The Survivalists - STARTER GUIDE + TIPS | Watch This Before Playing!

2020年10月 6日
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THE SURVIVALISTS new player gameplay guide + helpful progression tips. Expand your storage / carrying capacity, teach monkeys, build traps, learn combat counters, leave the island, & more.
I also do some “micro” gaming videos over on Twitter @BoomstickAlex
A PC code for The Survivalists was provided by Team 17.
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00:00 Intro
00:27 The Start
00:52 Building Campfire & Chest
01:10 Finding Monkey
01:36 Expanding Storage / Inventory
02:06 Monkey Training
03:38 Exploration & Monkey Combat
04:53 Larger Storage & Mysterious Stranger Shop
05:39 Vaults
06:34 Combat Counters
06:53 More Monkey Training
07:52 Hunting
08:14 Building Traps
09:06 Working On a Raft
10:23 Animal Traps
10:37 Increase Stamina Cap
11:17 Using Training Dummies
11:37 Leaving The 1st Island
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  • *This is all PC gameplay but The Survivalists is also on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.* *Just started playing in co-op with my wife and it becomes pretty darn addicting. Let me know what YOU think!* _Boomstick Gaming is the haven for core gamers who value gameplay mechanics and systems, because that's what continues_ _to make anything from 8-bit to 8k, equally enjoyable. Consider sticking around on the channel if you fall into that category! -Alex_

    Boomstick GamingBoomstick Gaming4 个月 前
    • @just a tree with internet correct

      ivonne aparicioivonne aparicio个月 前
    • it’s on mobile too

      just a tree with internetjust a tree with internet4 个月 前
  • For some reason when i tell my monkey to mimic me and hit a dummy he doesnt train with it

    Ghassan AlfooriGhassan Alfoori天 前

    Bò Lạc VinamilkBò Lạc Vinamilk2 天 前
  • Good monkeys,it reminded me of Ancestors,give them stick,we conquering the world now!!

    Otaku NationOtaku Nation12 天 前
  • Boomstick i love yo videos and they were helpful i already knew the chest but the others were helpful 👍🏻

    Akram HossainAkram Hossain15 天 前

    J. R,J. R,21 天 前
  • This was a good tutorial. Had played this game about a few hours and was struggling to have my first monkey learn something.. also had some trouble figuring out the skilltree parts... now I have something to work with. thanks :)

    Erik BlaasErik Blaas23 天 前
  • 1. after you sleep -> destroy your bed, you wont lose any material if it's only a base bed.. other type of bed will lose like nails or something, then you can carry the material to make bed blueprint anywhere.. no bed = no base, no base = no raid 2. if you want to you can build a fake base, just build a bed somewhere else, so that the raid will attack there.. protect the fake base with walls and then spike traps.. dont forget to drop by after the raid is ended to collect something (that the attacker dropped after they die by the spike traps) and repair the walls and spike traps 3. no need to build animal (rabbit) traps if you already unlocked the spike traps.. just build spike traps around the rabbit hole an visit it daily to collect the meat and fur, and also repairs it 4. unlike in real life deforestation is a good thing here 5. sell anything that piling up in your storage box to that idiot merchant.. he even buy mud that you dug in front of him

    JudasJudas25 天 前
  • For the tip and trick

    Savio NapariSavio Napari27 天 前
  • Thank you

    Savio NapariSavio Napari27 天 前
    • hint on how to use comments on youtube: you can edit them.. add some more text and save it, then remove the other comment... and then you can remove my comment on this after.. no hard feelings :)

      Erik BlaasErik Blaas23 天 前
  • So Stranded Deep story idea, mincraft-esque crafting, and terraria animations... not quite sold on it...

    Yellow BellyYellow Belly个月 前
  • Ive only found 1 monkey and it got stuck in the side of a cliff while gathering 😂😂

    Sho ItoSho Ito个月 前
  • Get the monkeys to do the dirty work for you

    Kyle walshKyle walsh2 个月 前
  • THANKS SO MUCH FOR THIS VIDEO, i just got the game for christmas and did the basics, but then i didn’t know what to do, thanks so much for the info. could you do a part 2 by any chance? again, thanks!!

    DarkKnight127DarkKnight1272 个月 前
  • How do i get mud

    Cameron SmithCameron Smith2 个月 前
  • "Monkey see, Monkey do."

    Oh, ;-;Oh, ;-;2 个月 前
  • Where did ya find the forest

    CdogTheGreatCdogTheGreat2 个月 前
  • Thanks so much for making this video. Both entertaining and very informative and helpful :P

    BuzzMast3rBuzzMast3r2 个月 前
  • thank you

    AlZennAlZenn2 个月 前
  • 🤔 So, why can't I find more than one monkey? Am I missing something here?

    Troy MixwellTroy Mixwell2 个月 前
    • U need to explore there is one at the beginning of the game and the rest are in dungeons

      W and Y ClipsW and Y Clips个月 前
  • Thanks

    MontyMonty2 个月 前
  • what about the mosquitoes?

    GenjiCleteroGenjiCletero3 个月 前
  • I suck at this kind of game, thanks it helps a lot!

    Eric PlourdeEric Plourde3 个月 前
  • This game is so unique, it's soo good!

    bouchan radwanbouchan radwan3 个月 前
  • I've had my groups of monkeys auto- build my bases on 3 islands so far

    John AuerJohn Auer3 个月 前
  • probably one of the best games out!

    Dave SemínkoDave Semínko3 个月 前
  • how do you do a multiplayer?

    • MayAnn •• MayAnn •3 个月 前
  • ,,you can teach them to attack" My mind: The Terrarians - Summoner Playthrough

    Filip SobczakFilip Sobczak3 个月 前
    • ... and so we started another episode of "Planet of the Apes"

      Erik BlaasErik Blaas23 天 前
  • Any advice on finding the mystery shop?

    Princess TwinklePrincess Twinkle3 个月 前
  • Thanks it helps a lot, but no videos is talking about food, that’s my real issue, i’m not good at this kind of game lol

    Eric PlourdeEric Plourde3 个月 前
  • Is there any way you can pick up items quickly rather than space?

    SundeiSundei3 个月 前
  • Thank you so much!

    Jeremy LindquistJeremy Lindquist3 个月 前
  • How do I get shovel and sail

    Jamaal belleJamaal belle3 个月 前
  • If you tell someone to watch this BEFORE PLAYING in your title Then you better tell them what you are doing. EVERY STEP. you jump in already opening menus and moving stuff around not even saying how you are doing it. It is really frustrating.

    Bulwark ACBulwark AC3 个月 前
  • Reject tradition... embrace monke

    SolarconSolarcon3 个月 前
  • We (Me and my friend) Are getting this game, on Switch, and we kind of needed a guide/tutorial. Thank you for this!

    Octoalpha 76Octoalpha 763 个月 前
  • 4:35 this also work for children

    MagmortalZxMagmortalZx4 个月 前
  • You can teach monkeys to add materials to your blueprints too.

    Matthew EarlMatthew Earl4 个月 前
  • very helpful , thanks for keeping it short.

    César PazziCésar Pazzi4 个月 前
  • Anyone who has played Monkey Island series smell some coincidences??

    Igor Paiva Dias FranklinIgor Paiva Dias Franklin4 个月 前
  • Only thing I dont like is I have to show them multiple times, I feel like when they're blue in a task it should be a hot key for it

    The_SansinatorThe_Sansinator4 个月 前
  • Stardew with Monkeys, limited game play so far, but still fun. Certainly not Terraria, but lets see what the Devs keep adding.

    MikeDaWulfeMikeDaWulfe4 个月 前
  • Hiw do you get metal ingots?

    ZelotZelot4 个月 前
  • I like the idea of the monkeys helping out but the process is so technical. I don't feel like I'm training my monkey but programming them, like a robot rather than a cute living friend.

    Find The StrawberryFind The Strawberry4 个月 前
  • How do you jump over gaps? There's one preventing me from finishing a vault @Boomstick Gaming

    Brandon HardingBrandon Harding4 个月 前
  • Thanks for the help man

    KoshiKoshi4 个月 前
  • this is a very good guide, now I fully understand how to play, I'm stuck at build base like where I will build and will I live in that forever

    hoànghoàng4 个月 前
  • Does anyone have the bugs where the monkeys drop something and you can no longer pick it up .. Not even the monkeys can pick it up. It's buggy (it's always wood.. So many woodlogs around my base cant pick it up..)

    Queen _Queen _4 个月 前
  • I'm finding the game very fun, but sometimes I think that some creations take a lot of time and a lot of items.

    GabrielGabriel4 个月 前
    • The monkeys just make it's faster than it should when the itens are easy to make

      Luiz SoaresLuiz Soares4 个月 前
  • I run out of coconuts and starve.

    Kreepy GuyKreepy Guy4 个月 前
    • Don't Starve

      Luiz SoaresLuiz Soares4 个月 前
  • Great tips! We've been enjoying the game so far, for several hours, but some of these tips still don't feel intuitive. Thanks for helping 😊

    Indie Game PulseIndie Game Pulse4 个月 前
  • Is this a point click game? Even on console?

    Darth Sparrow13Darth Sparrow134 个月 前
    • It’s not

      Sean BowmanSean Bowman4 个月 前
  • Don't forget to like the video

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  • Is there a creative mode?

    Dark LordDark Lord4 个月 前
  • did he said mysterious stranger......hmmm patroling youtube makes me wish for a nuclear winter awhh thise days... so sad great memories :) peace be upon u

    Gaming UtilityGaming Utility4 个月 前
  • Thanks Alex.

    Martin BerlangaMartin Berlanga4 个月 前
  • I’m playin on iphone arcade and can not get my friends to join my game i send invites to my game as a host but when they click the link it just brings them to their own game what am i doin wrong?

    Smoke StrongSmoke Strong4 个月 前
  • How to get iron

    demir baykuldemir baykul4 个月 前
  • Great guide thanks alot

    James KaneJames Kane4 个月 前
  • Like 17 ads on a 13 min video? I pay for premium but wtf

    Michael BolinMichael Bolin4 个月 前
    • Those are section dividers not ads

      deadly minddeadly mind4 个月 前
  • Where mango can be found???

    ан чеан че4 个月 前
    • @James Kane thanks a lot!

      ан чеан че4 个月 前
    • 2nd Island pal, Big Mango trees

      James KaneJames Kane4 个月 前
  • WARNING FOR CONSOLE USERS!!!! Do NOT quit your game while one of your monkeys are holding a chest. I did and when I reloaded he didn’t have the chest anymore and I lost SO MANY important items!

    Jay the RedJay the Red4 个月 前
    • Thank you so much!

      Rhonda ChornenkiRhonda Chornenki21 天 前
    • @Matthew Ponder Don't feel dumb it's a SEVERE bug and this affects PC and Consoles. Gonna try the "M" key as Ryan James Indangan suggested.

      John NunezJohn Nunez个月 前
    • Thank you for the tip, I’m playing on console and didn’t know you could get a monkey to hold a chest until now so thanks for saving me from losing all of my items

      Adil MiahAdil Miah2 个月 前
    • @Ryan James Indangan that’s for computers

      Electric Toazt09Electric Toazt092 个月 前
    • Thanks

      Codename PizzaCodename Pizza2 个月 前
  • Can someone help me? I'm trying to do a treasure map on a new island i've discovered and the place on the treasure map does not exist, it is telling me to go to the Silverbreaker region and when i go there, the place on the treasure map is not there

    WaveroWavero4 个月 前
  • Dude, I don't wanna sound negative, but you practically spoiled the whole game at its current state! LMAO

    KowalthKowalth4 个月 前
    • The whole game? I showed 1 island! lol

      Boomstick GamingBoomstick Gaming4 个月 前
  • How do i get metal ?

    • 2nd Island

      James KaneJames Kane4 个月 前
  • How do i destroy a blueprint i put down?

    Ian CastroIan Castro4 个月 前
    • Select the same blueprint and then click con delete/destroy blueprint (not destroy mode).

      KowalthKowalth4 个月 前
  • Thanks for the video full of advice. It helped with the monkey using weapons. Not too many people give advice about the survivalists game.

    RdanRdan4 个月 前
  • The controls are super clunky on this game. Somehow I always select multiple monkeys even though I only want to select one. I will highlight only one and it will throw a banana to three around me. The depositing monkeys don't select the chest that already has a material in it and just put it in another chest which is kind of silly AI. Lots of tweaks that I would like to be seen done to this game.

    chlorhexchlorhex4 个月 前
    • best way on mouse and keyboard is to press and hold Q then press E on the specific monkey you want to learn :)

      James KaneJames Kane4 个月 前
  • how do you throw the spear using mouse and keyboard? please and thank you!

    missrobin001missrobin0014 个月 前
    • hold down right click, aim and release

      James KaneJames Kane4 个月 前
  • The monkey holding a chest..genius!! I paused the video after that and got organized thanks..I'll just keep coming here for tips!!

    topzombiekiller21topzombiekiller214 个月 前
    • @Michael Miles you can have 3 destroy and 3 gather, moves quicker that way. Later on allows for multiple areas to be done

      The_SansinatorThe_Sansinator4 个月 前
    • A handy tip too. Pit the chest on the ground and tear the forest apart and rocks. Then teach a monkey to fill it for you by simply picking up one thing and putting it in the chest. Then once the area is clear you can move on

      Michael MilesMichael Miles4 个月 前
  • Am I just blind, or does iron just absolutely not exist outside of chests in this game?

    WarnerrrWarnerrr4 个月 前
    • Yeah oh in my second island I got 112 from one cave and surrounding the cave

      HughxMungusHughxMungus4 个月 前
    • Not on first island ^^

      ан чеан че4 个月 前
  • Great tips! :)

    DelcienDelcien4 个月 前
  • Really wish the monkeys would maintain their task knowledge and you could set it through a command and not an action after they've been taught.

    Old Son GunOld Son Gun4 个月 前
    • @Luiz Soares lmao you act like we have friends...

      Indie Game PulseIndie Game Pulse4 个月 前
    • You should try the multiplayer,so you can slave your smart friends !

      Luiz SoaresLuiz Soares4 个月 前
    • We thought the same thing! Frustrating that you always have to re-teach them.

      Indie Game PulseIndie Game Pulse4 个月 前
  • OMG! i didnt know that u can cancel the task and let the monkey continue it for you! i always would just craft an easy stuff first and then once the monkey is on craft mode then i make it do the longer task. good tip!

    Ryn FinityRyn Finity4 个月 前
    • I was doing that also haha sometimes I'd make something that the monkey timer would run out first haha

      James KaneJames Kane4 个月 前
  • This helped me immensely. I ran past the locked up monkeys and chest because I didn't know how to open them lol

    Night HazeNight Haze4 个月 前
  • Hey can you please remake this video, the Mic quality is very bad and I cant understand anything you said.

    Flamin' UpFlamin' Up4 个月 前
    • Prolly you don't hear well, nor speak english, in first place. lol

      KowalthKowalth4 个月 前
    • it's not bad at all, what?

      Dapper_RoseDapper_Rose4 个月 前
  • great vid

  • Is there a reliable way to get iron? I find them in a dungeon but I was hoping if there was a way to find them naturally

    Bruh BruhBruh Bruh4 个月 前
    • Plant in caves on other islands I just walked away with 112

      HughxMungusHughxMungus4 个月 前
    • on others islands, they look like stone rocks but with grey metal inside :)

      AbsoluxAbsolux4 个月 前
  • Yoo! Thanks for nice video dude! Really helpful.

    Faust BlackHeartFaust BlackHeart4 个月 前
  • what about elixirs and fresh water???

    Rayhan BouladamRayhan Bouladam4 个月 前
    • Glass Bottle, collect sea water (dirty water) then you gotta get it clean I won't spoil that for you

      James KaneJames Kane4 个月 前
  • Top Tippage, thanks Alex.

    Lord JagiLord Jagi4 个月 前
    • Welcome!

      Boomstick GamingBoomstick Gaming4 个月 前
  • Wow didn’t realise it released Edit: Friday release for console I cannot wait me and my son been waiting for this since escapists gonna be some fun co-op

    Darth EastmanDarth Eastman4 个月 前
  • Anyone know how endgame is? Like is there much variety to building? Does the game evolve or stay the same as the first 30 minutes throughout?

    Matthew CharlesMatthew Charles4 个月 前
    • Same. The game loop does not change really. Not a lot of depth at the moment but they're adding.

      sirealtynnesirealtynne4 个月 前
    • It does evolve exploring dungeons and improving your gear and the building is not that expansive but it is indeed a great amount of recipes

      PGameplays PROPGameplays PRO4 个月 前
    • I got you. Working on the video as we speak

      ICOnlyBlueICOnlyBlue4 个月 前
  • I’m high af but these vids lit had to sub

    Bre RobBre Rob4 个月 前
  • I like dinky lil games like this

    Clockwork CrowClockwork Crow4 个月 前
  • Thanks for bringing this game to our attention. I'm downloading the demo now on the Nintendo switch. From your video it seems like a pretty chill game. And I need a little chill right now.

    Muds&FloodsMuds&Floods4 个月 前
    • yeh its really chill too

      Elijah Matthew C. JallorinaElijah Matthew C. Jallorina3 个月 前
  • This game seems very fun, is there any multiplayer support and is it made by the same producers of the escapist?

    guy guyguy guy4 个月 前
    • @Gibson Axe ok thx bro

      XxRGAMExXXxRGAMExX4 个月 前
    • @XxRGAMExX it has both offline and online play

      Gibson AxeGibson Axe4 个月 前
    • @Boomstick Gaming this game it's just online or it's have and offline ?

      XxRGAMExXXxRGAMExX4 个月 前
    • Yes and yes

      Lord TrowaLord Trowa4 个月 前
    • @Boomstick Gaming radical, thank you 😀👍

      guy guyguy guy4 个月 前
  • Great Guide! :)

    Team17Team174 个月 前
    • Great Game :)

      notion75notion754 个月 前
    • Nice games, i like escapist

      TeefightTeefight4 个月 前
    • Yeah

      Geheime PersonGeheime Person4 个月 前