Jeans Design 👖(ig: mekinyolcu34)

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  • Thanks guys for 80❤️ Ab 90 karwa do😀 Love you all

    Akshat PandeyAkshat Pandey5 小时 前
  • FIRE?!?!BAKUGOU?!?

    Kyoka JiroKyoka Jiro7 小时 前
  • me watching this: the hand... omg watch your hand... WATCH YOUR FUCKING HAND DAMMIT

    Mari HyunMari Hyun9 小时 前
  • .....

    Luddy AriaLuddy Aria9 小时 前
  • تعليقات العرب هينا ما يخاف يحرقه🤔

    فيصلفيصل10 小时 前
  • 너무위험한디?

    게임이좋아게임이좋아14 小时 前
  • I think it's very dangerous 😭

    Jayanti JayantiJayanti Jayanti14 小时 前
  • Bro wear some gloves or you will have some tattoos on your hand

    ali manzoorali manzoor15 小时 前
  • Nyc

    Harekrushna BalHarekrushna Bal16 小时 前
  • Be careful pls...

    Vinod Kumar yadav 901Vinod Kumar yadav 90123 小时 前
  • I was just waiting for his hand to be labeled

    Angie ScheirmanAngie Scheirman天 前
  • paglo ki kmi ni hi yha

    Bittoo KumarBittoo Kumar天 前
  • End result: looks bandaids or mud were put on them.... aren’t they supposed to be holes?

    Jessica SanceJessica Sance天 前
  • 😮 laser designe🥰

    Md Shobuz KhanMd Shobuz Khan天 前
  • First view Abe kha kese ye kya hua Dusri baar ohh majaaak tha

    VRVR天 前
  • 😬😬😬😬😬😳👏👏👏

    araceli morales hernandesaraceli morales hernandes天 前
  • Imagine this getting printed on his hands

    Akshay aAkshay a天 前
  • Haath bacha ke nahi to tere haath me Bhi design ban jayega😂

    nikhil sharmanikhil sharma天 前
  • It detects the flesh

    hella forcâhella forcâ天 前
  • So I spent my life making the most hideous booty shorts God "..... I'm giving this dumb ass skin cancer"

    BoldswordBoldsword天 前
  • Making jeans for 14 yo girl be like

    Jacob PL675Jacob PL675天 前
  • I know this work me working 1 year in fabrica istanbul turkey

    Ayub KhanAyub Khan2 天 前
  • watch ur hand bro

    ronan veerronan veer2 天 前
  • U should to wear gloves

    Fatima Fayyaz Fatima FayyazFatima Fayyaz Fatima Fayyaz2 天 前
  • 1 Mistake = Only Have One Hand

    JunJooJunJoo2 天 前
  • I would literally have no hands 😐

    Morning MelodyMorning Melody2 天 前
  • Why do people like holes in their jeans... For passing air I guess... 🤔

    ChodneWalaChodneWala2 天 前
  • That explains why their was a real handprint of skin & blood on my new jeans

    Deboura ChambersDeboura Chambers2 天 前
  • Yeah log jeans ko design karahe hai ya Jung lar rahe hai

    Nikhil SahaNikhil Saha3 天 前
  • Imagine it hitting your hand.😳

    LoganGamePlaysLoganGamePlays3 天 前
  • One wrong move *kghhhhgkk*

    Treves HenricoTreves Henrico3 天 前
  • Me : Be careful of your hand😂

    Vans TYVans TY3 天 前
  • Second late and his hand will be on fire

    Nika GNika G3 天 前
  • It can cause cancer 😢

    Riz ShaikhRiz Shaikh3 天 前
  • U hand🧐

    Techno BoyTechno Boy3 天 前
  • Me thinking what will happen if his hand come in-between the laser and jeans

    CheemsCheems3 天 前
  • Kalau kena tangan kau macam mana😑

    Phone BenPhone Ben3 天 前
  • Tiktok is injurious to health

    WittyWaxWittyWax3 天 前
  • So plzz don't wear these type of dress for saving those hamds

    Priya SinghPriya Singh3 天 前
  • Before a few days , Rat biten these jeans 😂😂😂😂😂

    Kokila KokilaKokila Kokila3 天 前
  • Ohh you will talk jean shorts BWRAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

    Sean VSean V3 天 前
  • Gak kebayang kalo tangan nya ikut kebakar😭😭

    syakirin JP irinsyakirin JP irin3 天 前
  • Ohh..... This is how they mess up a good pair 😂😂😂😂😂

    myprofilemyprofile3 天 前
  • 2 minutes silence for then who thought it was reall 😂😂

    preeti sandalpreeti sandal3 天 前
  • My anxiety went📈📈

  • *That's cool..*

    Krishna PatelKrishna Patel4 天 前
  • Handssss

    Dr. PaRaDoXDr. PaRaDoX4 天 前
  • dude this kinda looks unsafe to me

    Akshit KushwahaAkshit Kushwaha4 天 前
  • Why does he have to use his hands on the jeans everytime ?? I think this is edited video

    vamshi krishnavamshi krishna4 天 前
  • How did she not get the hands hurt

    Alpha ØnxAlpha Ønx4 天 前
  • Why is the worker not wore the hand gloves

    Positive thoughtsPositive thoughts4 天 前
  • Agar Ye Kisike Haath Pe Chal Gaya To Kya Hoga

    प्रकृतिप्रकृति4 天 前
  • Brought to you by “Slave labor” and “inhuman conditions”

    ExcelSelfExcelSelf4 天 前
  • Start wearing fkn gloves

    John AshmoreJohn Ashmore4 天 前
  • Eso es vivir al límite

  • Dangerous

    Adina Ștefania CotetAdina Ștefania Cotet4 天 前
  • Bruh fuck that

    luisporras Porrasluisporras Porras4 天 前
  • Mistake: Whatcha doin there bud??

    DJ _BlueDJ _Blue4 天 前
  • 😲😲😲

    Leandro AmaralLeandro Amaral4 天 前
  • You can't miss or being not concentrate...

    胡蝶しのぶ胡蝶しのぶ4 天 前
  • Npcs aiming at shooting games:

    Black RoseBlack Rose4 天 前
  • When it hurts worker's hands?

    Funny GeorgeFunny George4 天 前
  • Automatic Lazer wishkers machine

    ALI AtifALI Atif4 天 前
  • Please safe your hands.

    amratlal chakreamratlal chakre4 天 前
  • Imagine if you hand was on the laser

    Shan GhaiShan Ghai4 天 前
  • ఆ డిజైన్ చేతి మీద పడదా?

    satish agurtisatish agurti4 天 前
  • Я так и ждала момент что на руку попадёт

    Анна РутбергАнна Рутберг4 天 前
  • Круто,но руки жалко

    Віталія БондаренкоВіталія Бондаренко4 天 前
  • Imagine if his hand get out of that shape late.....

    GeorgeGeorge4 天 前
  • Price Range kya Hai Is मशीन की कोई बताएगा🙏🏻

    Successful CoercionSuccessful Coercion4 天 前
  • he should wear some gloves for protection

    Mohit GargMohit Garg4 天 前
  • Literally any sharp object: *Am I a joke to you?*

    Varijo The treeVarijo The tree5 天 前

    Dràgo CaneDràgo Cane5 天 前
  • Are your hands safe??

    P RP R5 天 前
  • Abi yanlışlıkla eline geliomus

    Jiyan KoyuncuJiyan Koyuncu5 天 前
  • My anxiety during the video: ⏫⏫⬆️⬆️

    Anushka dwivediAnushka dwivedi5 天 前
  • Why would you buy burnt shorts?

    NotXScoNotXSco5 天 前
  • What happen if you put your hands behind and not in front?

    cain abelcain abel5 天 前
  • ياللهول

    عمار حسب الرسولعمار حسب الرسول5 天 前
  • Omg ain't u scared for your hand?!

    Rishika Felicity ChannelRishika Felicity Channel5 天 前
  • You missed two more holes

    Ahamed BashaAhamed Basha5 天 前
  • Wich hole used for Bath room

    Ahamed BashaAhamed Basha5 天 前
  • Imagínate fallar 😥

    Máximo LeónMáximo León5 天 前
  • $30,000 laser machine = $1 bleach bottle, you get the same results🤣

    Butt HeadButt Head5 天 前
  • 손 닿을까봐 조마조마

    푸하하하핳푸하하하핳5 天 前
  • This type of job should be done by machines. What country is this happening? I suspicious that it could be in China.

    rejoicemultimediaimagesrejoicemultimediaimages5 天 前
  • This is scary tho his hand could be busted

    Val JVal J5 天 前
  • On of the coolest thing to work in fashion is the dangerous things cpuls happen if u make a lillte single mistaken move.. ❤🔥🔥❤🔥❤❤🔥just love it.. 🥰🥰🥰

    InfinityInfinity5 天 前
  • ㅗㅜㅑ

    셀레버셀레버5 天 前
  • He will get cancer that's too bad,, 😔

    prakash sbprakash sb5 天 前
  • I am a lesar machine operator

    Jibon RoyJibon Roy5 天 前
  • "why do you have a hook for a hand?" "It's a short story"

    Lobster JohnsonLobster Johnson6 天 前
  • Hurotoyoh. Keno

    esep EnggarSatyaesep EnggarSatya6 天 前
  • Skills 🔥🔥

  • Sooooo.... I'm not the only one wondering what happens if the laser hits the hand right ?

    Some DudeSome Dude6 天 前
  • Just imagine if he forgets to take his hands away from the lasers tho @.@

    Audrey HasuoAudrey Hasuo6 天 前
  • Haver Falco pone la mano si tenes huevos xD

    Santiago BlancoSantiago Blanco6 天 前
  • I got worried for his hand for a sec 😅

    TrainsForever 2021TrainsForever 20216 天 前
  • 4: The all time record number of consecutive days no one in that hundred-year-old factory lost their _thumb._

    Anthony ReedAnthony Reed6 天 前
  • They are inhaling the burning smell of someone’s cooche

    Dante StellatoDante Stellato6 天 前