Stephen Curry Dominates in Third Quarter vs. Rockets | May 1, 2021

2021年05月 1日
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Stephen Curry outscored the Rockets 23 to 12 in the 3rd Quarter to lead the Warriors to a 113-87 victory in Houston.

  • His shooting continues to be crazy

    jeremiah wardjeremiah ward8 天 前
  • Jokic should not be MVP Chef Curry should

    Jerry CadizJerry Cadiz10 天 前
  • Greatest point guard of all time- STEPHEN Curry - GOAT

    Fred XFred X11 天 前
  • MVP 🔥🔥

    Leonard AngasLeonard Angas11 天 前
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      Middison AndrewMiddison Andrew11 天 前
  • I just made another withdrawal of $30,000usd from my portfolio of over $200k in 3 weeks I started already traDing with Expert Linda Henderson I am a fullfil Soul

    Middison AndrewMiddison Andrew11 天 前
  • The video starts at 0:00.

    M. &. M. J'aze'LM. &. M. J'aze'L11 天 前
  • The magnet ball is bacc in the #NBA💯💯💯

    Da' Author Tre'dough FisherDa' Author Tre'dough Fisher11 天 前
  • Rockets will suck forever!!!

    Michael CarantoMichael Caranto11 天 前
  • Steph curr

    NasirNasir11 天 前
  • oh my, look at this Man Curry... so inspirational

    Michael BealeMichael Beale11 天 前
  • 😲

    PandaSquad 35PandaSquad 3511 天 前
  • I’m a lakers fan but hands down no one has earned it like he has, give it him 🏆

    Designer DripDesigner Drip11 天 前
  • Steph Curry the only player not to have a 4th quarter statistic

    Air PlaneAir Plane11 天 前
  • MVP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    방구석리방구석리12 天 前
  • nhức nách

    Quỳnh Anh TôQuỳnh Anh Tô12 天 前
  • DANG yay my team win :) and curry 31.3 points per game 42.6 % on threes

    Matthew the gamerMatthew the gamer12 天 前
  • Trading has been a lot more easier invested $1000 and got a return of $10,500 in 5 days his transparency and accountability has always been the best Mr Winston Churchill

    Mary Huen_FxMary Huen_Fx12 天 前
  • Hi

    Lexar Juan JosolLexar Juan Josol12 天 前
  • Fantástico Sthepen Curry. Amazonas, Brasil.

  • 0:29 that's a travel

    Stephen LoflinStephen Loflin12 天 前
  • rediculous :P

    cherub jennarcherub jennar12 天 前
  • I’m proud to say that I watched that whole game and even when they where down I never had a doubt that steph could not have a comeback.

    CommandoCommando12 天 前
  • Best ever

    Daniel HutsonDaniel Hutson12 天 前
  • Never seen a player with that kind of impact in a game period if he don't win mvp the NBA is a joke

    Brett SimmonsBrett Simmons12 天 前
  • How can he not win mvp ?? Nobody in the NBA can do what he does he's pretty much tied for the scoring title this year and he's alot more valuable to his team than jokic jus sayin

    Brett SimmonsBrett Simmons12 天 前
  • He's not the MVP because his team sucks. But the best teams have multiple all stars or MVP's on the team. Stupid argument to not reward him the mvp!

    Lyric XLyric X12 天 前
  • Curry for MVP

    Maggie LechugaMaggie Lechuga12 天 前
  • Wait... *HE CAN POST UP TOO* !?! 😳😳🤯

    Louis WilliamsLouis Williams12 天 前
  • Rockets, every 3rd quarter against Golden State: Why do I hear boss music?

    Peter ParkourPeter Parkour12 天 前
  • Low cut Steph is a different breed, don't sleep.

    lil timmylil timmy12 天 前
  • Curry debe repartir el balón en el primer y segundo cualto, en el tercero y el ultimo debe él acelerar los motores y así no llega cansado al final.

    Jorge Luis Mendez BeltreJorge Luis Mendez Beltre12 天 前
  • Idc if steph won't win the mvp he's my mvp regardless

    eraaaeraaa12 天 前
  • GOAT

    gorkeygorkey12 天 前
  • JTA is slowly becoming the new iguodala

    andy wongandy wong12 天 前
  • Dictionary- mvp means- most victory shots over any person. Look up steph curry- yep mvp.

    Ron williamsRon williams12 天 前

    professor willowprofessor willow12 天 前
  • One night were the best team in the league another night were a g league team another night we're an average team another night another were a decent team another night were a pretty bad team and another night we are a 50/50 team the warriors are the definition of inconsistentcy

    Stephdagoat CurryStephdagoat Curry12 天 前
    • 5

      Beefy BooneBeefy Boone11 天 前
  • he if doesnt get it then who is even close and he will lead the nba in scoring

    John WilliamsJohn Williams12 天 前
  • Look at curry man so inspirational

    D DD D12 天 前
  • If Curry don’t get the MVP i’m done watching NBA this season

  • Its crazy how it was 59-59 the curry went off and it was 65-85 🤯

    Kris gaza RichardKris gaza Richard12 天 前
  • best shooter of all time 😁

    Geofrey ibay RamosGeofrey ibay Ramos12 天 前
  • GSW, espcially Klay and Steph made 3rd quarter a must watch.

    cass caseeecass caseee12 天 前
  • If they don't give curry the MVP I'll stop watching the NBA 😤

    Canwea GreenCanwea Green12 天 前
  • Steph is a Bahamian in disguise. Lol

    Michael PinderMichael Pinder12 天 前
  • Curry also poured 30 points in second half during wcsf

    Alamin NatinAlamin Natin12 天 前
  • 1:37 I think there is a shove from the opposing player of Steph and should have been called for a foul but I think the refs did not. Man, Steph was ballin' on this game he also did an MJ fadeaway shot on the beginning of this highlight video and yey he's not on the MVP talks, which is sad because if your looking for an MVP Steph is that player, just saying man.. Steph Curry G.O.A.T 🐐of the current NBA.

    Mark Anthony FranMark Anthony Fran12 天 前
  • If we r the judge curry is the one..mvp all the way..grbe yung individual stats..hi level

    Eric LinagaEric Linaga12 天 前
  • how would u stop this guy???🤔🤔🤔🤔

    JUST W8 N I'LL B GR8JUST W8 N I'LL B GR812 天 前
  • Glad Curry got them the lead, 4th quarter was as usual without him, missed shots, turnovers 😖The Warriors need help.

    kitetoy28kitetoy2812 天 前
  • #30 is a 👽

    fmk Herronfmk Herron12 天 前
  • 1:09 is it a travel? 🧐

    Kheenniel CuteKheenniel Cute12 天 前
    • i think so, too. It is a travel.

      Benjamin MaBenjamin Ma10 天 前
  • Steph still owns the rockets lmao

    Mark Roben CintoMark Roben Cinto12 天 前
  • Kerr needs to let Steph just play out. They lost to the mavs and wolves because of kerrs poor coaching decisions

    miro dmiro d12 天 前
  • Insane that they don’t consider this man the front runner for mvp

    Matt YeowMatt Yeow12 天 前
  • Steph Kobe Fadeaway 🔥

    Dan Laurence30Dan Laurence3013 天 前
  • I stopped watching the NBA long time ago. I started watching NBA again just because of Steph Curry .

    Ato BaidooAto Baidoo13 天 前
  • Curry doing turn around jumper ...

    Devon DolphinDevon Dolphin13 天 前
  • the goat

    Yaboy HungyYaboy Hungy13 天 前
  • ❤️❤️❤️💕

    Jessica SuJessica Su13 天 前
  • WTF HAPPENED?? Steph Curry. Understandable.

  • Basketball is so blah now

    Mark WMark W13 天 前
  • 🐐🔥💙💛MVP

    Liao yu hsuan 育瑄Liao yu hsuan 育瑄13 天 前
  • that fade away was sick..

    jason smithjason smith13 天 前
  • But LaMelo should of been the pick in hindsight , wiseman soft so far , we’ll see if I’m wrong hopefully haha

    slip97slip9713 天 前
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    Chupapi Muñanyo?Chupapi Muñanyo?13 天 前
  • Wow! Curry!!! 😮😮😮

    Jenelyn FloresJenelyn Flores13 天 前
  • My MVP...the best point guard ever.

    Fake-Inuyasha偽犬夜叉Fake-Inuyasha偽犬夜叉13 天 前
  • I don’t think he got any points in the first half? If not, wow

    NBA Daily HighlightsNBA Daily Highlights13 天 前
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    vanessa taylorvanessa taylor13 天 前
  • Curry is to good

    bayley forbesbayley forbes13 天 前
  • Mvp

    phillippe francis medinaphillippe francis medina13 天 前
  • Kelly Oubre II: I just want you to know that there are many of us Warriors fans out here cheering you on, and supporting you with encouragement since we saw your OMG fall in today’s game that is apparently going to let you experience surgery plus have you sitting next to Klay for several weeks plus rehab. Then i read that horrible critique of you and two other new Warriors, which made me furious. What a mean-spirited approach to sports writing. I hope you didn’t read that one. You are no doubt feeling all sorts of emotions tonight, but eventually you will probably get all philosophical about these cards you’ve been dealt, and push through this with your courage and positive gusto. Ive been truly enjoying watching you play on our special team, contributing all your talent, energy, entertainment, and charisma. I look forward to seeing you play again soon, healed and happy.😉❤️

    Ellen WheatEllen Wheat13 天 前
  • Steph is my Goat 🐐 my all time greatest

    Jef BishopJef Bishop13 天 前
  • Galing talaga ni idol walana akong masabi

    Badong lord gabayan mo po kami araw araw BaileBadong lord gabayan mo po kami araw araw Baile13 天 前
  • we win without Kelly Oubre on the floor...

    Crazy RawiCrazy Rawi13 天 前
  • we win without Kellu Oubre on the floor...

    Crazy RawiCrazy Rawi13 天 前
  • If Stephen not MVP...... I'm not watching NBA anymore 😒

    Lucky322Lucky32213 天 前
  • Yo Look At Ruff Rider MVP Steph Dawg So Inspirational As a Leader Of This New Generation

    Mamba Mentality 4 EverMamba Mentality 4 Ever13 天 前
  • Steph Curry is The Real MVP of This Game

    Mamba Mentality 4 EverMamba Mentality 4 Ever13 天 前
  • Steph Curry Playing Like a Ruff Rider In This Game

    Mamba Mentality 4 EverMamba Mentality 4 Ever13 天 前
  • third quarter mod MVP

    NicolasNicolas13 天 前
  • Watching his highlight are beyond words.....

    Larry NelsonLarry Nelson13 天 前
  • 9-23 FG, 7-17 3pt? Is that an MVP? Hes becoming like kobe, a legendary ball hog

    Glenn GlodoveGlenn Glodove13 天 前
  • I always feel sorry for teams that have to follow a poor Steph/Warriors performance, because he always goes above and beyond to prove it was a one off, and this new team is stuck facing the brunt of his wrath.

    Geoffrey PearceGeoffrey Pearce13 天 前
    • @jadari christian How am I hating? Steph's my favourite player, but there's no denying even he occasionally has an "off night". I'm just pointing out that lately he's proven to be be more of a personification of Jordan's "I took that sh*t personally" meme than Jordan himself. An 0-28 stretch against the Timberwolves is a classic example of the Warriors having a bad day (even if Curry did manage to drop 37); while following that with a 24-0 streak against the Rockets is a classic example of the Steph Curry I'm talking about. Personally, I still think the best example of my point this season would have to be Curry vs Dame in the back to back Warriors vs Trailblazers at the start of January. In game one Dame dropped 34 to Curry's 26 and beat the Warriors 123-98, leading sports commentators (and the internet) to spend the entire weekend proclaiming Dame as "the new Curry" and the better overall player. Two days later Curry replies with 62 points and a 137-122 victory, blowing away both Dame and the Trailblazers, and no one has been willing to definitively claim Dame is better since.

      Geoffrey PearceGeoffrey Pearce11 天 前
    • yall just gotta find some way to hate huh? LOL

      jadari christianjadari christian11 天 前
  • 0:38 Looney with the wipeout screen

    hackmanhackman13 天 前
    • Good thing it wasn't counted as a moving screen 😂

      TitoBongTitoBong12 天 前
  • Draymond is the perfect pick for Steph because Dray's defender is usually sagging way off -- way too far to defend Steph's 3 on the switch.

    hackmanhackman13 天 前
  • No doubt he is the MVP!

    Happy CampHappy Camp13 天 前
  • Steph is great-- but no one is defending him. Back in the day...the Dennis Rodman’s...and street playing Detroit pistons would make this game interesting...,

    Weston RichardsWeston Richards13 天 前
  • Just listen to those 3's kiss the net! Crazy!

    John HorneJohn Horne13 天 前
  • Steph is the Real MVP!

  • After curry's war cry the team woke up

    seigfreegseigfreeg13 天 前
  • I know nothing about bball and have never cared to but something about Steph's playing amazes me & seems almost supernatural sometimes.

    MeMe13 天 前
  • Dont mind me, just going thru the comments liking errbody post who calling Steph MVP..Carry on..

    No Worries90No Worries9013 天 前
  • I've been watching the Warriors for years and this is the first time I saw Steph doing a fade-away. Awesome!! Miss those Hakeem, Jordan, Kobe fade-aways!

    SH HoSH Ho13 天 前
    • His fade-away, turn-around, and mid-range ... ALL rare ... ALL deadly.

      Barry DavisBarry Davis12 天 前
  • Steph posting up? what?

    Athindr SudevAthindr Sudev13 天 前
  • He got a wake-up call during the half time break? 🤣😇

    P CP C13 天 前
  • 0:50 the chemistry of long time brothers, love it❤️

    Samuel GabaynoSamuel Gabayno13 天 前
  • The real MVP & GOAT,Steph Curry...gogogo GSW💪👊💪

    Nestor N. NugpoNestor N. Nugpo13 天 前