Motorcycling Across America (US) - EP1 - NY to WA

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In September 2019, I left Brooklyn to travel the country alone on my 2008 Triumph Bonneville. Upon leaving, I could never have anticipated everything that I’d encounter over the next month. These videos do little justice to the feeling of driving alone into an endless horizon, the relief of a stranger helping you out of an impossible situation, the suppressing heat of a desert sun on a leather jacket, the desperation of hoping for a gas station around the next corner, the warmth of a motel room after a 7 hour drive through the rain, the conversations had, the loneliness felt, and the joy of completing the last of 9,275 miles. Even so, I hope these glimpses will serve as inspiration for someone to dive headfirst into the unknown and unfamiliar, and for myself to look back and be reminded of the adventure of a lifetime.
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For anyone looking for more details on this trip, I had the honor of talking about it on my friend Kyle's podcast:

  • Is this even monetized? so much copywritten music...

    SamSam2 小时 前
  • Usa is so beautiful.

    Jason DezealJason Dezeal4 小时 前
  • Nice trip, lovely places, cool video. Inspired me. I would definitely want to do this some day but on W650. It will be great if you could share the route. Thanks a ton buddy !!!👍

    Yangfa KarmaYangfa Karma5 小时 前
    • Oh I can follow the podcast link. Thanks Jake.

      Yangfa KarmaYangfa Karma5 小时 前
  • re 500 vs ur bike.....which one is the best?ur opinion please?

    Renjith kaRenjith ka7 小时 前
  • Love from indonesia

    Ezra LuskEzra Lusk14 小时 前
  • Wow! An excellent piece of videography, truly epic! I believe that might have been me and my 16 passenger bus as you got off the ferry, the Pacific Northwest is breathtaking.

    Greg FloresGreg Flores天 前
  • history in two roads. tanks from brazil!!!!

    Célio BernardoCélio Bernardo天 前
  • 🙂👍

    Martin ArundelMartin Arundel天 前
  • thanks for your relaxing trip

    Amber LuuAmber Luu天 前
  • Nicely and sensitively done... and very fitting music! Reminds me of my Tour on my 1200 Yamaha FJ through parts of Europe for 6 weeks. Unforgettable these experiences. Thanks for creating this!

    Chris-Tian RAChris-Tian RA天 前
  • I could watch this video every day for the rest of my life. Haven’t been on a ride since pre-covid. I can’t wait to get back out there.

    John RadiJohn Radi天 前
  • Back in 2004 I went from Atlanta, GA to Flagstaff, AZ on a 2003 Honda Shadow (1800 miles in 4 days.) I have that entire trip burned into my brain. One of the best things I ever did.

  • Fantastic video. Congratulations..!

    Giulio Armando Urbani GomezGiulio Armando Urbani Gomez2 天 前
  • Charly sinewan videos are better

    OberonOberon2 天 前
    • I agree!

      Jake Rides AwayJake Rides Away天 前
  • I did a cross-continental trip by car from California to New York in 1995 when I was 28. Now 54, I want to do it again -- this time by bike. Thanks for the inspiration, my friend!

    P LeeP Lee2 天 前
  • How is your butt doing?

    Taoma HTaoma H2 天 前
  • A great spirit you carry, love-of-arts-of-life and love of new frontiers. My bless is with you. < Ändi >

    vaasararivaasarari2 天 前
  • I love Steinbeck as well ;)

    Márta FarkasMárta Farkas3 天 前
  • Well I've watched the first and the second video so far and it is wonderfully produced but I must say you have the order of stuff in a few areas backwards You're in Seattle and then you're about the middle of Washington around vantage and then you're coming back across to Seattle again That doesn't quite work out does it And then later on the second episode you're in California at the redwood Forest and then you're back in grants pass Well that doesn't quite work out either I don't know about the rest of the way across because I don't know those areas that well but I certainly know Washington Oregon and northern California... Just constructive criticism the rest of it was freaking awesome

    deepsquat600deepsquat6003 天 前
  • I'm locked down in a Singapore hotel room for 3 weeks compulsory isolation after entering the country, thanks so much for posting this great trip. I have a Triumph T100 just 10kms from where I am, I hoped to ride round Asia much as you did across the US but it ain't gonna happen now - but at least I enjoyed your ride. Ride safe buddy.

    RHP9898RHP98983 天 前
  • always be safe my friend. God bless u bro

    Toraja NainggolanToraja Nainggolan3 天 前
  • 11:17 one of the most craziest mountain passes in the US, super fun ride through there.

    tricky2flytricky2fly3 天 前
  • I hope my 1992 ST1100 Honda is up to some long days because I'm ready to go. I really enjoyed riding along with you on this great adventure. I too like to hit a motel from time to time, some days we have simply earned it. Hot Water....Aaaaaaaa.

    scott jonesscott jones3 天 前
  • Lucky ride. I did it across Canada.... Rockies were really cold...prairies windy....Manitoba and Ontario wet.... and my ass was sore as hell!

    National SportswearNational Sportswear4 天 前
  • wish you had given more of a story telling approach to this , would've been more better

    Akash ChetriAkash Chetri4 天 前
  • my first video in my life never press 10 sec skip button I love each of every second of it.. amazing video...I feel it.. I am from India... 4:20 part is love when you choose to ride the royal Enfield

    Bikramjit SinhaBikramjit Sinha4 天 前
  • Very nice video.. good music. Thanks a lot for sharing your ride🥰

    kepala2desakepala2desa4 天 前
  • The video was so comforting... Love from India ❤️

    Pratyush PradhanPratyush Pradhan4 天 前
  • Gw subscribe channel Lo bro andai disini populasi motor ga banyak enak kali touring pke motor

    semesta naturalsemesta natural4 天 前
  • Very, very well done. Thanks so much! I feel like I can't believe that I haven't seen it before.

    RideRed530RideRed5305 天 前
  • Crazy Horse is Amazing. @10:00 One hp

  • Planning to do this on an old 90 cc bike,but in good working order.greetings from Sri Lanka.

    kush kushkush kush5 天 前
  • Hello, first of all, sorry for my English, I am from Argentina, what beautiful landscapes your country has, very well shown by you, greetings and as we say in Argentina, good routes !!

    Eduardo RoccoEduardo Rocco5 天 前
  • Firstly...I just found this and I love it. Secondly...As an Australian I out loud said "cunt's going to get hit by on-coming traffic" before the realisation of us driving on different sides of the road occurred. So weird when I first saw your POV on the bike. Seriously though...about to binge the fuck out of this series. Cheers

    toddsmashtoddsmash5 天 前
  • This is the essence of what we motorcycle riders stand for. That spirit of adventure and just having the courage and passion to go out there and ride. Damn I wanna go riding tomorrow. Cheer from the Philippines 🇵🇭!!!

    ralph reyesralph reyes6 天 前
  • Many roads and geographical features are similar to country Turkey.... BEST REGARD'S FROM TURKEY :)

    İrfan Çalışkanİrfan Çalışkan6 天 前
  • I love these music, what is this genre called?

    John P.John P.6 天 前
  • Pretty cool video. The only thing I don't like is the 'de-capitation' wind-screen.

    Blaney CrabbeBlaney Crabbe6 天 前
  • I will go across from Brooklyn to LA on a Harley but with this bike forget it.

    Tony Business bureauTony Business bureau6 天 前
  • Man let me know when you go for the next ride. I will be happy to enjoy the opportunity.

  • .

    Deon Van der WesthuizenDeon Van der Westhuizen7 天 前
  • Man what a great journey, first of all it never felt like a video it felt like i was on the whole journey . Such beautiful scenary. Loved it.

    Sovona SanyalSovona Sanyal7 天 前
  • ❤❤

    Raju DurgeRaju Durge7 天 前
  • The man singing "I can only imagine" ❤😭🤧 ... this whole thing is beautiful

    Gisel MendezGisel Mendez7 天 前
  • Indian motovloger's :- Im I a joke to you🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    AshishAshish8 天 前
  • Rocinante rides again. You let the road, people and weather tell the story excellent story telling.

    nativepangeanativepangea8 天 前
    • 🙏

      Jake Rides AwayJake Rides Away6 天 前
  • I am Korean. I accidentally saw your video. It is very nice to see America.

    공구돌이-[09Doli]공구돌이-[09Doli]8 天 前
  • I am so astonished about how beautiful your journey was!!!

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  • gracias por compartir el video com bellísimo paisajer

    Miguel TorresMiguel Torres8 天 前
  • I’ve ridden across the USA to Calif. from Ont. Canada 🇨🇦 5 times. 1977-78-82-85-2015 Thanks for some memories

    Patrick TraynorPatrick Traynor8 天 前
  • That was nice. Me and my dog are going to circumnavigate the western U,S this year... well we'll see how far we get.were both old as shit and not in great health.

    David FellowsDavid Fellows9 天 前
    • @Jake Rides Away that it is my more time around.

      David FellowsDavid Fellows6 天 前
    • Amazing. Hoping for a great and safe trip for you both, glad you’re doing it! Seems like a reincarnation of travels with charley 🤘

      Jake Rides AwayJake Rides Away6 天 前
  • Wtf is that rain noise and no image?

    Gore, care îți dă în cap cu bilaGore, care îți dă în cap cu bila9 天 前
  • Как многие люди о таком мечтают и как же много людей уходит не исполнив своей мечты

    Рожденный в СССР!!!Рожденный в СССР!!!9 天 前
  • Is their a version to watch WITHOUT the 'music' ...??

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  • you took me there outstanding job brother

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  • With these music, I can ride all day!

    Beauty Behind DepressionBeauty Behind Depression9 天 前
  • Watched the whole 3 episodes countless times and will continue to watch them every time I need inspiration and motivation to keep saving to buy my dream bike and get back on the road, this is priceless and represents the pure meaning of what biking is all about!! Thank you Jake!!

    Nelio AfonsoNelio Afonso9 天 前
  • Lumineers

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  • The music ruined the video, I can't watch.

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  • Thanks for sharing your video!

    Hey! Guys!Hey! Guys!9 天 前
  • i am planning same. how about camping? is it allowed in everywhere or only at campsites?

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  • Road trip across the US, this is my dream 🥰 Thanks from France 🙏🏻

    MrConstantinaMrConstantina10 天 前
  • Riding a Bonneville across the country sounds the most uncomfortable experience ever. Cushion on the seat or not, that riding position can't be good for your back.

    Lex BoogieLex Boogie10 天 前
  • I want to feel like i’m crossing the continent I envy you living in a big country

    BJ kBJ k10 天 前
  • I wonder what this guys background is.The video is edited really well.Twenty minutes without getting boring is not easy to do.

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  • Beautiful and interesting your trip .... a greeting from Italy. Good road with your bike

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  • Perfect.

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  • The playlist you have for this series is what makes it so great!!

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  • Would have been a great trip. Excellent production

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  • Great video. Thank you for sharing.

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  • I think this is one of the best travel video I ever see...

    Mangesh KiwandeMangesh Kiwande11 天 前
  • Thank you very much. I am not american but thank you, It inspires me to work harder for my dreams and that it experience new things, travel the world, and eat food from all around the globe. This made me realise how beautiful the world is so thank you. I'll be watching this every now and then❤️ EDIT: This video also taught me to appreciate the journey and not focus too much on the destination. You are a blessing sir.

    Hansen IanHansen Ian11 天 前
  • Hey Jake - great film. I really enjoyed it- really good shots & music- everything- one question- is it possible to get your route ? It looks like you got off the beaten track & into some beautiful hidden places - is there any chance you could make the route available ? Thanks - stay safe

    Ben CrowleyBen Crowley11 天 前
    • You don't really need an exact route, it will change as you go and the discoveries will influance you. Go for it & enjoy!

      Richard ValitaloRichard Valitalo11 天 前
  • 旅してる気分です。 一度は行きたいアメリカ。

    肺癌太郎肺癌太郎11 天 前
  • Beautiful trip, thanks for taking us all along

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  • thank you. I am buying a bike and learning how to ride and going to take this trip too.

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  • 5:38 Omg😍

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  • As someone who daily rides a smaller bike Moto Guzzi V7III ...I fully appreciate this level of riding. Much respect. 👍

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  • 4:18 Enfield

    LianaLiana12 天 前
  • I hope that we drive across US - sometimes. But we want to do it in our motorhome. I'm a biker too, but it´s much more comfortable - and we are not the youngest. We hope that this shit covid finish very fast. All the best - Greetings form Germany and take a look at our Chanel too. "Country Yachting"

    Country - YachtingCountry - Yachting12 天 前
  • i really hope you think to share longer videos of this trip places costs hours roads it would help me personally and of corse others who want to try it Great video

    Sulaiman AlhafezSulaiman Alhafez12 天 前
  • Nice touring on a nice bike.. good inspirations :-) Nice musik by the way, and fantastic landscape and smal road.. Perhabs a Bmw Gs/Rt would have been a better choice for long touring :-) I am 62 years old and wich to tour america one day, but the bike has offer comfort and not style.. Did you not meet interesting people on your trip ?

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  • what motorcycle is that

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  • I did the same road trip in 1993 on a 78 Bonnie

    Daniel NuzziDaniel Nuzzi12 天 前
  • Just simply awesome! Doing a long road trip on my Ducati Multistrada has been a dream of mine for years, but unfortunately, my bike has been sitting in my garage for 5-6+ years and I haven't taken any vacations due to oppressive work hours. I don't think my 56 y/o butt could take a t rip like that anymore, but it's fun watching your journey. Thanks.

    Neal ArmstrongNeal Armstrong13 天 前
  • I'd never go long distance riding without a decent windshield. It relieves so much strain from your arms and neck, you can do twice the distance in a day with less fatigue. And that's apart from keeping all the grit, bugs and rain of your face and chest...

    Ted thesailorTed thesailor13 天 前
  • The US looks like a copy of all the different European countries. Why didn't Europeans have the native Americans keep America for themselves?! And return home? It would be a lot better, than it is today. Huh? Nature!

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