  • Nikola vs Drummond no match. plus so many turn over by Drummond. What a play

    Jake UsonJake Uson11 天 前
  • The Carushow is now, "The Carusuck."

    Khult HerroKhult Herro11 天 前
  • Lakers are tired and uninterested on this season..

    Dondoyano, Johnrey R.Dondoyano, Johnrey R.11 天 前
  • Wahahaha kamoteng lakers

    Victorino AbarquezVictorino Abarquez11 天 前
    • LAKERS

      Lavewan Knights VlogLavewan Knights Vlog11 天 前
  • Next year lakers

    Albrenth Kurt RefugioAlbrenth Kurt Refugio11 天 前
    • What's next week's Lotto numbers since you know everything?

      King BlackKing Black11 天 前
    • What next year?

      Aman SinghAman Singh11 天 前
  • Lakers could not play on play offs.

    Borj Red TVBorj Red TV11 天 前