Lakers vs Nuggets | Lakers Highlights | 2020-2021 NBA Regular Season

2021年05月 3日
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  • We may had not seen Gasol if Drummond wasn't not in trouble it's a blessing in disguise. I hope Vogel put Harrell and Gasol in the second unit. Gasol's impact may not appear in the box score but with him our ball movement is so much better. His Bball IQ will be vital for our playoff run 💯💯

    Super LEMSuper LEM11 天 前
    • Yes, Gasol's playoff will be good for Lakers

      mario wwmario ww9 天 前
    • @DHo Wesley plays mediocre defense, at best. He fouls and is inconsistent on offense.

      Momdukes01Momdukes0110 天 前
    • N that 1 inch jumper wet

      Tokyo BlessTokyo Bless10 天 前
    • For sure, we (💛💜) got enough talents to unleash the power we own.

      DJDirtymix973DJDirtymix97310 天 前
    • I'm sure coach will use gasol playoffs time

      NakNakJona ChannelNakNakJona Channel10 天 前
  • My OCD loving the lineup being "0,1,2,3 & 4" 😌😂

    Shawnte WalkerShawnte Walker10 小时 前
  • Give Gasol more playing time,Harrel and alfonso...

    Reynaldo PelaezReynaldo Pelaez8 天 前
  • Gasol playing with no pressure and so relaxed. I happy that he is finally enjoying his time with La. 💪

    MrRabbitMrRabbit9 天 前
  • John Cena: "Where am I?" Nurse: ICU. Cena: No you can't.

    ForeverFlame88ForeverFlame889 天 前
  • 7:47 "I'm back!"

    PhokDaFreeWorldPhokDaFreeWorld9 天 前
  • I’m back we back.. we back

    Michael CernaMichael Cerna9 天 前
  • 3:26 Good guy Gasol helping Campazzo up off the ground.

    Type RyRyType RyRy10 天 前
  • Gasol matches well against Jokic. They're both slow, got no hops, high IQs, and can shoot the 3 ball. Gasol will come up big for us against Denver in the playoffs. But don't expect to see him against teams with more young athletic quick-footed centers like DeAndre Ayton, Bam Adebayo, Joel Embiid and the likes. AD should play the 5 position against those centers, with Drummond sharing minimal minutes on the court with AD

    DKDK10 天 前
  • "NO TREZ PASSING" 😈💜💛🖤

    MosMoneyENTMosMoneyENT10 天 前
  • fuck Caruso is flying in these plays, the play were he ran in front of the nugget fast break and managed to trip up 2 guys with no whistle that is impressive.

    LouieLouie10 天 前
  • If Caruso can become a great catch and shoot 3 pt shooter, NBA gonna have to pay more attention to him! 💯🦅

    2litebrite32litebrite310 天 前
  • Se cagó hasta los tobillos Campazzo

    Jaime Gonzalez ArayaJaime Gonzalez Araya10 天 前
  • There was point during the game where KCP was being fouled repeatedly and the refs weren't calling it. He actually showed some serious frustration about the missed calls and began attacking the basket on offense and playing like a madman on defense. I was like FINALLY, he showed a more aggressive side and it paid off big time.

    Momdukes01Momdukes0110 天 前
  • Had to stop the video due to the slow mo effect... Or is it just my device ..

    igatster sphinxigatster sphinx10 天 前
    • @LakeShow Highlights seems like it .. rewatched and it is all good.. Go LSH!

      igatster sphinxigatster sphinx10 天 前
    • your device lol my videos are fine

      LakeShow HighlightsLakeShow Highlights10 天 前
  • We gatta give gasol some credit on that THT miss shot he's the one who tipped it back to THT

    Dwayne jacksonDwayne jackson10 天 前
  • Gasol can be emergency ball movement when lebron isnt on floor

    RaltsRalts10 天 前
  • Gasol can guard Jok plus AD and Drummond Trez ain't got to worry about that mismatch no more.

    Teflon JohnTeflon John10 天 前
  • Let go lakers

    Lillly ShaneLillly Shane10 天 前
  • Man marc gasol still doin it, great to see

    LumenLumen10 天 前
  • gimmie that hopium fam

    Rico D. WeebRico D. Weeb10 天 前
  • El catalán? Jajajaj

    Jorge ParraJorge Parra10 天 前
  • Starting lineup, 0,1,2,3,4.

    Lochinvar LokLochinvar Lok10 天 前
  • Shiiit, that was a damn long arm by AD! Loved the Gasol-Joker match up, nice to see them hug it out after the battle. And Caruso leaving bodies on the floor and even 1 against 2. Great win!

    F. LundamoF. Lundamo10 天 前
  • That last blocked is historical

    Kotori Friday BassKotori Friday Bass10 天 前
  • There's been an AD sighting! (just in time for the playoffs.)

    Craig BagleyCraig Bagley10 天 前
  • after AD's block, he said "We Back! We Back!"

    SQ maruSQ maru10 天 前
  • Glad to see my boy Javale get his ring.. definitely miss seeing him play in the purple and gold..😁

    islo23islo2310 天 前
  • Lakers we will be fine.... our D is strong enough to hit anyone in NBA, especial tear down those soft Nets....

    Magese WilliamMagese William10 天 前
  • Halsey coming back to Lakers twt is the reason we're winning again. Btw, Gasol, I see u👍🏻

    StencilStencil10 天 前
  • See sure LeBron and AD are both supposedly the key to the Lakers repeating and winning another championship. They're the superstars on the team. You need both of them to win a championship. But in actuality, it's more dependent on the guys not named LeBron and AD for them to repeat lol. LeBron and AD can play out of their minds every game, but if the other guys aren't making their shots when the ball is in their hands, Lakers don't even have a chance of doing damage in the playoffs.

    D GD G10 天 前
  • THT just crazy...unbelievable move, purple & gold 4 life 💛💜.

    DJDirtymix973DJDirtymix97310 天 前
  • Bro I swear Gasol & Jokic are brother or twins… both have the same body, both not that athletic, and their both the same height 🤦🏻👍🏼

    AI RiggzAI Riggz10 天 前
  • Lakers showed the grit of being a champion not minding back to back loses.

    Jeremias Delos ReyesJeremias Delos Reyes10 天 前
  • Gasol should come off the bench before Trezz.. his IQ and ball movement makes our offense more potent

    Johnson7176Johnson717610 天 前
  • I like the little things he writes in the screen

    AI RiggzAI Riggz10 天 前
  • Great game

    LIVE!!! w/CrossLIVE!!! w/Cross10 天 前
  • that block was best so far these year. . .

    Z BoiZ Boi10 天 前
  • WOW! in every hustle Caruso is always involved whenever hes on the floor

    Z BoiZ Boi10 天 前
  • We need all of our Big Man, Trezz, Marc, AD and AD2 for repeat, when LeBron comeback at 100% It's over guys

    luis eduardo larin escobarluis eduardo larin escobar10 天 前
  • AD playing to a point guard 😍💕

    Shift Release MotoVlogShift Release MotoVlog10 天 前
  • 3:45 im so glad that jokic didnt get the tech for that, it should always be like that

    ToxicFlaresToxicFlares10 天 前
  • I thought this was a game in the 80s with the score this low

    MigraineBoy411MigraineBoy41110 天 前
  • 5:07 Gasol trash talking Jokic. Love the bite!

    Hermit DadHermit Dad10 天 前
  • Wow, Gasol is a tree. Jokic just couldn't just push him back.

    tonevtonev10 天 前
  • liked how before these 2-3 games people were like TRADE GASOL..... GASOL IS WEAK...... and now people were like GASOL SHOULD BE GIVEN MORE MINS..... and btw 4:13 is hilarious

    weimin tangweimin tang10 天 前
  • Bro I really appreciate the effort of you , not like the many other channels, by not only showing a made basket but also a lot of hustle plays, defence, subtle interaction between players that impact the game. That's good work and please keep it up!

    kb101111kb10111110 天 前
    • Thanks a ton

      LakeShow HighlightsLakeShow Highlights10 天 前
  • 3:02 What a play

    Jomari DorojaJomari Doroja10 天 前
  • that block from AD at the end is crazy! he came from under the basket sheesh

    Dan AlsaenDan Alsaen10 天 前
  • 5:48 When Marc was defending Jokic, Jokic was traveling.

    Dewei HuDewei Hu10 天 前
  • Caruso as always, the game changer because of his effort to steal, block,passing, And of course The Scoring! I'm your no. Fan Caruso!

    lon Depinalon Depina10 天 前
  • Here's comes gasol bandwagon because he played well..but trade him if he sucks!

    Gerald RuizGerald Ruiz10 天 前
  • Jogo com garra ir a camisa ritmo de vencedor E o lLAKERS

    Edson MoraisEdson Morais10 天 前
  • Finally! I bet Marc Gasol is stepping up his game because Drummond is now in the team lol. Anyway love Caruso's hustle in the 3rd quarter when he scored 8 points straight and the whole team needed that energy badly. Go Lakers!

    faii9200faii920010 天 前
  • AD - I'm back

    TRT VitorTRT Vitor10 天 前
  • I like how Gasol and Jokic are chill with each other 🤘

    D. AnthonyD. Anthony10 天 前
  • Exciting game

    LeBron JamesLeBron James10 天 前
  • Love it when the bench hypes up the bois

    erika bernasorerika bernasor10 天 前
  • idk whether it's their def or off, but they always lost their lead in 4th quarter

    Rudy KnightsRudy Knights10 天 前
  • 4:59-5:01 wesley 😳

    erika bernasorerika bernasor10 天 前
  • How did jokic get away with that without the technical

    erika bernasorerika bernasor10 天 前
  • AD with that surprise block 💯

    erika bernasorerika bernasor10 天 前
  • 0:58 He snatched Andre Drummond's rebound

    森羅薩森羅薩10 天 前
  • Yo how did jokic not get called for a tech!?! Trezz gets T's for much less shit!

    S WS W10 天 前
  • Javale the one and only. Well deserved for Mcgee.

    Rixx KumarRixx Kumar10 天 前
  • The offense is super hot and cold but when our defense is on there is no stopping us! Also the offense just needs some time to mesh together. With injuries and the pandemic it's been unreal but we just gotta hold on to this 5th and ain't no one going to want to see us!

    S WS W10 天 前
  • An important win

    Hatam AlradiHatam Alradi10 天 前
  • That's one important game for the Lakers to win. If they win three or four more games like this against conference playoff-bound teams will improve their confidence and get that chemistry working again.

    Jesus Rey PingkianJesus Rey Pingkian10 天 前
  • I feel like gasol is the Better fit for AD because he allows AD to move into the zone more than drummond does

    FeliceFelice10 天 前
  • Pro Gasol since day 1.

    Natnat MagsakayNatnat Magsakay10 天 前
  • Gasol and Jokic.. almost the same style

    Nico Di ShiznitNico Di Shiznit10 天 前
  • We got Marc gasol to do deal with Jokic and it worked out

    Joe CarneyJoe Carney10 天 前
  • Now yall casual ass laker fans who were begging for drummond. Finally see Gasols Impact..

    JackP DannyJackP Danny10 天 前

    Aldi AquilaAldi Aquila10 天 前
  • 0 1 2 3 4 lezz go 💛💜💛💜

    Guwaguwa GuwaguwaGuwaguwa Guwaguwa10 天 前
  • Last game gasol +17 in 4-5 minutes Vogel takes him out...we lose. This time he made the right decision...

    Irfan AticIrfan Atic10 天 前
  • THT was pissing me off most of the game but he get a pass for making that ugly shot! Thank goodness we won!

    Kev NgounKev Ngoun10 天 前
  • 7:14 This Moment is Probably the same situation when get Kevin Love frustrated, now it's going through Jokic for some Reason

    Muhammad Rafli RamadhanMuhammad Rafli Ramadhan10 天 前
  • It Was Really Fantastic Performance from Lakers Today

    Muhammad Rafli RamadhanMuhammad Rafli Ramadhan10 天 前
  • Block party

    narrykent YTnarrykent YT10 天 前
  • Whenever this Monster (Lakers) Team wanted to smell blood, you'll be surprised by thier attack and defenses.

    Mc Xcoy SetnaledMc Xcoy Setnaled10 天 前
  • I'm glad Gasol got put back in because Jokic was bully in Drummond

    Amaurianna GarciaAmaurianna Garcia10 天 前
    • And full tank Gasolina was locking him down 🔒

      Kotak IceKotak Ice10 天 前
  • This is the AD that we wanted back💪🏻

    Luis MartinezLuis Martinez10 天 前
  • Look a Gasol at 03:00. Looks like the clip is in slowmo

    Kevin NgoKevin Ngo10 天 前
  • Why you risk to play all out when your team is surely in for the play offs! just choose your slot in the standings for a bigger chance to win in the play offs, Lakers move......

    Alia Mouza SakaluranAlia Mouza Sakaluran10 天 前
  • Gasol is more useful than Drammond. There, I said it.

    RX 2904RX 290410 天 前
  • I just saw these highlights so can't say, but AD looked like his legs were back - his jumper had a nice bounce, and he had some quickness at the end to seal the game. The bottom line is we need AD and the King to be in prime form to win.

    David BlumDavid Blum10 天 前
  • Lakers just playing wise game now! they just want to maintain no. 7 or 8 in the standings, and preserving lebron for the play offs, this is scary for the no 1 and no. 2 in the standings.....

    Alia Mouza SakaluranAlia Mouza Sakaluran10 天 前
  • i hope this continues till their last regular season games, hope their ready for playoffs 🏋️

    Brrr RamboBrrr Rambo10 天 前
  • Now this is what I want to see from Lakers..

    Iam IamIam Iam10 天 前
  • I am not sold on Drummond yet, making dumb plays, plays lazy sometimes, and it cringes me to see him trying to post up and miss lay ups and dunks..He will always have empty stats.Gasol is way more effective than him.The only aspect of hims being better is probably rebounding and atheticism.

    Ixee the 13thIxee the 13th10 天 前
  • Caruso MVP

    KippeKippe10 天 前
  • Gasol doesn't have Drummond stats but his effect on the game is far from that.You can see the offense was so fluid when he is playing just because he stretches the floor...AD will have struggles in the paint and will continue to rely on long range shots if he is paired with Drummond.

    Ixee the 13thIxee the 13th10 天 前
  • Vogel's reaction when they leave a wide-open three at the end lmao. Then he looks back and AD already blocked it.

    Von Jervin MateoVon Jervin Mateo11 天 前
  • AD: "We're back!" Yessir let's keep it rolling

    Blurrz_flexBlurrz_flex11 天 前
  • So when we play defense good things happen? How surprising 🤔

    K BaltazardK Baltazard11 天 前
  • been saying it before, lakers 2nd unit marc & trez should share same floor. marc can play 4 and space on offense while trezz will wreck havoc in the paint and marc can do drop and trez as blitz and help defender. Lakers in 5 all day long

    Dranreb Bernard EguidDranreb Bernard Eguid11 天 前

    Jabz DuJabz Du11 天 前
  • So no one gonna talk about how the moment marc gasol stopped playing this season we became trash, his shooting/passing are so valuable to this team

    Stefan HStefan H11 天 前
    • Always knew y’all needed him but ppl listen to the media too much .. And y’all just needs a athletic big to compliment him and y’all The only thing that hindered the lakers is chemistry because of injuries of the stars

      Elijah FordElijah Ford10 天 前
  • I want to see more minutes for Gasol and Drummond in the Center position.. Please.. this is what I'm always concerned about. Not to be disrespectful to Trezz. For me, Gasol is more experience, Bigger and Taller, High IQ. And his skills are going to fit our system. , Playmaker off the bench (because we don't have HigH IQ Rondo out there) , and help spread the floor for AD and LeBron.. Gasol is a Defensive player of the year and I still believe that there is something left.

    Dondoyano, Johnrey R.Dondoyano, Johnrey R.11 天 前