【NEW OUTFIT REVEAL!】Grim Reaper's Brand New Style! 新衣装お披露目会!! #HololiveEnglish #CalliDrip

2021年05月 3日
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What is up, humans?! ♡ Calliope Mori(森 カリオペ)here. Grim Reaper’s apprentice has a body! Can you believe it?
A brand new outfit reveal... Followed by a mini-concert!
What could it be? 8}
Stay tuned to find out! And, let me see your reactions with #callidrip on Twitter!
HoloEN new outfit reveal SCHEDULE!
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  • Death-sensei should be called drip-sensei now

    MineX-kun ඞMineX-kun ඞ10 小时 前
  • 新衣装かっこいい!

    ぐうぐう0503ぐうぐう0503天 前
  • Dad accepted.

    Parody KingParody King2 天 前
  • She is the icon of coolness and she is not a simp

    Parody KingParody King2 天 前
  • So proud of you dad!

    Darwin AlbenoDarwin Albeno2 天 前
  • Calli's new outfit ditched the scythe for a mike because instead of killing with her scythe she kills by spittin' dope ass beats

    Ryan ZephyrRyan Zephyr2 天 前
  • The cap has horns, that's a great detail, I love it

    Esteban Acosta OliveraEsteban Acosta Olivera2 天 前
  • 53:00 what was the song she was rapping?

    Sam MathewsSam Mathews2 天 前
  • Cool カッコいい!Calli !!!

    ユキユキ3 天 前
  • All Might

    KazooKazoo3 天 前
  • 可愛いすぎだわ

    K.I.T.TK.I.T.T3 天 前
  • strange -_- lmao

    Vera Ch.Vera Ch.4 天 前
  • Let's be honest here, this is cute. This stream radiated a lot of cute energy. Mori is very cute. It all adds up.

    FruxoFruxo4 天 前
  • 39:49 she went from "your son calls me mommy too" to "he'll come home when i want him to" to "he ain't even my main ho"

    I'mAShamI'mASham5 天 前
  • 55:34烏龍茶~

    小海ocean小海ocean5 天 前
  • Loved the Stream/Vod @MoriCalliope! Like I said to Gawr Gura on her New Outfit reveal, I mostly watch your Minecraft Streams/Vods, but I will still give whatever helpful tips and bits of advice that I can even though I don't actually play Minecraft and I just watch CNfromrs like CaptainSparklez, DanTDM, IhasCupquake, Yammy, and many other Minecraft CNfromrs.

    James ScalzoJames Scalzo5 天 前
  • Of all the new outfits, I feel like this one is the most suited. I love them all, but this one is spot on for Calli.

    FreedenFreeden5 天 前
  • Well the new outfit looks like a more modern zero two but i love it

    stephan cheahstephan cheah5 天 前
  • The hat is pretty fire tho

    Alex ThomasAlex Thomas5 天 前
  • The drip

    Strike X20Strike X206 天 前
  • Ponytail is my weakness, this is perfect

    Cory EllisCory Ellis6 天 前
  • estoy sorprendido es primera vez que veo tu contenido y joder como cantas es increible

    Carlos VeraCarlos Vera6 天 前
  • Jesu she is animated now, EVERYTHING MOVES NOW!

    Joey GiniseJoey Ginise6 天 前
  • Nice

    Haider HusseinHaider Hussein6 天 前
  • This new outfit is real cute.

    Dino CrimsonDino Crimson6 天 前
  • Wow 😳 that rap/voice is really something.. it's amazing

    Blue Moon NightBlue Moon Night6 天 前
  • Anime booba. nothing is better

    Lil LAZARLil LAZAR6 天 前
  • That outfit looks like it would smell like old spice

    Galaxy ꧁ ꧂ BirdGalaxy ꧁ ꧂ Bird6 天 前
  • Wow perfect timing @4:39, I don't know what this sound is called but I put the back of my tongue in front of my throat and pulled in air and release my tongue, but I did that right before you made that sound. Also if you're birthday is actually April 4th then that's awesome because my birthday is April 4 I'm not going to say how old I am but I will say I'm over 21. I wear dark clothes and I prefer black but I'll wear dark red blue or grey but I do have a white Albedo shirt.

    Quetzalcoatl Toltec Sun GodQuetzalcoatl Toltec Sun God6 天 前
  • saw ironmouse type in chat huess even shes exicited

    Ayden LintonAyden Linton6 天 前
  • “C’mon ya big drip! Where ya goin’?” - Sonic The Hedgehog, 1999 (Sonic Adventure)

    Callum SparrowCallum Sparrow6 天 前
  • 33:07

    Rosemary ShinbukiRosemary Shinbuki7 天 前
  • Calliope Mori has transformed into HYPEBEAST MORI - Possessor of the Drip.

    Greeto AGBGreeto AGB7 天 前
  • Nice drip 👌

    MemeLord DKMemeLord DK7 天 前
  • カリの英語めちゃくちゃ聞き取りやすいんだよなぁ……本当におめでとう……

    RR7 天 前
  • Dayum I'm not into rappers but Calli is something else

    a cat on the z axisa cat on the z axis7 天 前
  • Can someone answer this question: What's the theme that Holo EN members going for with this outfits?

    Markstephen PaduhilaoMarkstephen Paduhilao7 天 前
  • Haha thatz hat

    NAMELESS guyNAMELESS guy7 天 前
  • 嬉しすぎて死にそう!!😭😭😭

    白SJoon白SJoon7 天 前
  • "Many people have thighs" Calliope Mori 2021

    AlbertoAlberto7 天 前
  • Thank you for the archive (´▽`)ノ♪ cant catch it live but anyway, thank you! And love the new drip!

    NawuNawu7 天 前
  • The bigger the hoop

    Kewl AlexKewl Alex7 天 前
  • 16:00 助かる

    p wnp wn7 天 前
  • what the heck she's so cute

    niwozawaniwozawa7 天 前
    • Bark bark

      FarconnyFarconny7 天 前
  • Lit

    Anthony TKAnthony TK7 天 前
  • omg you look so cute ily!!!!

    Hanabi SalakaiHanabi Salakai7 天 前
  • Sie ist zu kinderfreundlich ein echt guter mensch

    Leldin JungeLeldin Junge7 天 前
  • AHHHHH Cool ass outfit!!!!

    BananiceBananice7 天 前
  • めっちゃいい

    この顔にピンときたらこの顔にピンときたら7 天 前
  • Awesome outfit Calli! ❤ Amazing concert

    Kuro Aka112Kuro Aka1127 天 前
  • Amazing outfit!!!

    frostlemoncakefrostlemoncake7 天 前
  • I wish she I could peek so that she would say "ara ara" to me

    Rafael TiradorRafael Tirador7 天 前
  • Her look offends my wallet.

    paopaopaopao7 天 前
    • Not her fault if you can't afford the Dr iP

      a cat on the z axisa cat on the z axis7 天 前
  • 最高だぜ

    千奴ノ世丸を持って燗せん千奴ノ世丸を持って燗せん7 天 前
  • I like ur songs

    ストロー Sutoroストロー Sutoro8 天 前
  • Calli sends out Kiara

    Emrys McGeeEmrys McGee8 天 前
  • What Pokemon would Mori have? Ghost types? Dark types? Fairy types? She's got the trainer look

    FluffyBumpkinsFluffyBumpkins8 天 前
  • we need more boink boink outfit

    Bong HenryBong Henry8 天 前

    Francisco Prince MackaruFrancisco Prince Mackaru8 天 前
  • "Like a bolt from the blue... it's time for Reaper Review." This probably says more about how I see hip hop fashion than anything else, but I get serious TWEWY vibes from the new outfit.

    FightingDuskstalkerFightingDuskstalker8 天 前
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    ChuyiChuyi8 天 前

    Ein DayoEin Dayo8 天 前
  • Me, who's owned my favorite leather jacket since I was 13: Yep, she's my dad. Also, maximum drip.

    IT WAS I, DIO!!!IT WAS I, DIO!!!8 天 前
  • My Grim Reaper can't have this much D R I P!

    Krit ZKrit Z8 天 前
  • She is Mori Calliope, but you can call her the girl with style

    alejo790428alejo7904288 天 前
  • 伸びやばくね? 同接最高何人いったの?

    Naka HiroNaka Hiro8 天 前
  • She was so happy this stream, it was extremely cute and wholesome

    CheiChei8 天 前
  • tsundere reaper got that drip

    浜崎麻美 Asami浜崎麻美 Asami8 天 前
  • めちゃくちゃかっこいい!!

    ねぎまねぎま8 天 前
  • 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷a Brazilian likes you!!!u are the best!!

    Nícolas Batista FernandesNícolas Batista Fernandes8 天 前
  • Ахуенны костюмчик

    KaisenKaisen8 天 前
  • Guys please tell me I'm not the only one simping for her instead of trying to find an irl gf.

    KucJlota_1337KucJlota_13378 天 前

    ScZvernScZvern8 天 前
  • Ngl I was worried the new design was gonna be worse but god damn I was so so wrong

    Dyson 45Dyson 458 天 前
  • Cool but still cute

    Momoki Lovely tooMomoki Lovely too8 天 前
    • Nah to calli it cool you wanna see cute wait for gawr gura outfit

      pkodoki 9000pkodoki 90008 天 前
  • 46:50 the timing for that test run for the Grim Reaper is a Livestreamer was so perfect

    Oh WakerOh Waker8 天 前
  • When she said "I have one more thing to show you" and so on I for no reason went, "OMG SHE CAN TAKE OFF HER SHOES" 😂

    No SignatureNo Signature8 天 前
  • bruh add a bow tie on forehard she becomes the detective with only 3iq

    wilson pongwilson pong8 天 前
  • driiip

    adilynnadilynn8 天 前
  • Calli was drippin today I love the new outfit it looks both casual and rap God with maximum drip plus the world has been blessed with Calli tummy

    SkysWhisperSkysWhisper8 天 前
    • Calli tummy

      Rosemary ShinbukiRosemary Shinbuki8 天 前
  • guh

    MachiiMachii8 天 前
  • She no longer looks like a shinigami anymore she looks like normal human now

    Patrick CrisostomoPatrick Crisostomo8 天 前
  • Dig the new outfit. Also was surprised to see the guesses on stream for some reason, there were some really good ones in there. Was even more surprised to see mine included, makes me wish I'd spent more time on it but I just did it quick as a guess the night before. Stuff like that makes me appreciate Calli, she's always got a good word for people and keeps her streams fun. Looking forward to more, as always

    ArgumentableArgumentable8 天 前
  • シンプルにカッコいい。

    めばるめばる8 天 前
  • Yo Mr. White, I got drip Jesse, you and I both know that it's impossible for you to have dri-

    John SmithJohn Smith8 天 前
  • This mori is Sheeeeeeeeeesh

    who am iwho am i8 天 前
  • 15:15 she knows! 30:13 Calli "don't be scared deadbeats!", proceeds to PANIK live on-air :p 1:00:10 gap moe indeed.

    IMMentatIMMentat8 天 前
  • Cant spell "Drip" without "Rip" ✨✨

    Unomae Play'nisUnomae Play'nis8 天 前
  • Nervous Calli is my new favorite Calli

    Ruel PondeglowRuel Pondeglow8 天 前
  • Fu-Fujiwara Chika?!?

    NEKO#ΦωΦNEKO#ΦωΦ8 天 前
  • "Many people have thighs." - Calliope Mori, 2021

    Bormin ClaseBormin Clase8 天 前
  • I'm gonna be honest ..... I love this new outfit You look stunningly gorgeous calli

    Shadow 11Shadow 118 天 前
  • Really trousers tucked into the socks? I feel like I have to go to the other side of the street. Or declare I don't know you to every person that walks by.

    LadebalkenLadebalken8 天 前
  • How many people were watching?? This one has 1.2 million views compared to others' 150k views

    CaMblū Jly4llluūCaMblū Jly4llluū9 天 前
  • so mori was chika all along

    Ahmed Rafsan HossainAhmed Rafsan Hossain9 天 前
  • So bad ass and I love red to its like the best color of all time

    DreMan710DreMan7109 天 前
  • Man I'm late but I love the new look, best Reaper!

    SamusV4SamusV49 天 前
  • Miss Calliope. They are so...huge. ❤️

    Ger LorGer Lor9 天 前
  • calliope drip

    yawinner gamesyawinner games9 天 前
  • お披露目が終わった今日も見返してる 特にラップのところ today,after finishing to show new outfit, i'm watching this archive again. especially while your rap

    Vの箱推しゴルフ部員Vの箱推しゴルフ部員9 天 前